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David Otunga & Vickie Guererro's New Stable

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Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well. I'm blogging today about the makings of this stable and the possibilities that could come of this. This stable consists of Vickie Guerrero as the voice, David Otunga as the leader (believe it or not), Dolph Ziggler (U.S. Champ), Cody Rhodes (I.C. Champ), Christian and Jack Swagger.

Personally, I'm very intrigued by this stable because everyone in this stable is pretty much developed as a singles superstar except for David Otunga. Also Dolph Ziggler (tenchically), Christian and Jack Swagger have all been World Champ and Cody Rhodes has been pushed very heavy in my opinion so it baffles me that Otunga might be the leader. But of course we have to see what happens in the upcoming weeks seeing as they were just put together last Monday.

The Confusion with the R-Truth & The Miz Conspiracy Angle:

We have to get a clear picture as to what their gripe is as opposed to what Miz & R-Truth is preaching. I think both teams battle is with Triple H but I think it's now too many people trying to attack Triple H.

At first it was Punk feuding with Triple H and that came to an abrupt end. Then it was Nash and that came to an end. Then it was Truth & Miz and that came to a temporary end. And now its Vickie's stable making a move at Triple H so this confuses me very much. I think they have booked too many people to have a beef with Triple H.

All Champion Stable:

Honestly guys I would very much like to see these guys capture all the WWE Championship belts. This would prove that this team isn't just some group of angry people. They have to prove that they are winners and can hold on to the gold.

Lets shock the audience for once and let these group of developed guys take complete control of both shows nWo style. I know we've seen it before but wrestling has been around for over 50 years lol stories will be rehashed and that seems to be the only thing TNA does so lets try the nWo style of a group with less members and younger talent just like we have here.

Dolph Ziggler loses his U.S. Title to Zack Ryder but Swagger wins it back for the stable the next night on Raw:

This my friends is where the heat comes into play for these guys. Zack Ryder is one of the most over guys right now in the WWE Universe. The internet fans as well as the general fans wanna see this guy do good. The crowd will go nuts when he wins championship gold. Now, imagine the way the fans react when Swagger steps up the next week and takes Dolph's rematch because he was too hurt to compete. Swagger wins the U.S. gold, Ryder leaves empty handed and the fans go absolutely nuts thus giving this stable amazing heat.

Cody Rhodes keeps his I.C. Title:

David Otunga & Drew McCintyre win the Tag Team Titles:

Basically Drew McCintyre can step up at the last second to be Otunga's partner against Kofi & Bourne. Have them take their belts. McCintyre's reason for joining can be because he was the chosen one and out of no where lost his spot due to a conspiracy.

Christian wins the WWE Title from John Cena:

Under strict order from Teddy Long, Christian is no longer allowed to compete for the World Heavyweight Title any longer because he had too many rematches for that belt.

So in response, Vickie uses her power on Raw and gets Christian booked to face Cena for the WWE Title. With the help of his boys, he wins the belt from Cena. This turns all the attention on this new stable now that they dethroned the top guy.

Dolph Ziggler wins the Title from Mark Henry:

Once again with the help of the boys and Vickie, she gets Ziggler booked to face Henry and he wins with the help of the stable. This is when this stable wins complete and total control of the WWE.

The Anonymous GM will be revealed as: Vince McMahon & Kevin Nash

They are the ones that were behind this whole huge nWo style stable. They were the ones that made it possible for the whole stable to get those title matches. They are here to put an end to Triple H as COO and for Vince to take his company back over.

This will draw in my opinion. It's the nWo without as much members. They can be the one that dropped the cell last week on Raw to let Del Rio, Cena & Punk beat the hell out of each other so they can be easy pickings for Christian.

How to make this work?

Clean Matches:
This stable must get clean wins for the most part. Please don't have them be a typical heel stable. Yes they're heels but have them come off as the type that have the ability to win matches on their own and only cheat when its necessary. This will add a different face to the stable.

Cena must not destroy them like he did Nexus:
If he does this then this whole faction will be a waste. I don't mind them losing their belts but do not have Orton or Cena take the belts. This stable must be in affect for at least two years.

David Otunga's Career?

I think this stable could be a good boost for Otunga when its all said and done. Now granted he's very green in the ring but his mic skills have gotten much better. I like him much better with his new gimmick "The Harvard Law School Graduate". This is better than his "A List" gimmick because the only reason he was A List was because of his wife Jennifer Hudson and the fact he was on VH1's I Love New York.

I think he could be pushed as a great heel that could possibly be a maineventer one day if he polishes up his ring skills but right now he has the same gimmick as Chris Nowitski had except I can believe in Otunga a bit more with the gimmick. Jack Swagger reminds me a lot of Chris Nowitski.

Anywat if he continues to be the voice and the leader, it could do a lot for his career. He could maybe be how the Rock was in the Nation of Domination which was the big mouth rookie that eventually became a star.

Thanks guys for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed. Its all speculation to be honest, I basically just ranted on an idea that would be cool. I just don't wanna see this stable end up like every other stable. Please leave feedback and comments. Be safe guys.


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  1. Chazztastic's Avatar
    Interesting booking! Nice to see other people's ideas on the flow of the WWE. Personally, I think that "stable" has to do more with Survivor Series than actually being a "stable". We have less than 2 months until SS, and traditional Survivor Series always deals with teams vs teams. Now, for it to still be intact after SS will be interesting.
  2. rss3004's Avatar
    Nice blog! Its been a long time since we saw a dominant stable in the WWE. But instead of Otunga, how about Christian as leader? He's the guy that has the most experience. Its actually an interesting idea, using a stable like Evolution to attack the former leader of Evolution.
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I wish they wouldn't use Otunga for this stable. He is awful in the ring and on the mike. I would prefer Drew to win the tag titles with Hennig
  4. B-ri's Avatar
    Brilliant idea and would really love for this to happen however let's be honest, we are in the reality era after all, this is an IWC dream but it wont happen in reality. They wont have Both world titles AND both mid-card titles in one stable, If this were to happen, I'd see a 50/50 split with the tag titles going back and forth. Non the less, I'd love to see this happen! Good shout
  5. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    good blog
    but i hate
    Dolph Ziggler wins the Title from Mark Henry:

    Once again with the help of the boys and Vickie, she gets Ziggler booked to face Henry and he wins with the help of the stable. This is when this stable wins complete and total control of the WWE.

    that whole thing there
  6. bharath's Avatar
    knox - really nice blog, bro! I will be honest - I am not impressed with David Otunga so far and I personally feel he is not superstar material, but just good enough for mid - upper mid status. I like the idea of a heel stable that wins clean and takes over all championships. But the problem is, we need a stronger face stable on the other side - someone who can 'take these guys on' and then lose. That just may be possible with Daniel Bryan - think about it.
  7. Duckets's Avatar
    Great blog my friend, but I have a couple problems with this stable. I feel that since Truth started this whole "conspiracy" thing, that he and Miz should be somewhere in there along with Punk. I'm looking more towards Nash, Vince, John L, Miz, Punk and Truth overthrowing Trip, rather than the ones that you named. I mean what you said could work, but to me it seems that it would be really out of left field. Rhodes is fine since he got his ass kicked by Orton, and nothing was done about it. The only thing Ziggler was really involved in was with Jackman, and that wasn't even a big deal, and Swagger shouldn't even be in the picture. Christian I dont think deserves another title shot, let alone the WWE Championship. As much as I hate dislike Cena, recently I haven't been feeling Christian and his crying either. Like I said, this was a good read and a good idea. I'm not knocking it at all, it could work if it were set up properly, but I don't think it has been.
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