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The Top 5 Most Important Men in Wrestling History

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These Men Changed wrestling. In different time spans, These men all have made a huge impact on wrestling and helped it evolve from what it was. In Different ways these 5 men changed wrestling and their influence still shows in todays product. These 5 Men Changed The business and American Wrestling has never been the same since, So without further ado, Here is the Top 5 most Important men in Wrestling.

5. Eric Bischoff.
Now This, I will Get Shit for in the Comments section. But Eric Bischoff Belongs on the list and I will tell you why....
Eric started in the AWA, Eric Got Thrown in to a Interviewers role on AWA TV. Soon after AWA was done, Bischoff got a job with WCW.... Bischoff wasnt really highly ranked in WCW But after Bill Watts Resinged from the Company, Bischoff Applied for the Job of President of WCW, and Shockingly Bischoff got the Job of being Excutive Vice President of WCW, Making him the higest ranking Offical in WCW..... Bischoff decided to do one thing that no one in WCW really ever tried to do, Compete with the WWF.

Eric Went after Hulk Hogan after Hogan had a falling out with Vince McMahon and The WWF in 1993. Then Hogan Signed the contract with Turner. Hogans first match on PPV against Ric Flair for the WCW title Drew WCWs best PPV audience in the Companys history(at the time)....From There Eric Bischoff Start Hiring all the Old talent the WWF had in the 80's, Soon the big names Followed Hogan Like Randy Savage and others.... Bischoff wanted to compete with WWF. So when Ted Turner (Owner of WCW) asked Eric "What would it take to compete with the WWF", Eric said to give him a hour show each week on monday live. Turner Agreed, and History was made.

Nitro beat Raw in the ratings, actually demolished Raw.... Which Awoken a beast in the WWF and soon we had one of the most creative and exciting times in Wrestling history.... Before Bischoff came along, Wrestling was low Budget, WWF was stuck in their ways and if you didnt like it, Then too bad cause they were the only thing out there. Raw Main events consisted of "Max Moon vs Yokozuna" "Damien Demnto vs the Undertaker", I think you get my drift.... Raw was 1 hour long and most the time WWF Taped a month of programing in advance.... TV was never a proirty in Wrestling, it was PPV and house shows. Erich Bischoff changed all that. The Reason fans get to see 2 hour live Raws at high Production value is cause of Eric Bischoff, The reason Fans get main event PPV matches on Raw every week is cause of Eric Bischoff, The reason fans see World title Changes and quality matches every Week on TV is cause of Eric Bischoff.... Bischoff forced wrestling to change and evolve, He Forced WCW and WWF to step up to its full potenial. Bischoff sparked a creative splurge in wrestling and took it out of the rut it was in... and that is Why he is at Number 5, Eric Bischoffs influence can still be seen in todays wrestling, Every week on Raw and Impact.

4. Steve Austin.
Stone Cold Steve Austin Set the Wrestling word on Fire..... in 1997, Steve Austins Attitude and style changed wrestling forever. Steve Austin in the Words of Vince McMahon "Made the WWF more money than anyone".... Steve Austin closed the gap in the ratings war between WWF and WCW and was one of the Reasons WCW was shut down for good and the WWF actually bought WCW out, The same company that dominated the WWF and almost put them out of business just a few years prior to the purchase.

Steve Austins main event style of wrestling is also still seen in todays wrestling, The false Finishes, or the Reversal from Finisher to Finisher, Stealing your oppents Finisher and vice versa. Steve Austins style was exciting and changed the way Matches flowed in WWF... The Style added Excitment and it was for a shorter attention span audience, No more 3/4ths of the match being rest holds and stalling, it was pedal to the medal.

Austin was probably the biggest star in the History of wrestling and Took Wrestling to the next level. Austin was so important to this Business, Wrestling is a much better place cause of Austin and he contributed so much to wrestling in his short WWF career and accomplished more than anyone to ever Step foot in a ring. Austin Brought Attitude and edge to wrestling and inspired so many people and changed the wrestling world for the better.

