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Rick Starr

The Odds and Ends of TNA and WWE

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What’s up Splashers! In This edition, I take a look at the differences between TNA and the WWE. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea of me being just a WWE mark or a TNA mark, you got the wrong idea. I am a wrestling fan, which means I am bias. With that said let’s get down to business.

While it’s obvious to everyone in the wrestling world that the WWE is the bigger of the two when you look at the overall picture. However if you picked apart certain areas one by one, you can defiantly see who is trying to go further in giving you that better show.

Tag Team Division

Let’s start with the WWE tag-team division. It’s a total joke! , the WWE has 2, maybe 3 good tag-teams in there, and the rest of them are just stepping stones. Until the WWE gets 3 to 4 MORE tag teams active in the WWE, I just could care less.

IMPACT for a long time I respected their tag team division. However it appears that this year they appear to be falling in line with the WWE. While they did bring back INK Inc, and Motor City Machine Guns are hoped to reunite once Chris Sabin comes back from his injury. This leaves what will happen to Beer Money, if Bobby Roode wins with World Title at Bound for Glory? With Beer Money’s future in jeopardy, that’s about 4 decent tag teams in IMACT, and everybody knows someone has to be the jobber of the bunch.

Unless we’re doing a beauty contest, (and we’re not in this case) I see little or NO contest here. Beth Phoenix, Natalia, and possibly Eve Torres are the only real talent the WWE has to offer. AJ could be a great up and comer in a year or two, but she is still young in the business. As For the rest of them, when they come on, I hit the fast forward on my DVR, or go get myself a drink.

On the other hand, while they all may not be the most beautiful , but most of them can wrestle just as good as the guys can, hands down! These ladies have no problem brawling all over the impact zone, fighting in strap matches, and even a cage match! You can say what you want, but when you compare the Divas to the Knockouts, the Divas don’t even come close in the ring.

Storylines, Contests & Combat
The WWE has had some legendary storylines, and are without a doubt the best of the two in this case. TNA has had some great storylines this past, but unfortunately they have been few and far between. At this moment The WWE literally has the entire wrestling world’s full attention with the Triple H/CM Punk feud. On the other hand, Impact contests that with a mere Sting/Hogan feud. While this is Impact’s “biggest story” it’s also a big let-down for the company.

The Impact Bound 4 Glory Tournament, however was no doubt one of Impact’s greatest ideas for 2011. There were so many twists and turns, and the fact that they had it last over a span of 10 plus weeks was incredible! My biggest bitch of the whole tournament was that Matt Morgan did not sell his injury enough. If he was truly hurt, I apologize. But his injury appeared to be more “kayfabed”, than anything, and again, he just did a bad job at it.
The WWE’s King of the Ring Tournament is always so predictable. They always have heels vs faces in the tourney, with the exception of a few. And by the last two or three matches you can easily guess who is going to win.

Blood(Blading):A little bit a blood goes a long way
What does the WWE have against blading (artificial bleeding)? Are they worried about the children? Are they worried about the well being of the WWE superstars? Or has the WWE just gone limp in this area? Grant it to do it every night on every show is boring. However if they has brought in blood into some of their key matches it could have helped them raise the bar (such as the HHH/CM Punk Match which was rather dry).

TNA has no problems busting open a vein or two for the crowd. When Kurt Angle’s Face is a gored with blood and he has the ankle lock on going for the kill, people are screaming to finish him off. Once people see the blood they get a bit of animal instinct (the fans not the wrestlers).

Thanks for reading once again Splashers. If you have any comments, please feel free to post them. See ya when I see ya -Rick Starr

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  1. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Good article. I'll start with one correction. Eve, and Eve Torres are the same person, unless I've got the whole roster thing I'm looking at wrong.

    I also have to say, that your inclusion of Eve Torres as being a good wrestler shocked me in a good way. I thought I was the only one who thought she had improved greatly over the last few months. I also think once Maryse comes back, the Diva's will compete talent wise again with the Knockouts. The thing is, TNA has about the same amount of good wrestlers as the WWE. TNA though actually will use there Knockouts in their own storylines. WWE really doesn't any more. Until that changes, you really can't compare the two companies.

    I agree, a little blood goes a long way. The WWE needs to use it from time to time. It would make some of the stuff they do a bit more believable.
  2. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Thank you for the correction. As far as Maryse I was never Impressed.

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