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Something a little different?

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Okay so this is my first little blog here, long time reader however and so I thought I'd have a little overview of wrestling in general today and the main 3 North American Companies, ROH, TNA and , of course, WWE.

I'd like to start by comparing their styles. ROH are easily the most talented wrestlers, even without Daniel Bryan and (presumably) the Kings of Wrestling, these guys know how to wrestle and put on a real show. Unfortunately, they really lack funding and media required to truly make a big impact on a national front.

TNA has amazing potential with the talent they posses and the more attention they're garnering due to top stars like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and RVD. My problem with TNA is I feel they need to break away from the mould. At the minute it seems like they're trying to push themselves too hard to be the new WCW and challenge the WWE by trying to appeal to the older generation which WWE(F) did highly successfully in the late 90's. I feel they really need to establish themselves as their own company, instead of being known as WWE's new competition (which they aren't really able to consistently sustain) they need to show themselves as the company they are. X-Division, high-flying, thrillers who keep you on the edge of your seat. At the moment they are going for the "Shock-value" treatment and it's really cheapening the product because it gets to a point where it's a chore to tune in. I know that may be a bit critical, I would just like to clarify I watch both WWE and TNA regularly and I amn't just another WWE 'mark' I really hope TNA does push WWE at some point so that it improves the quality of the business as a whole.
In a quick side note, LET THE YOUNGER GUYS WRESTLE. Personally I think they need to take Hogan and Bischoff's TV time and bring it down to a minimum. They also need to allow guys like AJ, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Kaz etc to be in the main event instead of building it just around guys who have only recently joined the company (RVD, Anderson, Hardy).

And last but certainly not least, the good ol' WWE. The problem with WWE is they have an over abundance of talent but not enough main-event calibre wrestlers or 'superstars'. Look back 5 years ago, you had Undertaker, Batista, Cena, Jericho, Triple H, Orton, Angle, Mysterio, Michaels, Booker T and Edge who could all hold and carry one of the world titles and captivate the audience. I know that most have either retired or are currently out of WWE but the problem is with the exception of Mysterio, Cena and Orton, WWE hasn't found/developed proper replacements for these main-event talents. Let's face it, many of the main-eventers now would have been either mid-card or tag team wrestlers around this time. I personally really enjoy the product still but the WWE still lacks the ability to inter-change the titles as and when they please because they only have Cena, CM Punk, Orton, Christian, Sheamus and Mark Henry who can hold a title and make things interesting, which doesn't allow for much navigation in terms of main-events and title windows.

Anyway, that is all for now, please feel free to comment and hopefully there will be some sort debate after this, I know certain points have already been raised but I just thought I should put across my view, so please comment and give feedback (No hating please, only constructive-criticism)

