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WWE: Who should really be main eventers?

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For the past year, WWE has been lacking the star power that they once had during the early 2000s. Some time between John Cena's first WWE title reign and the 2nd coming of ECW, WWE has lost their ability to make wrestlers into superstars.

It's going to take a miracle to bring WWE back to WWE 2005-2006. However there are some superstars who i believe could take the wrestling world by storm.

1. The Miz - last Monday he won the WWE championship. However, i believe that it was the wrong time to do so. The Miz says that he is awesome, but who has he beaten to prove how awesome he is. Sure you can all say Randy Orton, but he beat him when he was down. Besides his feud with John Cena, he hasn't had a legitimate feud that can show if he's worthy to become a main eventer. I can't see him beating John Cena, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Randy Orton, or even Wade Barret. What's up with that!?

2.MVP - Before anyone else, I believe that MVP has everything he needs to become the WWE champion. All there is left is a correct push. I don't want to see him have a money in the bank push. I just want it to be a clean and legitimate push. If you look at all the Money In the Bank winners besides RVD Edge, and Kane (who was already over), all of them dropped right back into the midcard status. Jack Swagger and CM Punk are both great examples. Jack Swagger is right back where he was before he won the title, and CM Punk only won the titles when he either faced Jeff Hardy (who's a upper mid carder anyway) or cashed in the MITB.

3.Christian - If you've ever watched TNA when they had Christian Cage, you already know that he is WWE or World Champion material. He just needs the push he deserves. However, I believe that he has no redemption because of his WWE return when debuting to ECW. Why was he in ECW? And why would he want that crappy belt!?

4.Wade Barret - As the months go by and by, Wade is proving time and time of how he should be a main eventer. I believe that he has the perfect push. I mean look at his credentials:
-Caused the Undertaker to be burried alive
-Has proven he can roll with the Big Dogs (John Cena and Randy Orton)
-Has led a very powerful faction that is new and different
-Fired John Cena
Just keep doing what you're doing.

5. CM Punk - His gimmick is perfect and his wrestling is great. His image is terrible though. With his haircut, he looks like a bland jobber. I believe that putting him with the Announce team is a wrong move. Taking a break from wrestling for at least until he heals would make the most since. Then he could come back as either a face or a heel with non-bland look (long hair please - Superstar look) In Punk's WWE career, I have realized that he hasn't beaten anyone that can make him get over as a main event. He had many chances though - Undertaker. If he can beat someone like Triple H or Undertaker, then he's main event material.

6 John Morrison - I can understand why Miz was WWE champion before Morrison. To be honest, he has no character. Yes he's a fan favorite but that can only get you so far.

7. Daniel Bryan - Daniel has the potential to become the next Chris Benoit. All he needs to do is leave his nerdy gimmick and replace it with a violent gimmick. We've seen how violent he can be when he choked out the announcer with his tie when he was apart of Nexus. I mean he already has the Crippler Cross Face.

8. Sheamus - The jar of mayonnaise has a lot of great potential. Its the same with The Miz, he needs to have a legitimate feud. I believe that if Triple H didn't have to have surgery, their feud would turn Sheamus into a main eventer.

9. Ted Dibiase - When Ted was retaliating against Randy, I could see right there that he could become a main eventer. He just needs the proper feud. Hopefully, he feuds with Randy Orton again. That would be epic.

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Updated 11-27-2010 at 05:08 PM by VKM

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. dxtaker's Avatar
    Spot on dude, spot on. Everything you said is right.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good choice of wrestlers there. But first i just want MVP to get rid of that crappy looking finisher playmaker or whatever he calls it now
  3. JackPride's Avatar
    The Miz is so over as a main eventer. Dont let his size or not going over anyone huge yet have anything to do with how he is judged. He is THE ONLY guy who has paid his dues in a long time. Tag champ - US Champ - WWE Champ and that took his entire career up until now. Dues paid.
    Also, when Jericho became The First Undisputed Champ, did anyone see him beating Rock AND Austin in the same night? No.

    MVP... That ship has sailed. He had a time when I wanted him over as a main eventer. Back when he was wrestling Orton and having good matches I thought the next step was champ. Wrong. Something happened and now we wont see it happen. His ring and mic work are sub par again and his complaining on line and such have ended that dream.

    Christian... I basically agree with you but Vince doesnt like him for whatever reason so Id be happy seeing him as a high level mid carder. Dominant IC or US champ would be ok.

    Wade Barrett... Fully agree. I think he should have won the belt already, personally.

    JoMo and Teddy... Thou I love them both, sadly, they are both The Janetty from their tag teams. They need to really work their asses off to get over (Teddy), better on the mic (JoMo, although he was good as a heel I though so he needs to turn) and both need to keep up what they do in the ring and just wait for their moment.

    Bryan... Needs to turn heel for your "be viloent" character turn to work (hes a great heel see ROH) but as a face his nerdy thing works well for him, I think.

    Sheamus... Has done well with everything he has been given. I enjoyed him beating SuperCena as cleanly as anyone can nowadays. Then he TOOK OUT Trips which is like a watered down version of snapping Takers streak. He has been put over huge and is a main eventer FOR SURE.

    Now I am brought to my major issue with this blog...
    He is OVER huge when he needs to be as main eventer.
    He plays the part he needs to, when he needs to play it.
    He can be over and not be champion.
    His haircut doesnt take away his status. In case you forgot he did lose a mask vs hair match. Hair does take time to grow. As far as not beating any big names... Are you serious? Dirty or not he did go over Taker to retain the title. Taker "tapped" to the Anaconda Vice. Like him or not he did go over Jeff more than once. Sadly, the Charasmatic Enabler was OVER BEYOND OVER with the retarded masses. Punk works so well as a heel and can make you hate him so fast. (See ROH) He needs to stay heel and keep his straightedge saviour character and tweak it as he goes.
    He is a main eventer without question.
  4. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    WOW vkm i am ageering more and more with ya posts man
    everytin u sed u took outa my mouth
    apart frm miz, i hate him lol
    he cnt hang with the wrestlers u mentioned wtf
  5. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    all christian needs is another good feud with edge. edge vs christian would make both of them up their game, and bring christian up to the level he deserves. imo christian needs a heel turn, i like him better that way
  6. Tai Night's Avatar
    Only thing I don't agree with is Daniel Bryan being the next Chris B. Daniel don't have the body to pull that off to me. Like I said before, I can't see Daniel manhandling someone like Cena or Jericho. Though I could see it if it was Chris.

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