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Top Ten (10) Future WWE Champions

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After watching smackdown last night, it got me thinking about this current youth movement going on in WWE right now. As I thought about it, I just could not help but think about the future and who I see becoming a world champion. Thats when I got this idea to create this blog. This is a list of the top ten WWE supertars I believe will be world champion in the future. There is no real reason for order. All of them are equal, honestly. But yeah, lets get into the list:

10) The Miz

- If there was ever a most improved superstar of the decade award, it would immediately go to The Miz. This guy has been on his grind, working his ass off to improve himself ever since he got on RAW. On top of that, he is a good asset to the company because he will literally travel anywhere to promote the WWE. He is Mr. Money In The Bank for a reason and for a good one too. The man is a diamond in the rough and the diamond is slowly starting to emerge with every passing week. Definitely a holder for the championship.

9) Daniel Bryan

- For some reason, Daniel Bryan has put a split in the views of fans when it comes to him being world champion. There are a lot of people guaranteeing that he will be world champion and some saying he will NEVER be world champion. I am one of those who can almost guarantee you he will be world champion. Why? Simply because he is one of the best technical wrestlers alive today and (with Regal about to retire, Y2J on Tour, and Finlay not getting much TV time) is the only one in line to fit that technical main eventer spot previously held by the likes of Benoit and Kurt Angle. Above all, the kid can put on a five star match with a fucking broom stick if he wanted to lol. Put the title on him!

8) Alberto Del Rio

- You can literally be watching Smackdown! for the first time and easily be convinced "The Essence Of Excellence" is world championship material. Unlike most of our past champions and superstars, Del Rio isn't being forced on us through squash matches. He is being put over really well in his matches on Smackdown! against formidable wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston. WWE seems to really trust him, too. The guy is on a rocket push to the top and, along the while, he is showing us he has the ability to work in the ring and on the microphone. I would be very shocked if he does not hold the championship at least once.

7) Wade Barrett

- Great talker. Good wrestler. He has that big man look that Vince McMahon gets hard over, but at the same time has his own unique style. He is probably going to be world champion at Survivor Series. It presents the perfect opportunity to do so, especially at this time of the year where nothing is really happening. Even if he does not get the belt at SS, he will eventually get a chance to hold it. He'd be a good holder for it to he honest with ya.

6) Christian

- Christian is one of the only wrestlers today who can have consistently good and well-paced matches with anybody. He should get a strong push towards the championship when he returns in 2011. Perhaps even a feud with Edge could be just what he needs to be shot right into that spotlight of being one of the top guys in the company. He has paid enough dues to be world champion and gets good reactions from the audience. So hell, why not?

5) MVP

- I'm shocked MVP has not held the championship yet. He was on a huge rise to the top in 2006, put on an amazing match with Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania 23, and had a great run with the US championship. I actually predicted him going for the world title after he dropped the belt, but that never happened. Throughout 2008 and 2009, he really did not do much. However now, he seems to have regain his edge and is putting on consistently good matches on Smackdown. His triple threat match with Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes was one of the best I've seen him in all year. He is red hot and, if he can keep the momentum rolling into 2011, I can easily see him becoming a world champion.

4) Drew McIntyre

- The Chosen One. Need I say more? This man was hand-picked by Vince McMahon as a future world champion. When Vince gives you that moniker, then it is a done deal. He can put on good quality matches when he needs to, does a great job at selling inside the ring, and he isn't that bad on the mic. All you gotta do is just look at Drew McIntyre and you'll go -- "Yeah, this guy is going to be world champion."

3) Kofi Kingston

- One of WWE's best athletes today. Amazing wrestler. Good on the microphone. Knows how to captivate an audience. Above all, he is willing to go to extreme lengths just to entertain us, both in the ring and outside it. It would truly be injustice for Kingston not to hold the world title. At this moment, he is my pick to win the royal rumble at 2011. If he does not win it, then hopefully he at least looks good in it enough for him to have a shot at it later that year.

