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The Reality Era: What Does It Mean?

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Hello and welcome to my second-ever blog! Woot.

Okay, let's just get right down to it. CM Punk has coined this the "Reality Era." Now, I'm a huge Punk fan; in fact, he's my favorite Superstar on the roster, for various reasons (I could write about why he's my favorite, but let's save that for another blog). Now I pose my question: Is the Reality Era just a one-time thing, a little comment Punk put in to get the fans riled up? Or is it the actual face-change of the WWE that so many of us have been longing for?

I really don't know - you guys tell me what you think. But here's why I believe he might have been foreshadowing the truth:

1. Change in Leadership
As I'm sure many of you are more than aware now, not much longer than a month after Punk had his fantastic shoot promo, Vince McMahon was succeeded by Triple H as the on-screen COO. Now obviously Vincey-boy is still in the picture behind the scenes, but even so, HHH has more power now in the 'E than anyone before him. And though I've heard rumors of a McMahon comeback, that doesn't mean that Triple H still doesn't have plenty of authority in the back.

2. Change in the Match Content
RAW Supershow is here to replace the old Monday Night RAW. I personally love the change, because having all the Superstars on the same brand allows for some very creative matchups and feuds. Not only that, but Triple H promised to bring back the tag team division, and who did the WWE just acquire? Claudio Castagnoli, one of the hottest indy guys out there. Now I've heard they're also interested in Chris Hero, but don't hold me to that. I really appreciate seeing a tag match every night featuring Air Boom vs whoever (by the way, go back and check out Air Boom vs The Usos from Smackdown 9/23/11. It was epic). They're also starting to push less established stars, like Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and even Sin Cara. That's a blast of fresh air to someone who appreciates the hard work of Cena and Orton, but is tired of watching them do the same thing every night.

3. Change in... Believability?
Mark Henry just became the World Champion. Now to some, this was just a matter of time. But others, me included, were very surprised to see him finally appear as a title contender. If you look back over the last few years with Henry, you'll see a rather uneventful ECW Championship run, followed by a lackluster tag team with MVP, then Evan Bourne, then Yoshi Tatsu, then the Shockmaster, then Mr. T, then Jesus, then your mom, then...
I keed. But seriously, he was basically lost in lower-midcard obscurity, the same fate that many young stars face today (See Trent Baretta, Curt Hawkins, The Usos, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre...). But seemingly out of nowhere, he begins breaking the Big Show and Kane, then winning a battle royal, and pinning Orton for the title. Why?
Because it makes sense. Henry's a huge dude that no one on the roster could hope to fight, and the crushing attacks he's given to Orton recently add to that. For the first time in a long, long, [I]long[I] time, Orton is actually the underdog, and people buy it.
Then again, you've got Super Cena winning the big one from Del Rio after a month. Seriously? One month? I really like Cena; his mic skills are superb, his in-ring is decent, the man sells. This is fact. But come on, what's the point of there even being title matches if Cena's just going to win all of them all the time? I think they need to fix this mistake quickly; have Del Rio win the title clean off of Cena at HIAC, and move him onto a different, non-title feud. Maybe help Punk out with the whole "conspiracy" thing? I really don't know. But [I]something[I] to get our minds off of this "Cena is unbeatable" thing.

That's all I got. So what do you think; Reality Era or no? Leave a comment, but please... be gentle. Thanks folks!

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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    This whole Reality Era gimmick is to give you the feel of watching a Reality TV show. However, the one aspect of this they are missing is the one wrestler who was in a reality TV show. The Miz should figure to be a huge part of this gimmick instead, he is being used in a cheesy as hell conspiracy gimmick with Ron Killings (R-Truth). CM Punk and The Miz should actually be the ones working off each other. In fact, it would be the perfect opportunity to see if The Miz can make a convincing Face in the company. However, the WWE is botching this particular storyline.

    The WWE overall though, has kept me entertained for once. Also for the first time, I can't even complain about the quality of matches John Cena has done either, as he is starting to come up with a beginners set of secondary moves. Once, his secondary move set gets better, and he can execute it properly, I think the "Cena Sucks" chant could lessen.
  2. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Wow. You name-dropped Truth's real name. Knowledge is power.

    Your blog was good Masterpiece. I enjoyed it. I have to disagree with putting the belt back on Del Rio, because he needs to improve. I loved him when he came to the WWE, his gimmick at the time was perfect, but he needs to change gimmick or adapt better.

    Putting the belt on Cena, again, is just crazy.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    Reality really means scripted. Name one reality show that is not scripted.
  4. kiltbill's Avatar
    Name me one Reality Show that's worth watching?

    Saying it's the Reality Era is like saying it's the Decade of the Douche.
  5. squarecircle's Avatar
    The "Reality Era" really has more to do with the "Internet Era".

    Because of the Internet, you can find out every thing you want to know about "wrestling" and your favorite wrestlers.

    Because of the Internet, wrestlers can now feud online like Twitter wars.

    Because of the Internet, anybody can take a picture or video of wrestlers not in character and post them online.

    Because of the Internet, somebody can create their own show and become an Internet Champion.

    Because of the Internet, it makes it more difficult to sustain gimmicks. Hence, it requires wrestlers to be more "real" to match their real life personality. Because now every thing you do *outside* of the "ring" will affect what you do *inside* the "ring".
  6. Jags's Avatar
    I think the Reality Era is indeed the use of social media to make feuds more worldwide.

    I think it is also recognising the terms used in professional wrestling like John Cena said a while ago something about his 'heel persona' , the little kids don't know what that means but the rest does.

    Also recognising other companies, the world goes outside WWE. Lately there have been some ROH comments and even a subtile TNA comment.

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