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Was That A Poot 5: Los Guerrero's, The Family Of Warriors

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Hey guys The Poot-Hair here with yet another sphincter clenching adventure on your computer. My last blog had the "Was That A Poot" title taken out of it(and not by me) so let's see if this one does as well *shrugs*. Anyway onto this blog's subject matter which is Los Guerrero's The Family Of Warriors.

This blog may end up being shorter than some of my others but I wanted to take a little bit and talk about one of the greatest wrestling families of all time; The Guerrero family. The Guerrero family has dominated the wrestling industry for 3 generations, and has produced some of the greatest talents that the wrestling world has ever seen. Let me preach on it.

Gory Guerrero. The patriarch of the Guerrero family and one of the pioneers of Mexican Style Lucha Libre Wrestling. The man was an innovator as he is credited for the creation of the Camel Clutch (and you thought ol' Iron Sheiky created it huh?). He also had several moves named after him or greatly influenced by him; The Gory Stretch, Gory Bomb, and The Gory Special. He also had 4 sons that all wrestled.

Chavo Sr, Mando, Hector. Most of the success of Mando and Hector came in the 1980's with the American Wrestling Association as tag team competitors. Hector is still in the wrestling busines as a member of the Spanish announce team for Total Nonstop Action wrestling on iMPACT! Wrestling Thursday nights on Spike TV. Chavo Sr or "Chavo Classic" as he has been known as in recent years enjoyed a little bit more of success as he worked for WWE up until 2004. He even held the Cruiserweight Championship (though it was a fluke) on one occasion. He is now signed to a Legend's contract with the WWE and makes sporadic appearances.

Eddie. I had to keep Eddie separate from the other Guerrero brothers because of the ENORMOUS amount of success he achieved while he was living. Eddie passed away in 2005 after becoming a one time Heavyweight Champion, and as a result becoming one of the WWE's few "grand slam champions" (having won the European, Intercontinental, Tag, and WWE Heavyweight title). R.I.P. Eddie; Lie, Cheat, and Steal in heaven....the best frog splash the world has ever seen.

Chavo Jr and Shaul Guerrero. The third generation of the Guerrero wrestling family is both Chavo Jr (son of Chavo Classic) and Shaul Guerrero (daughter of Eddie and Vickie). Chavo has enjoyed relative success in wrestling having held 6 cruiserweight, 3 tag team titles, and the ECW Heavyweight Title throughout his tenure with both WCW and WWE. Shaul Guerrero has just gotten her foot in the door, as she signed a developemental deal with the WWE and has been been active in FCW since February of this year.

Vickie. Though Vickie isn't "one of Gory's boys" she should still be mentioned in this blog. She was Eddie Guerrero's wife at the time of his passing and has since gotten into the wrestling business. She garners impressive heat as a heel manager and has enjoyed lucritive success in the WWE.

Welp ladies and gentlemen that puts an end to this one. I didn't just want to do another blog on Eddie, though I'm sure he would deserve much more than I could ever tell in a blog. I wanted people to know a bit of back history on the Guerrero family. So the next time you hear someone talk about "The Guerrero wrestling family" you can at least have a clue as to what they are talking about. I hope that maybe I have done some justice by this blog. Feel free to comment, bash, whatever below and until the next time PEACE!!

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  1. tchocky360's Avatar
    Nice blog mate Enjoyed the read
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    I loved it when the Alamo Busters would come to Mid South Wrestling.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Nice blog mate...Hope u write two more blogs on the family each for Gory and Eddie...

    RIP Eddie!!!

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