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Will the real Chris Jericho please stand up?

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You know I'm gonna fire off a quick rant because I'm sick of seeing this. Chris Jericho and Austin and others talking about people stealing their stuff.

Quote Originally Posted by Everything is Jericho
There seems to be a lack of respect for the forefathers who came in and did it first and it's not just [CM] Punk, it's a whole litany of guys from Miz to Cody Rhodes to Mason Ryan to Sin Cara to Kelly Kelly, everybody is stealing moves, looks, ideas. Brian Pillman​ once told me if you want to make it in wrestling you have to do something that nobody has done before and nobody is doing that and they are coming off as second rate copies of Chris Jericho and that's maybe why these guys aren't striking and I watch it and think, "Seriously, again?"

"A couple of years ago you had 'Miz 4, John Cena 0", where did that come from? Conspiracy Theory, where did that come from? Best in the World, where did that come from? Wearing suits, talking slow, using big words, using certain moves, you know Miz used the word "troglodyte" a few weeks ago and I'm like seriously? If there ever was a word associated with Chris Jericho that would be it. These guys have to start thinking of their own stuff and some times I see some of them and I'm like oh come on. It's not like it's influenced. At least give credit where credit is due.
Really, Jericho? Really? One word means Miz is ripping you off? Come on, now. There seems to be this huge backlash by all the Rock's "boys from the Attitude Era" that people are stealing their stuff. I thought we were supposed to be supporting the struggling new generation not dragging them through the mud. The same people who sucked all the oxygen out of the room for the new guys.

Best in the World I can kind of understand. Kind of. It's not a total ripoff but it is close enough. But even then, Jericho can't lay any claim to being the best in the world if he ain't around. So if Jericho is gone then why can't Punk say he is the best in the world? But don't get me wrong I do understand that one. Austin ain't around. So what's wrong with Orton using his turnbuckle pose once in a while? You're gonna lay claim to something as basic as throwing two arms in the air? fuck that.

So that's character and style stuff. That's somewhat understandable. If you're there. If you're not, shut up. But now let's talk about moves, which is what causes most of this hoopla.

So let me get this straight. Punk does a double-underhook back-breaker and he's ripping Jericho off? One backbreaker, really? What's he supposed to do? Not do one because Jericho does it? What's he supposed to do then? A hurricanrana? Who is he ripping off now? It's ridiculous.

If I wrestle in the ring, I need moves to wrestle with. I can't ply my damn trade without my damn tools. I'm not supposed to use anyone else's so what am I supposed to do? Just punch people? Hmm who does that sound like? Then everyone gets mad at you for not actually wrestling and not having talent. Invent new moves then? What does somebody invent nowadays? How difficult is that when so much of it has been already made (and laid claim to)? Where to go from double-underhook back-breaker? Triple-underhook, behind the back back-breaker? (the third underhook comes from hooking the guy's leg with the leg you're not using for the knee) If Jericho, wizened veteran that he is, would help someone invent such a move, I bet they'd promise never to use it so they don't rip off Jericho.

And Austin is bitching at Orton for the Lou-Thesz press. Where are his angry comments at Kelly Kelly for the Lou Thesz press? Double standard maybe?

And just who the fuck is Cody ripping off? His own family? I thought that meant he could use those moves? I like seeing Cody do that "fuck you" punch where most people would do a kick. I thought it was a nice bonus for him to have that advantage, being who he is. But I guess now he's just ripping off his family. Is he ripping off Test with his finisher? Better get a new finisher, get Jericho to help you invent one.

So then if you can't invent anything these days when it has all already been invented and done, you have to give credit where it's due right? How does that go? What you want Punk to come on twitter after every show and go "big thx 2 @IAMJericho 4 using his backbreaker in the match 2nite. big help man". Do you want him to get a mic after every match and do the credits there? It's fucking ridiculous.

Why don't you stand up and take the high road, realize these guys need moves. They're just trying to do their jobs. Or if not, then don't fucking come down on Cena for having a few moves that he does over and over that really suck.

Bret Hart didn't invent the sharpshooter. Where is that in the public thoughtspace? Where is it said in the same breath as anything positive about him that "Oh you know he didn't invent the Sharpshooter, he learned it from that black dude with the plaid shirt"? It isn't said, everyone attributes the move to him. So Bret can make a dynasty out of a move he didn't invent, but Punk can't do one fucking backbreaker without Jericho saving us from him? What a load.

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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Amen. This is exactly what I thought.
  2. ldbryant55's Avatar
    You make some good points. The best of which is, which of those moves/styles/catch-phrases was completely original when Jericho started using them? Wearing suits, being arrogant and telling everyone you're the best? Four Horsemen, JBL, Million Dollar Man, Evolution... The list goes on, so Jericho, while you get props for reinventing yourself every few years, don't try and tell us that they were all original ideas, or that you asked permission from someone before you used a move that you didn't create...
  3. dub's Avatar
    I really hope it is kayfabe setting up for a future feud. Because Jericho isn't making any sense!?!?!? If im not mistaken doesn't he do a springboard moonsault, codebreaker, & walls of Jericho???? Hmmmmm... I guess he stole those moves then huh? C'mon Jericho, I mean out of all the people you would think that he would know about wresltlers, moves, and gimmicks being recycled with slight variations. I mean how can any wrestler even go a whole match without doing a variation of someone else's move????
  4. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    The actual name for the "Sharpshooter" is Scorpion Death Lock which is the real name that Sting used and it fitted his gimmick. And y even use Walls of Jericho™ when nobody taps? I miss the old days of tapping out! ( crossface, ankle lock, rings of saturn, etc)
  5. knox's Avatar
    i think its a works as well. The Miz & Chris Jericho are like brothers and they were road buddies when Jericho was still in the WWE. I think Jericho is setting up a heel return to feud with the Miz or Cm Punk. I can see the Miz getting a face turn once they split him and Truth up

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