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Fan Remembers: Attitude Era

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Let revisit the hottest times in wrestling, the attitude era. It was early 1996 and a battle between WCW, run by Easy E, and WWF, run by Vince McMahon, was red hot. The WWF had dominated the ratings war for years. WCW was closing the gap. After a short period the WCW became the more popular of the two, and the ratings followed. WCW played dirty too, giving away results of (then taped) RAW IS WAR, Stealing WWF talents, even going as far as to have a young Aludra Blaze throw her WWF womens championship in the trash on national television. These dirty tactics caused Vince McMahon to open his eyes, and change the product.

Before the attitude era, nearly all WWF wrestlers had a gimmick, and usually a silly one at that. (I.E: Doink the Clown, Repo Man, The Mountie, and the list goes on) Now we started seeing more real to life characters, that weren't out of a comic book, but more like the guy around the block. (I.E: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Steve Blackman, Ken Shamrock, etc...) The world of wrestling was changing, Shawn lost his smile, The Ring Master became Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rocky was now The Rock, & the table was set. Vince was ready for war, and with some Crafty writing and very gifted wrestlers, the ball started rolling. Factions were the new thing, WCW had the NWO & the Horseman. While WWF had DeGeneration X, The Nation of Domination, & the Hart Foundation. This truly was the greatest era of wrestling, it was every where. Both WWF & WCW had their stars everywhere, from The tonight Show to Saturday Night Live. The Competition was stiff, and It made for great television on both shows. They seemed to push each other to new heights .

It wasn't long before WWF was again winning the ratings war. And By 2001 time warner aol sold the WCW, to non other than the WWF. The WCW was basically buried along with most of the talents. This marked the beginning of the end. The WWF had no real competition, and the writing became stale. With no competition, there was no show to change the channel to. So why push yourself. The stars started to break down. They lost Austin, Rock, HBK, and started creating new stars. By this time much of the Audience had grown up and a younger audience started to tune in. The product was ready to change again. They had to use the same formula, that worked on all of us marks. Hook us in as children, and keep us there as adolescents and adults. I am excited to see what the future brings, but The Attitude Era was by far my personal favorite.

(this was my first blog ever anywhere, Feed Back Is Encouraged, I also encourage you to post some of your favorite angles of this time below)

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    pointless blog mate. feel free to write the same on my next blog.
    looks like you had 10 minutes free to whack out 3 paragraphs of recap, thats all.
  2. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    We got a PG faggot in here good blog man the Attitude Era was the best Era ever in Wrestling Entertainment
  3. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    yes it was, however its gone. its been about 10 years, time to move on.
  4. deadly56's Avatar
    CM_SUXX_NOT all he is doing is telling his favourite part of the attitude Era.There is nothing wrong whith that.It may have been 10 years ago but its still in are memorys after that long.That is how great it was.
    Updated 09-25-2011 at 09:46 AM by deadly56
  5. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    I chose to read it again, and it is a decent blog, true. My first comment was harsh, but I'm no 'PG faggot'.
    Hope I haven't put you off doing more blogs, I'd like to see a longer one.
  6. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    My bad I just hate the fact when people say Attitude Era was Overrated or say it's the same thing as it right now in the Pg Era which clearly it ain't but I've always been a wrestling fan not a WWE UNIVERSE Fan cuz those are the one's who clearly took the excitement out of wrestling entertainment cuz they only cheer for 4 people John Sheena, Randy Borton, Smelly Kelly and Kofi Kingston
  7. SteveButabi's Avatar
    The Attitude Era's cock is tired and sore. Time to take your lips off it.
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