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AJ Styles to WWE?

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A.J Styles is arguably the best in-ring talented wrestler of this century. He is the only TNA wrestler to rank in at #1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated annual "PWI 500" list. He is known for his off-the-wall wrestling skills and his Styles Clash. AJ Styles has been with TNA since the start of the company. He's one of the last TNA originals who are currently "surviving" through this "Hogan Regime".

Many wrestling fans believe that A.J will die down with the assumption of a predestined fall of TNA. Some also believe that before TNA's final years, A.J will already throw in the towel and unite with TNA's rival, the WWE.
However, some are skeptical about whether or not the WWE will use A.J in a correct way.

"Besides A.J's sick wrestling skills, he really has nothing else," some might say. I agree that AJ is bland when it comes to character but this doesn't lessen his chance of becoming a great superstar in the WWE.

In the current days of WWE, wrestling doesn't count anymore. In my opinion, WWE is wrong for their push in mic skills. After all, the WWE does stand for "WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT" .

A.J's mic skills aren't horrible though. His mic skills are better than Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, and Jack Swagger. All AJ needs is a character. Even though John Morrison is popular, he has no character.

A.J could possibly replace the WWE's version of Jeff Hardy. A.J is a risk taker, a stuntman and all he needs to be is a fan favorite. And if the WWE wants to train his character, take him to FCW for 1-2 years so he can develop his character. Not everyone started off with great characters. Even the rattle snake himself didn't, as you all remember the ringmaster. But whatever they decide to do to him, they should not change his wrestling name.

Most of the EWN community plays on the words "true wrestling fans" very often on this website. Well if you all are "true wrestling fans", then don't criticize AJ for his mic skills when his wrestling is superb. I mean after all, "true wrestling fans" love "wrestling".


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  1. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mwinfie
    This article carefuly skirts around the fact that after 2 years in FCW reguardless of how he ends up on the mic he'll end up sucking on the mic. A J at his best is at most marginaly better then Low Ki, and lets look at his burgoning WWE career. Christian is proof no matter how good on the mic or in the ring you are a 200-240 pound wrestler with athleticism will never be champion in WWE. AJ is in TNA for the same reason most people are in TNA, because its the most money you can get in wrestling without being run into the ground
    Your so wrong! What about Rey Mysterio, what about the Miz who is 230 pounds (we know for a fact that he will be champion), what about CM Punk? CM Punk was in TNA before. What about Chris Jericho? What about Jeff Hardy who had made a great return after coming from TNA? He was WWE champion what twice or three times? And let's face it Jeff doesn't have good mic skills at all. What about Edge? What about RVD?

    It doesn't matter how bad you are on the mic or in the ring. If the fans are behind a wrestler 100%, WWE will definitely push that wrestler. And AJ is one of the most likable wrestlers in the buisness today!
  2. iamnotastrawb's Avatar
    If Styles were to 'jump ship' he should of done it 5 years ago....when he was on top of his game, in the best shape anyone had ever seen him and before he signed big big money contracts with TNA.

    why would styles jump to earn less money? he is most probably the highest paid non ex-wwe talent in TNA, he probably has a little bit of power back stage too even with hogan in. (remember hogan likes aj).

    Also, AJ main events nearly every house show tna put on, he is stood next to ric flair every week, when he comes over to britain with TNA he (and kurt angle) are the only reasons i book tickets.

    If i were in AJ's shoes, the only reason id go, is for wrestlemania.

    a jump to wwe? please, that would be shooting himself in the foot.
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