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Good things in the wrestling world

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Hello once again all my fellow wrestling aficionados. It has been awhile since my last post, but I, like all of you, have been following our shared passion most diligently. For those of you who have read my blogs and/or posts you may know that I tend to be a positive person and choose to on occasion acknowledge the good things going on in wrestling today. This blog is meant to highlight some of the better things going in WWE and TNA and hopefully serve as a reminder as to why we tune in each and every week (multiple times in fact).

WWE Positives

1. Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero

Is it just me or does Dolph strike anyone else as a budding superstar who was brought along fairly slowly instead of being thrust straight into the championship scene a la Barret and Sheamus? His matches are consistently entertaining, his "ask the heel" segments on Z! True Long Island Story have become one of my weekly highlights, and he's had a long and credible run as the U.S. Champion. In true heel fashion he is constantly taking the cheap win, but has enough legit wins to take him seriously as a competitor. Combined with a wonderful villain manager in Vickie, who is expanding her stable, this duo's weekly appearances have been some of the best parts of Raw.

2. Zack Ryder on Tv

Like most of the IWC I love Zack Ryder and have toted his banner to several WWE events. Unlike most of the IWC, I did not have the ridiculous expectations of him winning the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, headlining Wrestlemania, etc., etc. That being said, Zack has made regular appearances on both Smackdown and Raw for an extended period of time, has been both comic relief and has been getting a fair number of legitimate matches. For a young superstar with infinite charisma, the chance to be on both shows on a weekly basis is a huge step up from SuperStars jobber whose only claim to fame was a youtube show.

3. Air-Boom

A while back I wrote a blog about how to fix the tag division. Among my suggestions were to put together teams that would (1) be a legit team and not merely a week-to-week pairing, (2) have a team name, and (3) have matching costumes and/or colors to show unity. It's a small step, but a step in the right direction in taking to talented individuals who the writers clearly didn't know what to do with and at least start to make the tag titles relevant again. I hope that either new teams are formed or brought in so that maybe the tag division can have a story line here and there.

TNA Positives

1. Austin Aries

Good old A-Double has been my favorite part of wrestling over the past couple months (even though I'm more of a fan of WWE). I cannot wait to hear the next thing out of the mouth of the "Greatest Man Ever." On top of that, this man has consistently put on entertaining, high-paced matches with a variety of opponents. The more AA on TNA, the better.

2. Feuds not dependent on titles

One of the criticisms of wrestling and WWE in particular lately is the lack of non-title feuds and overall lack of emotion invested in rivalries. In TNA, you have AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels going at each other over talent supremacy; we have Sting being entertaining as ever (I mean who doesn't like watching Hogan be tormented?), Bully Ray being the ever-present ass that he is, and the whole Bound for Glory series which gave us months of meaningful matches, none of which required a title to be on the line. It's been good booking for the most part, and the hectic World Championship picture doesn't negate that.

3. Eric Young

Many people may think that his comedy routines are getting old and that fact that he hasn't defended the TV title against an actual wrestler in months is ludicrous; and they would have a valid point. However, I see nothing wrong with breaking up the testosterone-filled soap opera with some comedy every now and again. And on the occasions that EY has gotten the opportunity to wrestle, he has shown some legitimate skills in the ring. Whether it's his throwback to the Great Muta or his determination to take out Scott Bayo, I love it when EY gets his few minutes a week and gets the most out of them.

Sorry about the length, but I hope that this article gets everyone thinking about the things they love about wrestling and maybe inspire a few to realize that not everything is in the dumps and that some things are going well.

You keep reading, I'll keep writing. Have a good one everybody.

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  1. goldie's Avatar
    I like your positive blog.
    I agree with all 3 of your points for the WWE
    #1 Ziggler/Vicki Dolph is my favorite to watch right now. I believe that he and Morrison are the 2 most entertaining in the ring at this point. There is no one better at selling for his opponent in the buisness. He reminds me of S. Michaels in that way. Having Vicki as a manager is a perfect fit.
    #2 Zack Ryder The underdog gimic works for now. I would like to see him slowy emmerge as a legitiate threat, like X-Pac was brought along. The rough rider is a good looking finishing move that is different and looks like a legit finisher.
    #3 Air-Boom I agree 100% on your points. Next step is to get several other good tag teams into the mix. Miz-Truth is a good start. I also think they need to use Morrison in the tag team division as well. What about Morrison/Ryder?
  2. Undertaker Mark's Avatar
    Totally agree. Ryder's match with JTG on smackdown was very good.. JTG was pretty good in the ring too he just needs to lose that annoying rap gimmick.

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