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We are but a very short week and half removed from Night of Champions, and in just a few days we all face that dreaded question, “Do I really want to spend $50, when I just did two weeks ago.” Well my answer is no, I won't be spending the money to buy this PPV, and there's good reason for it. Why would I want to drop half a bill for matches that have no build up whatsoever. The only match that has been properly built up enough to deem necessary a Hell In A Cell atmosphere is the Henry/Orton match. Every other match has just been thrown together, and unfortunately it did not have to be that way. So let's talk about things I would have done differently.

Orton/Henry, I think has been booked very well, and I am fine with the direction that the WWE has taken with them two, The only thing I hope, is that they don’t pull a Cena, and put the title right back on Orton this Sunday.

Cena/Punk/Del Rio, I feel was just thrown together without any thinking. If we go back to Night of Champions, I think if WWE did one thing differently, we could have two extra matches that are a lot more meaningful that the triple threat match we're getting for the WWE Title. First and foremost, Del Rio should have retained. If you don’t want Cena to lose cleanly, then use Ricardo Rodriguez as a distraction so that Del Rio has the opportunity to cheat to win. If Del Rio retains through the help of Rodriguez, then you have reason for the rematch, at HIAC, to be in the cell.

So there’s one match, that has preexisting build up that people could look forward to. Then, due to all the interference in the Hunter/Punk match, you have a rematch there too. Now I understand that in doing this your top three matches would be repetitive as they are the exact same from the previous PPV. But do you really have another GOOD option, with only two weeks between PPV's. Thee WWE thinks so, but I do not agree. Anywho, you put Hunter and Punk in a rematch to settle the score about who is better. I don't think you'd even have to have all the extra stipulations (i.e. Triple H loses COO position if he loses) because you could focus this match on Punk believing he was so close to beating one of the best in the business. And I think you can sell that rematch on that idea alone, on who the better wrestler is.

So those are things I would have done differently. I think Raw was a slow show this week, and I don’t think they did enough to really sell HIAC. There are only two matches I am looking forward to, and that is Beth/Kelly Kelly, and Orton/Henry. And my reasoning for that is because those are the only two matches that I feel have a back story to them. Speaking of those two matches, as I said earlier, I sincerely hope that Henry retain, and I actually hope the exact opposite for Kelly Kelly. I really hope Beth finally gets the title that she severely deserves.

Well I've rambled enough folks. Ill post my predictions up this Saturday. Take care all. Be sure to leave feedback guys. You can also follow me on twitter @_TheDustyFinish and read all my blog entries at

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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    My sentiments exactly. Although, I think K2 needs to retain so she can lose it to Phoenix at the next major PPV.
  2. Daffy Duck's Finest's Avatar
    Couldn't agree with you more. However:

    1. I believe Nash will screw Punk over in order to set a match between the two at SS.
    2. If K2 retains, she will lose the title at Bragging Rights/ TLC to Natalya (as there will be a 5 on 5 at SS)

    But the two matches you mentioned shall be the best ones out there!

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