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Problems with the WWE

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These are the Problems I see in the WWEs current product. They many Problems but ill get to some and some solutions I think might help them.

I'm Not one of those guys who get on here and complain about John Cenas title wins or how Randy Orton and John Cena are killing wrestling and holding everyone back..... Its only Logical the WWEs most over guys would be atop the company. but my Problem is, Almost Every Title match or main event in the WWE had either John Cena or Randy Orton Defending or contending for the World title or WWE title.... How can push new talent if you are basicly saying "Hey if these 2 men are not in the match it really isnt a main event", It makes the rest of the roster look 2nd string.... I dont see why a champion as to face Cena 4 PPVs in a row before he loses the title to Cena and Cena moves on to a new feud...
WWE Needs to understand, they have to have title matches without Cena or Orton in them, at least 1 PPV. I dont care if Cena and Orton have the last match, just as long as the 2 title matches have nothing to do with them....It is making your roster look weak, It makes it look like a 2 man show... How Great would it be to see Sheamus win the title and have a program with Christian, It be a breath of fresh air. How about a Wade Barrett vs Sheamus World title feud. These men would have some great matches and it bring new life in the main event, Wade Doesnt have to win the title just challenge for it.... Del Rio and CM Punk could have a program for the WWE championship.... Point is, Randy Orton and John Cena could be out of the title Picture for monthes and they still be over. Which would solve WWEs other problem of not having main event Programs that dont involve the world title. You have Cena and Orton have feuds that have nothing to do with the world title, Not only will you add new dimensions to Orton and Cena but by being in a real feud with someone, it bring who ever Cena or Orton are facing to main event level....

simply put, WWE needs main event feuds that dont involve the Heavey Weight and World titles. WWE needs new life in the World title scenes and it can only be done by having a Different contender and a different champion.

WWEs Mid card is looking pretty pathic, Its to the point where you dont know whos U.S. and IC champion.... Whens the Last time there was a compelling feud for the IC title? How about the US title?. There hasnt been one... Daniel Bryan wrestled his ass off and had Great matches while he was US Champion but no one really remembers cause Daniel Bryan never really had a feud, He had little mini feuds, but other than the Miz, Bryan didnt have any real feuds.... and Thats the way the Mid card as been. Short title reigns, 2 week feuds with little builds, Thrown together matches.... WWE has the potenial to have a great mid card roster, with compeling and exciting feuds.... Look at Cody Rhodes and Ted Jr, after monthes of being together Cody turns on Ted, So you expect a big Feud right? nope two weeks later it ends like nothing ever happened. Thats just not acceptable.....Build your mid card titles, Build your mid Card scene. WWE needs human emotions and real feuds for reasons, Long standing feuds, Blood feuds, that dont have anything to do with titles or the main event. Just pure hate, or out their to prove a point, or even revenge.....It be so simple to pull off a mid card feud without having anything to do with a title. For example....

Lets say there is a battle Royal to determine the Number one contender for the IC title and Daniel Bryan eliminates Drew Macintyre. Macintyre is Irate and cause Bryan to get Eliminated, Bryan and him brawl, all the over the ringside area.... Next week have Bryan come out for their match, Drew Macintyre attacks from behind and beats him down, The match never gets started. Drew then has a match and Daniel Bryan runs in and just beats Drew down and they have a pull apart brawl... Give them some promo time, Let this go on for awhile and then give them a PPV match.. Nothing gets settled in the PPV match and they have match on Smackdown on the main event, make a big deal out of it, promote it 2 weeks in advance..... Drew will have air time, Daniel Bryan will have a fantasic match with him, Everyone wins.

It is really so simple to fix this problem and everyone wins.

This is another thing that bugs me. WWE has a Thing where they get one guy a month and push him, Then for no reason the WWE burys them. It creates confusion, You cant give someone momentum for a month then bury them to jobbers like statues.... Look at Kofi, they pushed him to the moon then out of no where he went below mid card... Jack Swagger was World Champion and beating Orton clean at Extreme Rules then out of no where Swagger is jobbing to Evan Bourn, Kofi Kingston, and Every lower mid card guy you could get, This is monthes after being World champion...Wade Barrett was in the main event and out of no where he is jobbing to Zeke Jackson, being squashed by Cena and basicly losing every match he has been involved in for the last 6 monthes. Barrett is below Mid card... they need to stick with guys, build them up slowly. dont just throw them up there and drop them back down, you devalue your title and main event picture if these guys are in the main events and rubbing elbows with the elite and then Jobbing to bottom of the card guys and taken off TV... Build The talent S slowly so you can see the crowds reaction to them, and stick with them longer than a month. People like R Truth and the Miz went from Main event to Mid card guys that get slapped around by the main eventers.... It just devalues the main event picture.

Look at the Money in the Bank Card and the Summer Slam Card this year. The main events were exactly the same, Orton vs Christian and Cena Vs Punk. As a matter of fact this was Randy Orton and Christians 4th PPV match in a Row.... Why would people shell out $45 dollars to see the same matches over and over again?.... Miz and Cena have a bad match at Wrestlemania 27 and then they followed it up with a Medicore Triple Threat with John Morison and then at OTL they had another match.... Wrestlemania is supose to be special, Its just so dumb if right after Wrestlemaina you have the same identical card, it just makes it look bad.... Before that Miz had 2 PPVs and 2 TV matches with Orton for the WWE championship.... WWE will take 2 wrestlers, Give you 3 or 4 Half assed matches with them on Raw or Smack Down then they want you pay $45 dollars to watch the same matches 3 monthes in a Row? that is complete stupidity, thats why Buy rates are in the toilet.... Del Rio got beat 2 times this month by Punk on Raw and then You expect us to wanna see this match on PPV?. I think Punk beat him in like 3 mins the first time...... Save your main event matches, Dont give them out for free on Raw with Clean finshes in less than 4 mins, its just dumb.

WWE needs to Fix these problems.We need new matches We never seen before, We Need more feuds that have to do with human emotion. We need a strong and valid Mid card that gets proper attention. We need Fresh air in are main events, We need stablity in the Main event and Mid Card.... WWE Needs to change this, cause they will lose more and more money on PPVs each year, Every year i read how this show and that show got less buys than they did last year, and Honestly can you blame people for not buying these PPVs if they look exactly the same as Raw and SmackDown or the PPV before?.

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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    So you want decent midcard feuds with multiple matches against eachother but when they do that in the main event scene you hate it?
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by timfeyenoord
    So you want decent midcard feuds with multiple matches against eachother but when they do that in the main event scene you hate it?
    Yess and no....... See the thing is, If 3 or 4 PPVs in a row have the same main events it looks repetitive.... Plus if Orton beats Christian 6 times in a row, hows that make Christian look?... Do I mind matches going 2 PPVs in a row? No I dont, but when the cars are exactly the same? yess i do mind.... Mid card is not the main event, if the IC title has the same wrestlers wrestling for it 3 PPVs in a row, fine, but Main event is what gets the buyrates, You cant put the main eventers in 3 or 4 matches on Raw, then have them main event 3 PPVs.
  3. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    IC title used to b my favorite title but it lost a lot of prestigue.

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