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Top 5 Technical Wrestelrs Active in WWE

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Its Very rare to see a Great Technical Wrestler in wrestling today. Matches are too Short, Crowds Attention span is much shorter..... It seems that in the last 5 years, there has been a drastic Drop in technical wrestlers..... This Blog will concentrate on Todays WWE roster, and look at the Top 5 Technical Wrestlers in WWEs active Wrestling scene. 5 Men who are still keeping this amazing craft alive (Technical Wrestling) in todays Wrestling.

The Wrestlers have to be active. So Chris Jericho is not considered on this list.... William Regal, Who would be on this list on his worst day does not Qualify for this list.... No retired wrestlers, No one time apperance Wrestlers, Only active Wrestlers on the roster.

5. CM Punk
Alot of people are going to be Pissed at CM Punks spot at Number 5. But to be Honest, Punk is more of a Striker and Impact move wrestler than a Technical Wrestler. which is the Reason he is at #5....
CM Punk has shown he has technical ability, He has some Great offence and when needed, he can go toe to toe with anyone When it comes to Technical wrestling.... He has slapped some Great submissions out no where and is a Decent mat Wrestler...... Punk has taking some of his Technical Wrestling out of his matches since joining WWE and it has worked well for him, but he keeps enough to add a dimension to his matches.

4. Jack Swagger
Swagger is the All American, American. A Former World Champion. And one of the best Technical Wrestlers in WWE Today..... Swaggers in ring performance has suffered since he was World Champion and so has Technical wrestling... Swagger was on a tear when he was World Champion, having Great Technical matches and mixing his high impact and Technical Wrestling style very well together.... Swagger has inovative reversals, Great offences, Incredible Amature Wrestling skill and Swagger has a aersonal of painful Looking, unique and Technical Submissons.... Look at some of Swaggers matches you will see his Technical abilty shine, Watch his John Morrison matches when he (Swagger) was World Champion. His more recent Kofi Kingston matches on SmackDown or his ECW title Matches with Christian.

3. Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler is a incredible mat Wrestler. Dolph has the basic downs so well that he makes even the most average move look like a thing of beauty... Ziggler's moves are so quick and fluent, so strong and athletic and just so crisp.... Ziggler reminds me of a Curt Henning in the ring, everything is done so well. he has Great Reversals and can make even the most basic move look so Imactful and dominate.... Look at his Matches with Daniel Bryan and you will see how Good Dolph could be.

2. Alberto Del Rio
This might come as a suprise to some, but if you look at his matches you will see Del Rio Bleongs in the #2 spot.... Del Rio brings alot of the Classic Style of wrestling to his matches, he is a throw back to the 80's and Early 90's style of wrestling and mixes it so well with todays faster pace and impactful wrestling.... Alberto has a thousand ways to work a arm, He has multiple submissions and technical wrestling moves to work a arm. Del Rio has multiple suplexs and other technical wrestling moves in his offense... He can Work a body part, has Great mat instincts, Very strong in submission Wrestling and Del Rio also has alot of wrestling moves in his Well versed aresonal. There is No Doubt that Alberto Del Rio belongs in this number 2 spot.

1. Daniel Bryan
Was there a doubt he be number 1?... He is probably the Greatest Technical wrestler in the world today, Let alone in WWE.... Weather Daniel Bryan is in the first match or the main event, No matter who he is in the ring with or the lenth of a match, you know your gonna see a master piece, You will see something you havent seen before, or something you havent seen in along time... Daniel Bryan is The most complete Wrestler in the WWE and Technical Wrestling is his specialty.... Byan has the Old school and great basics of a Bob Backlund. The precision and Perfect execution of a Bret Hart and the great mixture of all the styles around the world and viciousness of a Chris Benoit all rolled in one..... Daniel Bryan is a Excellnt technician in the ring and in todays wrestling he has noo peers or compition in the number one spot for Greatest Technical Wrestler in WWE or maybe even the world.

This is my list, im sure you will have your 2 cents to add so feel free to comment.... To me Daniel Bryan belongs with the all time Greats in Technical wrestling such as Bret Hart, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    I don't know if I agree with Punk being on the list. I'll probably get a lot of crap for pissing on the golden boy, but I think he relies to much on kicks and a sloppy finisher that he botches regularly when faced with a heavy opponent. He can do some nice classic moves (back breakers, suplex, etc.) but he doesn't use them that often.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    My take..

    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. ADR
    3. Jack Swagger
    4. CM Punk
    5. Dolphy

    Its the same list as yours..but, a lil shuffled...n I give grace points to Xtian as well..

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