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Is the WWE really as bad as people say?

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Hi all, iv'e been reading a lot of comments lately on EWN on the news feeds, Blogs and Forums and the one thing i keep reading repeatedly is people whinging about the current product WWE are delivering to us, so I thought, i'd weigh in and give my opinion.

I'm gonna start with the one thing nearly everyone complains about, John Cena, personally I am fed up with him being given the title all the time, he's got it now for what i believe is the 3rd time this year, and the 13th world title in his WWE career? If he beats Ric Flair's record of 16 world title's then i feel it's a disgrace,
yes WWE is a business now, well more of a franchise if i'm honest, and obviously the are going to do, what makes them money, and Cena is a 'cash cow'. But there is more ways to make money by having Cena in the spot light, and also give the WWE title to someone else who can bring WWE money and also some credibility back to the WWE title, personally i feel JoMo deserves a shot, but with all the backstage policy's that's not going to happen any time soon. Now with Cena just about to start his feud with the Rock, i feel like he should drop the title at either HIAC or Vengeance and have CM Punk have a proper, good, long run with the title! CM Punk draws support from the older generation and will generate money through merchendise and PPV revenue and with Cena and The Rock being as popular as they are, revenue and merchandise sales will also follow in the big numbers!

I'm gonna make a small comment about 2010, in my opinion it was a dreadful year, nothing much exciting happening, loss of main event talent, and very week and stale storylines, the only thing that saved WWE last year was the nexus... and they soon ruined that as we all know. But the TLC PPV last year was really good on a high note!

Right now with the main story line in the WWE, i honestly think it is really good, i'm glued to the TV on a monday night from 2-4 AM wondering whats going to happen next and going to bed thinking whats going to happen next! when was the last time WWE had a story line like this? especially in the PG era!

Few negatives, Smackdown is shockingly bad! granted they are a few good moments, but it's about as entertaining as NXT at times! Last weeks episode showed that WWE still haven't developed a full set off balls by not showing Cody Rhodes get destroyed! they had a great opportunity t o further Rhodes 'disfigured' gimmick, but you never know they still may further this gimmick, which i love!

Also, why isn't Zack Ryder getting the TV time he deserves! he is over with the fans! which is one thing WWE need, they have got someone that is over, and there not using him to the extent that they should be! the sooner they get the US title on him the better! also whist i'm on about people not being used, what about Drew McIntyre? he had a great match at the Elimination Chamber, but since then, WWE has well and truly dropped the ball on him! 'the chosen one'? clearly not!

so this leads me to the question i asked at the start, is the WWE as bad as people say? no its not! there never going to please everyone, but the product is not that bad! it could be improved a lot but they don't need to as they haven't got anyone challenging them in the viewing figures, hopefully RoH can progress and challenge WWE, maybe a return to the 'monday night wars' 5 years or so down the line, one can hope anyways

Thanks for reading my Blog, please leave your feedback as it is highly appreciated and let me know if theres anything i have missed out!

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  1. midian's Avatar
    I agree with most of the stuff you are saying but about John Cena (tbh never cared for Cena from the very beginning) beating Flairs streak, it really doesn't bother me because they have 2 world titles which makes it easier to reach those numbers.Hell I bet if Edge hadn't retired he could easily have done the same considering he has won the WWE title 4 times and WHC 7 which means he (Edge) has 11 world championships under his belt.If you think about it John Cena is really only a 10 time big prize winner because as much as I prefer the WHC it's a secondary title on a secondary show (hate saying that about Smackdown because most of my favorite WWE wrestlers are there).

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