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Anthony Nilson

Another WrestleMania 28 Must See Match…Y2J!

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Okay, so we have a couple matches that we know or at least expect to happen at WrestleMania 28; The Rock VS John Cena, The Undertaker VS _______ for the streak (Randy Orton, my prediction) and some CM Punk/HHH/Stone Cold/McMahon angle. Despite the three matches starring mega WWE superstars, I think there’s room on the card for us to be ‘saved’ once again by the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla himself, Y2J, Chris Jericho! Remember his classic WWF debut in ‘99 when the countdown to the new millennium clock interrupted The Rock’s promo and out comes Y2J, which is still one of the best wrestling debuts in pro wrestling history. How about his kick-ass return to WWE in ‘07 when the cryptic binary code interrupted Randy Orton’s passing of the torch ceremony and the lights went out, the cryptic code video popped on the Titantron, followed by the countdown clock, ‘Break down the Walls’ theme song and the trademark back to the crowd-arms spread pose on top of the ramp! Even though he had a goofy haircut this time around and a cheesy glittery vest on, we all popped like a Janet Jackson nip slip when he returned because he’s truly ‘the best in the world at what he does’. But who would he interrupt this time? Who/What would he save us from? Would he return as a face or a heel? I have two words for you…THE MIZ!

This is how the WWE could utilize an upper mid-carder/main eventer who needs one more big time feud to be officially ‘over ‘ (The Miz), while building up a current rising superstar that’s in need of a serious angle to fly straight up to main event status (Zack Ryder) while Chris Jericho makes another astonishing WWE return.

After the whole Awesome Truth/Fired angle that I see ending at Survivor Series, The Miz would go on this rant about being the most must see superstar in WWE history and WrestleMania 28 is already ruined by returning WWE has-beens and overrated superstars. He’ll run down the list including John Cena, HHH, Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Rock…he even questions the popularity of Zack Ryder. During this time, cryptic ‘end of the world’ 2012 messages/vignettes begin appearing on both Raw and Smackdown! for several weeks. The Miz continues his usual weekly ‘Awesome’ rant and bash the fans by saying you would rather watch a Jersey Shore wannabe like Zack Ryder than see the most must see superstar in WWE history. He buries ZR about his mid card status, his wannabe reality TV videos and his Internet Championship belt. The Miz would even brag about being a real Reality TV star and his rise from MTV to WWE. To add even more fuel to the fire, he knocks him for being another lackey like Alex Riley and shows clips on the Titantron when ZR was one of Edge’s lackeys that even began dressing like the Rated R superstar. Finally, out comes Zack Ryder to defend his name and a small feud begins between the two resulting in series of classic ultimate underdog VS heel matches that would usually end with the face getting the upper hand but fails at winning a victory over the slick, devious heel.

Meanwhile, the cryptic ‘end of the world’ 2012 messages continue to appear but this time with SAVEUS appearing at the end of the vignette/message with a countdown clock. On an episode of Monday Night Raw, The Miz prompts Ryder to put his Internet title on the line which Ryder accepts…leading to Ryder finally scoring a win over The Miz. Ryder post-match victory celebration is cut short when a pissed off Miz beats the gel out of Ryder delivering multiple Skull Crushing Finales’. When he goes for one final blow to Ryder, the lights go out---all eyes are glued to the Titantron, the cryptic message appear, The Miz is crapping his pants in fear as he nervously looks at the tron while the countdown clock begins, the crowd begins chanting “Y2J”….the ‘did you unlock the code’ texts appears…followed by end of the world, 2012, saveus….countdown from 10…9…8..7…6…5…4…3…2…1, the 3 digit combination bracket pops up. Y….2…the crowd are on the edge of their seats…then, the 2 rotates to I, the Y rotates to M and the last digit rotates to Z. The Miz laughs hysterically as he gets the loudest boos ever and gets ‘Vicki Guerrero/Michael Cole heat’. He grabs the microphone and boasts, “Who were you expecting, another wrestling has-been? Now I have your attention, you finally get it! I am your only savior, the most must superstar in WWE history…because I am The Miz and I’m” –‘BREAK THE WALLS DOWN’! Out comes Chris Jericho with his back to the crowd-arms spread across pose. He turns around (in a suit, no glittery vest on this return); he struts to the ring to a standing ovation and a loud pop from the crowd. He enters the ring and The Miz tries to attack him but backfires. Jericho fights back and teases the Walls of Jericho; The Miz squirms out and cowardly exits the ring. Jericho grabs the microphone and makes it perfectly clear that he returned NOT for the pleasure of the fans, but to save them from this babbling ASS CLOWN, his world will come to an end at Wrestlemania (something like that, bare with me, lol)…building up to another AWESOME feud between The MIZ and Y2J at Wrestlemania 28!

Note: On this return, Y2J would be more of an Antihero and his gimmick would be similar to how he was during his heel turn. Not a face, not a heel, just there to save us from the loudmouth known as The Miz!

End result: At WM 28, great match between the two, ref bump, Y2J gets The Miz in the Walls of Jericho, Miz taps but the ref is ‘out cold’, R-Truth comes out and interfere, 2-on-1 attack until Zack Ryder makes the save, staggering Miz gets up and eats a Code Breaker, the ref ‘wakes up’ at the nick of time…1, 2, 3!

This idea would not only raise ratings even higher by the return of Y2J and place The Miz back in the main event picture and put him over as a bigger heel, it would also put over Zack Ryder by giving him a huge push in a serious feud and having his WrestleMania 28 moment!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the blog!

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  1. kjell's Avatar
    Not to be a duche, but that would be a giant let down. I want something bigger when Y2J finally saves us.

    I want a Daniel Bryan/Chris Jericho feud for the Intercontinetal championship, leading up to a feud for the MITB briefcase and eventually for the WHC

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