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Bound For Glory Series – TNA’s highlight of 2011?

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Although at this stage we don’t know the results of the final BFG PPV, I’ve actually found the BFG Series matches & theme to be the highlight of Impact. If you can ignore the PPV name (bit dicey, IMO), for once, it gave the TV main events a purpose, beyond some half witted feud decided when two names were pulled from a hat.

It allowed the top stars to build momentum, raised the stakes for winning & losing, and gave the wrestlers a chance to try out a more mixed routine. In a show with that large a roster, there’s not the time to have a story to each fight; this cut out the need for much of that, and allowed the action to do much of the talking.

It wasn't perfect, there were people who gained little or lost more by being involved. But for the show itslef, I felt it was mainly a positive step.

It gave Shooter a chance to move out from being entirely under Immortals piss poor shadow.
Crimson started to solidify his name as a future star. Neither he nor Shooter are ready to headline, but this has shown that they have potential.
Beer Money showing their more than just a some of their parts, and hopefully propelling one, if not both, men into the top spots.
I’ve actually liked the Bully Ray character change, if only they would get rid of Immortal.

Samoa Joe lost out most, and I can only hope that, if they are going to continue this line for him, it leads somewhere; a proper “OMG he’s broken that guy” moment where he has to be suspended and comes back a meaner, stronger monster.
Morgan also didn’t really do much, probably down to a ‘legitimate’ injury?
Steiner could drop off the face of TNA for all I care. Brings nothing to the ring, takes away a brain cell just listening to him, and only adds to the publics opinion that wrestling is about steroid pumping pratts in tights.
Dinero, I think wasn’t in the right place at the right time. Someone was going to have to be the jobber, unfortunately.
I feel that they couldn’t decide what to do with RVD & AJ; AJ v Daniels – seen it. RVD v Lynn – really? Why should we care?

So, on the whole, even if the final Bound For Glory PPV is stunk out by Sting and Hobbling Hulk Hogan, this series has been my (almost only) highlight of TNA Impact.

Anyone agree, or am I just looking for hope the wrong places?

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  1. Wombat Attack's Avatar
    Just speaking as an old fan of ECW, and understanding that this is 2011 and not 1999 or 2000 anymore, but RVD vs. Jerry Lynn is an interesting match for someone my age (32 yrs old). Lynn and RVD put on some spectacular shows back in the day. So TNA is trying to rekindle that magic I think.

    If you're a younger fan than clearly this match would have little to no appeal - unless you're specifically a fan of one wrestler or the other.

    By the way, has anyone caught the promo poster for Bound for Glory? Sting, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are largely displayed in feature positions at the bottom, while in smaller - seemingly less important positions at the top - are RVD, Bobby & James and Kurt... What a perfect encapsulation of the aimless branding TNA suffers from.

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