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The 5 Rockiest Relationships in Wrestling History.. Part 2

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1. The Undertaker and Kane.
The most famouse brothers in Wrestling history, Also had the Strangest Relationship that Dr Phil or Dr Drew wouldnt touch with a 10 foot pool.....
These Men have set each other fire, Burried each other, Put each other in comas, Cost each other matches, Cost each other titles and the list goes on and on...... It all started at childhood When Undertaker stated a fire and burned his family, and thought his brother Kane was killed in the fire but he was taken care of by Undertakers Manager ( and later to be revealed to be Kanes Father) "Paul Bearer". So after years of waiting to get revenge Kane sees hs brother for the first time when he rips the Door off the Hell in the Cell and cost the Undertaker his number one contenders match.... Then Kane would spend monthes tormenting the Undertaker, Trying to make Undertaker fight him, But Undertaker said he never fight his flesh and Blood.... After several beatings and getting involved in his (Undertakers) matches, The Taker still refused to fight Kane. Then Undertaker saved Kane from what seemed to be half of the Locker Room wanting to get revenge on Kane for the monthes of randomly coming down the ring and attacking and Tombstoning who ever was in his path. The Brothers fought Side by side, then inthe End they kneel as a sing of respct and the crowed went nuts... Everything seemed fine with the Brothers of Destuction untill Royal Rumle 98, When Kane showed up in the Coffin match between Shawn Michaels and Undertaker for the WWF championship. Kane not only turned on his brother but locked him in a casket and set it on fire... Undertake woudl return monthes later to set up a dramtic and anticipated match at Wrestlemania 14. Kane came as Close as anyone to beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania but he didnt succed, Kanes desire to beat his brother seen him tae tombstone after tombstone and he just wouldnt die, but in the End Taker was too much for his little brother..... They countined the Feud till Taker Saved Kane from losing a first Blood match against Steve Austin at King of the Ring 1998, Kane saidif he lost at King of the Ring 1998 he would set himself on fire, So Undertaker ensured Kane didnt lose. This Gesture hinted at Kane and Undeaker finally making a alliance and putting their past behind them, For monthes people speculated if Kane and Underaker was working as one, Then it was revealed at SummerSlam That The Brother were a cohesive unit... they spend heyear as tweener, Teaming together and When Taker Gained Kanes trust he truned on him, Revealing he started that fire when they were Children, to get reid of Kane and his family and the fire was no accident... The brothers would then make up again until 2003 when Kane would help Vince McMahon win a Buried Alive match at Survivor seris 2003 against the Undertaker. Kane would bear Undertaker under 100's or pounds of dirt and claimed to have killed the Undertaker. Undertaker would return to Face his Brother again at Wrestlemania and return to his old Dark Undertaker Gimmick and defeat Kane for the second time at Wrestlemania..... things would be calm until Recently when Undertaker was found passed out and stood in a oma for monthes, Kane started a investagation to see who was the man who put the Undertaker out and put him in his vegatated state, Later Kane would reveal it was him all along, Then th Undertaker would return to battle Kane in multiple matches over the course of 3 monthes and Kane would get the better half of all of the matches..... Now The brothers seem to be on Good terms again....

Over the last 14 years, these Brothers did everything you can do to each other and then some. They were enemies and allies more times than i can remember, they Betrayed and helped each other, they destroyed and Saved each other several times over the last 14 years but they always made up, No need for a "I'm Sorry" and no Questions asked, cause no matter how deranged or dysfunctional these brothers were, they always had a deep bound and a deep rivalry that has driven them apart and brought them together..... These Brothers without a doubt had the Rockiest Relationship in the History of wrestling.

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  1. WhiteTrashCircus's Avatar
    Very well done blog. Honorable mentions could be Rock & Mankind and Stone Cold & Vince (kayfabe & real life).
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog mate

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