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Decent first blog, nice one! Firstly, I always find it ironic how more and more people are knocking TNA, in one breath, for trying too much with the shock value and in the next breath are saying that WWE should go back to the blood and shock value of the Attitude Era!! BFG, could be the opportunity to freshen things up for them, Hogan's departure but more importantly, if they give the title to Roode, give it to him cleanly and allow him a good long run with the title, could do wonders for TNA, especially as the fans all love a TNA Original!!
    The 'E's' biggest problem lately is 'creative!' Vince needs to stop enabling and remove Steph, the product has gone down hill so much, since she became a head writer! They also need to stop panicing on certain stories and rushing them! I'd love to see them build on what they have with Henry, give him a huge run and play the unstoppable monster gimmick for as long as possible but I have a horrible feeling, Henry could drop the belt this Sunday.
    Finally ROH, again it is an exciting time for them, with the tv deal, it remains to be seen how it pans out for them. Absolutely, as a pure wrestling spectacle they far outstrip TNA and WWE, I'm just a little worried that overall they may struggle as they have lost an awful lot of excellent talents over the last few years!
    Updated 09-26-2011 at 06:56 PM by Wade Barrett 1979
  2. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    The problem with TNA is Dixie Carter. She has no clue how to run a wrestling company. She goes on the of Vince Russo, which is the dumbest thing ever. Her Father needs to pull the plug on the funding of TNA, or find a better person to run the damn company. Its a shame to waste all of the talent TNA has, who by the way are loyal to the company, because she hires "bigger" names instead of pushing the younger more talented wrestlers.
  3. Theicon's Avatar
    ............ E mark!...... shakes head
    [QUOTE=The Real Choosen One;bt46694]The problem with TNA is Dixie Carter. She has no clue how to run a wrestling company. She goes on the of Vince Russo, which is the dumbest thing ever. Her Father needs to pull the plug on the funding of TNA, or find a better person to run the damn company. Its a shame to waste all of the talent TNA has, who by the way are loyal to the company, because she hires "bigger" names instead of pushing the younger more talented wrestlers.[/QUOTE]
  4. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    Far from an E mark!! I hate the WWE and everything Vince McMahon has done to ruin the Wrestling industry. I am a full supporter of RoH, Dragon Gate and TNA. I dont waste my time watching any of that BS Vince McMahon calls wrestling.
  5. B-ri's Avatar
    Thanks guys for the comments, personally, I don't like shock-value because it has little to no shock in it really, TNA have been bringing back stars left right and centre however they don't really cause you to say "OMG I can't believe they're back!" which as a wrestling fan is something I love. Also yes, TNA needs to fire Russo, he worked when he had McMahon telling him what worked and what didn't, I think we all remember what happens when Russo can do what he wants (David Arquette as WCW champion.) Also, I totally agree with you Barrett 1979, WWE has become stale which is why (and I know this is purely an IWC dream) but a crossover with ROH could work very well for all parties. That would allow WWE a better quality of wrestling and have excellent standards of tag-team and mid-card wrestling PLUS it would give ROH a chance on am uch larger scale to build a reputation and advertise what they can really do!
    Thanks again guys, keep the comments coming!
  6. squarecircle's Avatar
    1. The problem is that TNA tried to be just-TNA for a very long time before the Hogan^2 era of TNA.

    It didn't work! That is, they weren't making big money doing what they were doing.

    That is why changes were made.

    2. TNA is a TV product.

    As such, they need "drama" to increase ratings.

    Nobody continually watches a "wrestling" show to watch wrestlers wrestle. That gets boring real quick! There is only so much you can do in terms of "wrestling" before it just becomes repetitive.

    And everybody knows "wrestling" is FAKE.

    People watch "sports entertainment" for the creative stories (drama) that uses "stars" that they can relate to and want to be like.

    Like it or not, Vince Russo is probably the best available sports entertainment drama creative writer outside of the WWE.

    The best creative writer being Vince McMahon himself.

    3. TNA is a business.

    As such, they need to make $$$$$!

    As any company, they need to make money in the short term, and plan for the long term.

    The WWE-rejects gives them short term financial stability, but because of the WWE, TNA has a difficult time finding and building their own home-grown young talents that can "sell", ie. make money for the company in the long term.

    The WWE is where its at. Any young star trying to make in this business is obviously going to attempt to break the WWE roster. Only after they have been rejected, will they consider other promotions. The best potential stars get swallowed up by the WWE.

    4. Nobody wrestles for "free".

    Wrestlers need to make money too. They have health care insurance to pay for! Right now, the WWE is the only place that offers financial security and the potential to make big money.

    5. All these other promotions like ROH ...

    Only hardcore wrestling fans, ie. those who want to be wrestlers, will know about these promotions. Only these people will care.

    They will never garner any mainstream appeal. To get to the same level as the WWE takes a lot years, financial investment, and great business sense.

    As much as some would like to complain about the PG-era WWE, the WWE knows how to find their stars and they know how to put on a show that has mainstream appeal. The WWE is a marketing juggernaut!

    Anybody worth a dime in the industry, will be picked-up and signed by the WWE.

    So it is going to be very difficult for anybody to catch up to the WWE.
    Updated 09-27-2011 at 11:03 AM by squarecircle
  7. B-ri's Avatar
    I agree with some of the points you make but really, why can't they be as successful as WWE, I'm not saying it'll happen overnight but maybe TNA needs to look at things from another angle and find a different way to draw in viewers, be inventive and it may just pay off. How many people wrote off the WWE as going down to WCW in the 90's, then BAM, brand new idea, never been done before and the ratings went through the roof. Anything is possible in the wrestling business and as JR says, never say never. Keep the comments coming guys, thanks for all the support!

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