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Something TNA should consider doing...

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To Dixie Carter,Tommy Dreamer, Eric Bischoff, Jeremy Borash, Jeff Jarrett and Spike TV.

I hope you take the time to give this a read.


- The Briscoes
- Jon Moxley
- The Kings of Wrestling
- TJ Perkins/PUMA
- Kenny King
- Haas and Benjamin (strictly as a tag-team)
- Ben 'Pac' Satterly
- Fergal Devitt
- El Generico
- Kevin Steen (continue the feud ROH started with Steen and Generico)
- Kenn Doane (former male cheerleader on a mission to prove himself)
- Chris Harris (AMW, Robert Roode singles push)
- Rudy Charles and Slick Johnson
- ODB & Roxxi, hell hire the talented knockouts from 2007-2010


- Sting (you said he'd retire at BFG in 2009)
- Kevin Nash (we know you're trying to resign him; DONE AND OUT OF THE WAY)
- Team 3D (especially after you say they're retired)
- Orlando Jordan
- Bob Ryder (the guy who abuses his position to sexually harrass men)
- Earl Hebner and son
- Matt and Jeff Hardy


- Scrap domestic house-shows and go on the road with TV tapings
- Make Slammiversary your WrestleMania
- Give the X-Division the time you get from scrapping the women
- Don't resign Flair and Hogan next year
- LOSE THE TAG OF BEING WCW 2.0 (which is achieved by doing this)
- Reduce PPV's per year to 8
- Make Eric Young a heel again instead of a comedy relief character, it's become pointless

Do you agree or disagree? What would you do?

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  1. Xpacfan's Avatar
    I don't disagree with anyone on the hire list but disagree with everyone you have listed on the fire list for the exception of Orlando Jordan. I don't necessarily believe these guys should be fired but used in the right way...I definately disagree with RVD and Tommy Dreamer. These guys still have enough years in them to contribute to the Main Event scene.

    Domestic house shows at Universal is one of the best things TNA has going for it. The fact that they can provide shows without directly charging fan and still make money is vital to a young company like TNA. Plus, not being on the road is a huge selling point that's helping them recruit a lot of the talent they currently have (Kurt Angle, Mickie James, Jeff Hardy etc).

    DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT SCRAP THE WOMEN'S DIVISION!!! I agree that there definately is room for improvement but getting rid of the whole division would be foolish! Having a Women's tag title is pretty creative in itself but just needs to be refined with the rest of the division.

    I absolutely agree with you on the X-Division. It boggles my mind how it's seemingly been deprioritized on Impact!. Its one key advantage that TNA has over the WWE and they aren't exploiting the hell out of it. The X division is full of TNA most talented wrestlers and they need to do a better job a showcasing this.

    Leave the X division and TNA's name alone. I believe they are fine the way they are. Light-Heavy weight would totally devalue what the X division really is. Beisdes, Samoa Joe and Douglas Williams are no way near being lighr heavy weights but have still been X-division champions.
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    Leave the X-Division name alone, Leave TNA's name alone.

    OH and you forgot:

    Besides TNA could get John freakin Cena on their TV show but it wouldn't matter, because TNA needs a REAL direction, real writers, new idea, and sorry Bischoff and Russo AIN'T NEW!!!
  3. Allison's Avatar
    The knockouts segments usually get the highest ratings.
    I know the women get the higher ratings, but instead of all talk, wrestle for crying out loud! The reason I said fire those wrestlers is because some of these should hang it up and give the younger guys in their prime a chance or at least if they wrestle, they should put them over. The reason why I added Chris Harris on the hire list, is to get him to reunite with James Stom as America's Most Wanted. They were an awesome heel tag team, they'd need Gail Kim as their manager, but we all know what she's been doing lately. I do like Beer Money, but Roode is still young so push him while you got the chance TNA. I don't know if some of you know this, but Chris Harris did return to TNA for one night back in June. He portrayed the Fake Sting and appeared in the rafters fooling Jeff Jarrett. Harris should just lose the bagage he gained while going to WWE and then we'd have TNA like before (just slowly). I do agree with NRB6304 when they said that Russo and Bischoff are yesterday's news, but who in the right mind could be creative enough to hire? They need a university degree in creative writing, plus if you wanna write Impact, that means hours upon hours of script writing no need to mention the fact that it takes days to edit it and get the approval from Creative.
  5. TNA Ambassador's Avatar
    I like all of your hires. These guys could definatly be the future of TNA. I would have to disagree with the firing of Orlando Jordan. OJ is a great wrestler, and a good fit in TNA. Also I agree with reducing the PPV's, maybe go down to 5 or 6 per year.
  6. AngrySamoan's Avatar
    The Briscoes would be an awesome addition.
    I also think they shouldn't have such long backstage segments.
    One they're boring, and two, they try to make them look "authentic"
    and it just comes across being cheesy as shit.
    Another thing I have a problem with, is anytime Dixie, Hogan, Bischoff
    and maybe even a few more open their mouth they always go on about
    how "different and wonderful" tna is, and always pipe up that it's
    the number 1 wrestling company. Could of fooled me, lol.
    SHOW don't TELL.
    TNA needs help, they need change, and yes, they need a new name.
    WCWF - World Championship Wrestling Federation, well it would work
    seeing as they are just a cross between rehashing WCW and WWF.
  7. jethro's Avatar
    I agree with everything except renaming X division to light heavyweight division,X division is about no limit...wrestlers like Joe and Hernandez can participate,what TNA not capture right now for X division is the innovative fast pace action,they need to be fast pace,thats what X division is all about.

    Hire Chris Hero but not Claudio? thats not very
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