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My Kansas City RAW Overview From The Seats.

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Driving back from Kansas City, MO last night gave me time to reflect on the show I had just witnessed. It was, by my estimation, a really good show. I was seated 3 rows back and diagonal from Michael Cole. So I could hear most of the announcing...once I moved to behind the announce table. HeHe.

The open was pretty good. HHH "asserts" his "authority" by fining Mark Henry. Explains why he fired Ron Killings and Mike Mizanin (Awesome Killings...See what I did there.) Dolph, Rhodes, and Christian came out. Of all of them, I thought only Rhodes had a legitimate beef. Also the interaction between Rhodes and Trips was priceless.

The 10 man over the top rope battle royal was a decent match. The most over was the Zeke and Sheamus staredown. I was really impressed with Rhodes. He has come a long...long way with his promo skill and in ring skill. I really didn't like his character on TV, but seeing it right there as it happens, made all the difference.

The K2 & Eve V Phoenix & Hart was a very good match. After so many, eh to OK ones, this one was good. I loved that modified surfboard that Natty executed on Eve. Loved how the move flummoxed the announcers. On an aesthetics note, Phoenix needs to kill the mini-skirt. She does not have the right kind of legs to show for that type of dress. Sorry, she just doesn't.

The Henry squash of Khali was brilliant. I am not a fan of the Worlds Strongest Man, but am less a fan of Khali. "If I'm gonna pay the fine, everyone is gonna pay." is the perfect promo for Henry. Short. Simple. No mic skill involved. I want to see the HiaC match vs Orton now. Mission accomplished.

In a weird turn of events, Cena wasn't nearly as booed as usual. Book had said that the crowd was digging Cena. For the most part they did. (Watching what my TiVo, It sounded more neutral on TV than it actually was in KC.) He was over. I would say there was much heat at all. (My opinion.) As usual, his promo was spotless.

His match with Christian was OK. If anything Cena did better than Christian. Christian just seemed to be phoning it in. Cole was mad when Cena threw Christian their way. After that you get your basic interference job.

My favorite part of the night was the Ryder v Ziggler match for the US Title. This seemed to me to be a squash match. It wasn't but, it was close. Ziggler won with interference from Swagger. Ziggler wins, and than with Swagger beat the hell out of Ryder. AirBoom comes out and saves Ryder. Than Teddy Mac comes out and give Vickie some time to get a partner for her "Clientele" to face Ryder and AirBoom. Vickie is still looking as the match starts. So it is a handicap match. Which, obviously, the trio is getting the better of the duo.

I must have been really engrossed with what happened in the ring, but I failed to notice Mason Ryan on the ring apron, or pay attention to the announcers saying he was there for a while. But when he entered the ring and tossed Swagger out and F-5'd Ziggler, I laughed. I totally thought, the Ryan would be a heel. I was wrong. I'll be interested to see how the Welshman handles being a babyface.

The backstage stuff is shown on the jumbotron. I don't like this Otunga thing yet. Maybe I'll come around. We'll see.

The main thing I gleaned from the Del Rio V Punk match is that Del Rio is extremely talented in the ring. He really didn't do a good job at the booth when I was able to hear him. The main event was very well done. Props to the clean end of the match. However, The after match was began good, the middle where Punk got thrown into the corner with the chair was horribly botched but ended well.

This was easily Del Rio's most believable spot. He was believable as a guy who could win and is favored in a HiaC match. The botch helped in making it believable, but could have actually seriously hurt Punk, as the chair didn't fall from the corner like it should have. However, I think they got lucky.

I was leaving as the dark match between, Cena, Punk, Del Rio, Swagger and Ziggler and didn't see who won. Nor did I really care much. I had to be back in Joplin by 8 in the morning for school and wanted to get some sleep.

Overall, again Highly impressed. Surprised by the major lack of heat Cena got. Not the best live show I've been to. But far from the worst, which was Smackdown in Wichita. Now if TNA would travel this way more often.

***Went over a few headlines, and whoever was doing the ones on KC, it is the Sprint Center, not the Spring Center.

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  1. dres1214's Avatar
    Good blog..but I do have to agree and disagree with some opinions you stated in your blog. John Cena did get heat from where I was sitting and he did get heat, when he walks out it's a mixed reaction, before his promo maybe you werent paying attention but the arena was defining and full of boo's. My section was floor 4 row 8, and everyone around me was big Pro-Cena. Maybe a handful that weren't. So even being surrounded by little kids screaming at their hero, the Boo's were loud enough to hear for me to make out that Cena did get heat that night. In case anyone is wondering CM Punk is over with the crowd, he had one of the best reactions that night. Well in my opinion.
  2. Amerinaine's Avatar
    I didn't say he didn't get boos. I just when compared to when I went to RAW in Tulsa, he was darn near booed out of the arena. I just don't think it was as bad in KC as it has been anywhere else I have had an opportunity to go.
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I like these blogs, it's always interesting to hear from those in attendance, as you can pick up on certain things much better than you would watching on tv, especially crowd reaction! It was a decent show, my biggest problem though was that it seemed to be lacking a certain something 'special' for a PPV go home show!! The 2 week build is just not enough time to get me hugely interested in HIAC! Plus the next PPV, is only a further 3 weeks after that!! The biggest surprise was the manner in which Del Rio lost! It was a vicious kick to the head but not the kind of offence I'd expect him to get pinned for!! I think Del Rio could get the belt back at HIAC, firstly he'll have it in time for the Mexico tour and seconldly, now it's Triple Threat, Cena can lose without having to be pinned and we know he can't lose cleanly!!!
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