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The 5 Rockiest Relationships in Wrestling History.. Part 1

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This Blog is dedicated to unstable relationships between wrestling personailtys, This isnt counting outside the ring, this is for on air characters that is part of the storyline... Relationships that are constantly changing from Love to Hate, Family to foe, Friend to enemie...... Wrestling is a werid world where a person could have a blood feud with someone and even commit attempted murder on each other but a few monthes later they could be best friends and teaming against a new common enemies they have. But these relationships even stick out in the werid world of wrestling.... So I wont ramble any longer, here is the list.

5. Tommy Dreamer and Raven.

They Started out has childhood Friends, Then things took a turn for the worse and they had one of the most violent and hate fueled feuds in wresling history, Then Raven came back to save Dreamer from a deadly beating from the Dudleys and helped his former foe get Revenge on the Dudleys for breaking his wifes neck (the same Woman they fought over Beluah) and the strangest and most unlikely Tag Team Westing history was formed.... The Feud between Dreamer and Raven Helped make ECW what it was. It was like a addicting soap opera and just when you think you have it figured out there was a new twist to the story... Some of the things they did to eachother was too disturbing to even explain. The Phyiscal damage they did to each other wasnt nothing compared to the emotional damage they inflicted on each other..... This was a amazing Feud and one of the Rockiest relationships you wll see anywhere. Please for your own good look this feud up on Youtube, its like nothing you ever seen before.

4. Shawn Michaels and HHH.
What to say about Shawn Michaels and HHH. They had some of the best matches against each other and with Each other.... It didnt matter if they were teams or Oppenents they always made history together....... This relationship started when Shawn needed allies, and what better allies can you have than you best Friend. So Shawn and HHH was watching each others back, Shawn and HHH was running down everyone and then they named their small little Group Degeneration X and from then on they were inseparable.... Shawn even gave HHH his conveted European Championship when he laid down for HHH (even though Shawn said he lays down for no one). Then When Shawn retired, HHH took over DX and said he would be better off with out Shawn....HHH was no longer the lackey, in Shawn Michaels absence HHH became "The Man" in the WWE... Then when Shawn Returned HHH wanted Shawn by his side, more like a lackey role, When Shawn was undecided weather he wanted to be on Raw with HHH or Smackdown, HHH took offense to it and beat Shawn badly in a parking lot... That was the Start of Shawns incredible Come back to active wrestling... what was only going to be a 1 time deal at SumerSlam 2002 against HHH turned in to a 8 year run that out did his first run and furthered Shawn Michaels already legendary career.... Shawn and HHH spent over a year feuding in every type of match you can think of, New dimensions were added to the feud each time. Then Shawn and HHH reformed DX and became Closer than ever, they went from best friends to brothers...They remained inseparable till shawns retirement when HHH gave a tearful speech and talked highly about his best friend at the HOF... Shawn Michaels and HHH were with each other thru it all. Even though the story ended great, they had one of the Rockiest Relationships in the history of wrestling and it is documented in several DVDs.... Couldnt go thru there whole feud cause i be here all day.

3. The McMahon Family.
Maybe The Most dysfunctional family Ever, The McMahon Family..... Let me give you a run down of what these people have done to each other.

Vince Scared his daughter half to death by allowing the Undertaker to stalk and kidnap her.. Then allowed Undertaker to force marry her in a demonic, evil wedding. all to trick and get back at his rival Steve Austin.

Then Stephanie faked being drugged and taken by HHH to vegas for a quickie wedding, All to make her Father fight for her honor so she could stab him in the back and reveal it was all a plan to get back at him for what he done to her before with the Undetaker. Stephanie would turn on her whole family.

Then Vince, shane and Stephanie would join forces once again at WM 16 and Turn on Linda Mcmahon and the Rock.

Vince would later demand a divorce from Linda McMahon, Which would put Linda in a state of shock, Vince would then keep Linda in a medicated coma, where she could see and hear but couldnt move or speak. Vince would use this to have affair in front of Linda with WWE Legend Trsh Stratus... Vince would digustingly make out with Trish in front of his wife while she was motionless and have Trish take care of her to add to her condition.... This made the McMahon children insane with rage and soon a Vince and Shane and Trish and Stephanie feud started, Which ended up with Stephanie soon turning on her brother and mother and siding with her Father (Vince) and a match at Wrestlemania 17 with Vince and Shane was set.

Vince later apolagized and said he was gonna take a break from wrestling to make up with Linda and have another baby.

Then there was the Fater vs daughter I Quit match when Vince McMahon beat and choked his Daughter in to submission with a lead pipe.

There is soooooo much more, Shane and Stephanie buying WCW and ECW to put Their Father and WWF out of business. The many ins and outs of Vince and Linda and Shane and Stephanie... This is one of the rockiest family relationships I have ever seen. They beat, Tricked and humilated each other on a constant bases, Joined forces and turned on each other so many times its not even countable. But they stood together after all this which is Great in a sick and disturbed way.

2. Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.
They started out with Savage being a overly jealuse and abusive to her, but she still remained faithful to her man, then When Randys paranoia became to much for Elizabeth she up and left him and Savage replaced her with Sherry.... then at Westlemania 7, in one of the emotional moment in Entertainment history (Ross and Rachel has nothing on this) The Macho Man Miss Elizabeth reunited after Savage lost his retirement match to The Ultimate Warrior. Then came the Wedding at SummerSlam Wedding in 1991... then The Macho Man spent his career after that defending Elizabeths honor against Jake the Snake and Ric Flair. Then Savages Career was winding down and he left the WWF and went to WCW. Thats when Savage and Elizabeth would start up their Rocky Relationship again... Elizabeth left Savage and went with Flair (Who claimed Liz was in Love with him in 1992, When Savage and Flair feuded at wrestlemania 8)and Flair was spending all Savages money with Liz and putting Savage in debt cause Liz still had access to The Macho Mans money cause they were still legally married.... Liz would make Savages life a living hell with Flair........Savage and Elizabeth had a very Unstable and Rocky relationship, When things were Good they Were Great and Things were Bad they were Horrible..... Savage and Liz had many ups and downs but they had one of the most memorable relationships in wrestling history.

Please go Check out part 2 which is posted.... Sorry i just did a brief run down, this was easily the longest Blog i ever did, I had to cut it in 2 parts... I urge you too look up these feuds properly instead of going by my brief Run down.

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