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Another TNA Original Bites the Dust

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Yes that's right another TNA Original has left the company he has called home for the past 7 years. Jeremy Fritz or better known to the wrestling fans as Eric Young departed TNA Wrestling last night after declining a new contract offering him a lower salary than he currently earned.

Now who really knows what went down backstage but let me add my opinion to this here: has Dixie Carter not realized that her homegrown talent has taken a backseat lately? I for one don't agree that some TNA Originals are being literally mocked on television and are used to put establish wrestlers over. I find that some fans will agree with me here and say that about half of the TNA fans were there since day 1 and grew with the originals like Christopher Daniels, Eric Young, Petey Williams etc. But instead they all took a back seat to Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy etc.

I became a die hard TNA fan when I first saw Petey Williams perform that dreaded Canadian Destroyer and the fact he was Canadian like me. See back then in TNA the only wrestlers that have come to TNA from WWE were: Jeff Hardy, Christian Cage, and Team 3D. Although Jeff is back in TNA and is getting the push he deserved in his first run, I just feel that his ring work has just gotten sloppier and it's not the same Jeff Hardy we've known to love.

I sure hope that Dixie will realize that all her guys that put TNA on the map 5 years ago are leaving. We're tired of seeing the originals take a backseat. Or better yet incorporate a second weekly show similar to Impact so you can at least split the roster evenly. Have Hogan and his lackies appear on Impact, and then see the people like Amazing Red appear on the other show.

I sure hope Eric Young finds his way around and that Japan is a good option right now and not WWE (no offense to the fans). If I saw Eric Young in WWE he'd be probably in a jobber role and have a ridiculous name just like everyone else. I'm not bashing WWE, it's just their lack of original names.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaceshadoe
    u should read my blog of what tna should do far as talent and story lining. If this is true that that is a huge let down....totally. E.Y. , petty williams, fallen angel , and all the ex-x-division stars who were there. Eric Young was one of my favorites and Petty Williams.<<<<dumb 4 letting him go. And Creed had talent to. Jay Lethal is all right but those guys have way more talent then Robbie E. even Matt Hardy.
    Daniels returned to TNA as Suicide
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