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Matt Hardy and His Rehab

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It is sad to see someone like Matt Hardy go through what he is going through. I mean all this self destruction is tough to watch. He had been a very entertaining wrestler, but the drugs and the alcohol left his final in ring years a shamble.

It is easy to say this could have been prevented. However, the wrestling aspect has a lot to do with why he is the way he is. I'm not gonna make excuses. He has made the bed he is lying in. But how much of this is also due to his high risk shenanigans caused this. The TLC matches. The hardcore matches. The daily bumps. Flying from the ring to the floor. It surely has taken its toll.

Despite all of this, all he had to do was look at wrestlings past to see what not to do.

Road Warrior Hawk had major alcohol problems. Even though he had been clean up to his death, alcoholism had by that time, taken his health. This is the worst thing that could happen to a person to die. This should be what Hardy has to look at as a possibility if he doesn't take his WWE rehab seriously. It would be a shame too.

We have Jake Roberts. Boy man. His drug problems are too numerous to count. He has a daughter who barely acknowledges him because of the drug use. He went from a main draw, to barely pulling a check doing some stints in Nebraska. This is about as far as Matt could go and still wrestle.

Benoit. All Matt needs is one bad day, and he could go bat shit crazy. For years, Benoit was one of the most respected, (and probably still is for what he has done), in the locker room. But for a few hrs, he lost it. He wasn't Benoit. He was someone else in Benoit's body. This is the worst case of all worst case scenarios. This type of stuff erases any history you have with anyone. Even if it was the actual drugs talking.

All of the above are what could happen if Matt keeps on going the way he is going. I would hate to see any of that happen to anyone. I am a big believer of getting what you deserve because of the choices you make. This includes me as well. I hope he gets well, and takes this rehab seriously. If he does, it will be a major step in the right direction.

*On a side note, the same could be said of Jeff. I hope the Jeff we see on TNA now stays this way.

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  1. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    In the words of Zack Ryder....Are you serious Bro!?!?!?!?!?!
  2. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Absolutely. I wouldn't wish ill on anybody. That is how I've always been. Sorry if I'm to soft for this group of peeps.

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