3. Hulk Hogan
Love him or Hate him, The Hulkster for 30 years as been a huge part of Professinal Wrestling.... Hogan Helped take Wrestling from the Closet and brought it main stream. Wrestlers were house hold names, Wrestlers werent just known in certain parts of america, NO, Wrestlers were World wide names thanks to Hogan.....PPVs, Cable TV, Hollywood and the entertainment industry welcoming ProWrestling with open arms was all due in some way to Hulk Hogan.

Hogan even way past his prime, pioneered the NWO which also set the wrestling world on fire.... Hogans work in WWF and even WCW as changed wrestling forever. Hogan might not be the best in the ring or on the mic but there was very few men that were more important to wrestling evolution than Hulk Hogan.

2. Lou Thez
There is a old Saying in wrestling "No one Man is bigger than the Business", Which is True, Hogan, Austin, Flair, None of those men were bigger than professinal wrestling, But in the 1950s Lou Thez was bigger than prowrestling.... Lou Thez was a huge star and gave Professinal Wrestling credibilty, Lou Thezs matches were entertaining and very realistic..... Lou Thez Made Wrestling what it is today, in fans eyes Lou Thez Legitimized Prowrestling and gave it credibilty.... Thez also invented most of the wrestling moves you see today in wrestling such as "The Power Bomb", "German Suplex", "Thez Press" and "The S.T.F." just to name a few, all those moves are still dominating moves and Finishers in wrestling today, over 50 years later....
Thez had a Great Career and was NWA champion for 10 years with all his tile Reigns combined... Thez was a pioneer and helped put wrestling on the map and get it to the mainstream audience till Hogan took it national.

1. Vince McMahon.
Who Else could take this top spot.... Hogan, Austin (who are both on this list), PPVs, Raw, Smackdown, Rock and Wrestling, Wrestlemania,DVDs and so much more was cause of this man... He took Wrestling from small time syndication and brought it world wide to everyones homes, No one has did more for the evolution of Prowrestling than Vince McMahon.... McMahons drive to be the best and to be on top, took Wrestling to new heignts and he is contuing to do so.... Say what you want but its almost impossible to imagine what or where wrestling would be if it wasnt for Vince McMahon.

I thought i mention other men that deserve a honorable mention that didnt make the list.
Pat Patterson
Vern Gange
Stu Hart

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Absolutely spot on! I was worried at first, as I was scrolling down, that McMahon wouldn't be on here at all! There are so many out there, clueless people, who wouldn't have him anywhere near this list! Thankfully, you sir, are intelligent and know what you're talking about!! You cannot take away from McMahon, what he has done and created, just because you don't like the guy!!
    Good blog again man!!
  2. KSTornado's Avatar
    Honorable mentions should be Mean Gene Okerland (did more for intervews than anyone to help with charactar devopment), Bobby the Brain Heenan (one of the greatest managers of all time in which he helped solidify how a heel manager should act along with Captain Lou Albano), Jim Ross (for his announcing style as well as his ability to help with charactar devopment and to find new talent) and Gorilla Monsoon which I think we all know how much he helped this business. All in all though a very good list and yes, I agree Vince should top the list. Nice blog!
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    i didn't read it. I won't lie, I only wanted to see who you actually had on it. And judging by the first picture I knew you were no fool. Good REALISTIC list
  4. mrbluto's Avatar
    Bill Watts belongs on that list.
  5. goldie's Avatar
    2 more honorable mentions:
    Gorgeous George.....introduced many things that are the basis for a good heel.

    Rick Flair......Continued George's gimmick and expanded on it. A big factor in the creation of a "stable" of wrestlers. (4 horseman)
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by goldie
    2 more honorable mentions:
    Gorgeous George.....introduced many things that are the basis for a good heel.

    Rick Flair......Continued George's gimmick and expanded on it. A big factor in the creation of a "stable" of wrestlers. (4 horseman)
    Oh Yes, George without a doubt, I cant believe i forgot him, he made wresting a Tvs rating juggernaut.

    Flair not so much.... Great talent, id a lot for the business but wasnt a milestone for the business like the rest
  7. Daffy Duck's Finest's Avatar
    Great Blog.

    I'd like to suggest Bruno Sanmartino as a worthy 'notable mention' candidate
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