2) Kaval

- This one almost did not make the list, honestly. It was either between him or Dolph Ziggler. I ended up choosing Kaval because, although it is a stretch, I can see him holding the world championship mainly because of his wrestling ability and 'never-say-die' persona. He may not look like a strong pick to hold the title at the moment, but maybe after going heel and having a feud with Rey Mysterio, we may finally see him holding the title.

1) John Morrison

- A lot of people call this man the next HBK and for really good reasons. John Morrison is arguably THE best athlete in WWE right now. If he does not win the title for anything else, it will be because of his athletic ability and his in-ring prowess. I think WWE will probably turn him heel first before giving him a push toward the title. IMO, he can across much stronger as a heel than a face. Not saying he can't hold the title as a face, but I think it would serve him better if he was to hold it as a heel. You guys can argue for or against that all you want. But either way, the guy is a legend in the making. I can guarantee you he will be world champion in the future.

So thats my list. I'm sure you all have your lists and I'd love to read them. Feel free to make a blog about this and let me know about it.

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  1. fergie22's Avatar
    i think theres a few people you have missed out. 3 superstars ithink will be world champions in the future are dolph ziggler, ted dibiase and "dashing" cody rhodes. they are all great in the ring and are all pretty good on the mic. im glad that dibiase is getting a shot at the u.s title. dolph is the i.c. champion and hope he keeps it for a while. would like to see 1 of them get the mitb contract at wrestlemania. also the wwe were pushing evan bourne a lot before he got injured and i think also r truth mite also be a future champion.
  2. RockBanditPhil's Avatar
    Nice list. I believe I can see your point on all ten of those guys.

    One guy in particular that I would like to add is David Otunga. For some reason, I just love what this guy has added to the WWE. My dream scenario for this year is for Wade Barrett to get the WWE Title and then David Otunga FINALLY turns on him and goes face. That probably won't happen, but still.
  3. shanethewolf's Avatar
    Morrison seems to steal most PPVs these days in my opinion. He definitely deserves to be a main eventer, if not world champ. I also agree he made a better heel than a face. His look lends itself well to the arrogant and cocky bad guy.
  4. TNA Ambassador's Avatar
    I like numbers 7,8,9 and 10.
    I would also like to add David Otunga, Husky Harrris, and Ted DiBiase
  5. CMhuw24's Avatar
    Im sorry but as much as i love Kaval/Low Ki's wrestling i doubt WWE will ever push him to a heavyweight championship
  6. mr_tweek's Avatar
    I agree with CMhuw24 on the Kaval thing, I don't see him as a World Champion. I also don't really see Bryan as one. Don't get me wrong, I love his matches and think he's a great talent but I don't see him as a World Champion (then again, I never saw CM Punk as a Champ either and look what happened there!)

    I would really like to see Ted DiBiase and Christian in the Title Picture as well as bringing back Sheamus to it, but I know they're filling his time with Morrison until HHH makes his big return.
  7. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    they are in order from who i think who deserves the Worild Championship more. 1. John Morrison- Amazing athlete. Heel Champion.
    2. Christian- WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY OVERDUE! Face Champion.
    3. The Miz- NEXT WWE CHAMPION!!!- AWESOME I CAME TO PLAY. Heel Champion
    4. Kofi Kingston- Same as Morrison. But should be a Heel Champion as well.
    5. Daniel Bryan- Not yet. But maybe 2 years or so. Face Champion
    6.Dolph Ziggler- Pretty good athlete. Good as IC Champion. Heel Champion
    7. MVP- Should of already became World Champion. Heel Champion
    8. Wade Barrett- Pretty good mic skills. Alright wrestling ability and Best of NEXUS.Heel Champion.
    9. Cody Rhodes- "DASHING". OK mic skills. good wrestling ability.Heel Champion.
    10. Ezekiel Jackson- This dude is a Powerhouse. Should be World Champion within like 2 to 3 years.Heel Champion.
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