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The Unfair Game of WWE Titles

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I read all these post from people that say "he deserves a title." "no HE deserves a title" and the same names keep coming up.

The Miz- Out of this ENTIRE list of people I'm about to go through, this man has the best chances of becoming a WWE/World Champion.

Kofi Kingston- yeah this guy was HOT last December, but what has happened? Not a damn thing, as much as I enjoy this guy in the ring, I don't see him getting the strap

Christian- I AM A PEEP. I would mark for weeks if Christian won the WWE/World Title, but lets face facts, they have held him down in the mid card for YEARS NOW, what makes you guys think they're just gonna up and make him World Champ?

Evan Bourne- Can you name every smaller WWE/World Champion in WWE history? I can:HBK Bret Hart Rey Mysterio Y2J. Evan Bourne is an AWESOME talent, but he isn't those 4. And to be honest, besides his SSP, sometimes he's kinda a one move wonder, even though his match at Cyber Sunday with Matt Hardy was great.

Bryan Danielson- Man who doesn't like watching him in the ring, but unless they quickly turn him into Chris Beniot 2.0 I don't see him getting the strap.

John Morrison- I would love NOTHING BETTER then to see him win the big gold belt, and to be honest I think in this entire list he has the second best chance.

Yeah some of these names hurt to say but lets rewind back to the 1990's and lets take a look at the guys who we thought was gonna make it but never did.

Billy Gunn- Anybody else remember he won the 1999 King of The Ring, and was on the track to be WWF Champion? What happen? Lost at Summerslam to The Rock and a couple of IC title runs later and he's just an awesome talent wasted.

Ken Shamrock- The former UFC legend who came into the WWF and ran rapid, he actually fought HBK in 97 for the title but lost, and everybody thought he was a natural at his job and was gonna win the title soon, but nothing ever came of it.

Only a few people have run through the ranks of the WWF to win the big one. The Rock,Triple H, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, HBK, Edge Y2J Eddie Chris Beniot and Jeff Hardy Am I missing anybody?

Out of all the WWE champions those were the only ones who have climbed the ranks.

I'm sorry guys but it's just probably not gonna happen for a lot of the guys we want it to happen to.

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  1. dean324's Avatar
    There are alot of wrestlers who have the talent, but still no belt. In every case there is a good reason that vinny mac doesn't give them the strap.

    1.) The Miz- He told vince that he had more experience on the mic and front of a live crowd then he really did. Just watch that old diva contest he was in charge of when he first got on tv. He was reading phone numbers off his hand, and missing lines all over the places it was just bad.

    2.) Kofi Kingston- Told vince he could do a jamaican accent. Did great taped, but live he broke it all the time.

    3.) Christian- Could not wait his turn for a heavy weight championship run. So he left went TNA. When he saw what little money he was going making and the fact that vince gave edge they title like 6 times while he was gone he came back to the wwe. To little to late he should have waited it out.

    4.) Evan Bourne-he is to small.

    5.) Bryan Danielson- Vince likes to build a guy up. So later he pull the you owe me card in contract negotiations. Bryan is a self made man he doesn't need vince for anything he already has lots of fans who love to buy tickets.

    6.) John Morrison- Most fans would rather listen to an old Jim Hellwig rant than him on the mic. He is just boring.

    7.) Billy Gunn- That whole billy and chuck "thing".

    8.) Ken Shamrock- thought he was a tiger among house cats. To much heat backstage. If your the champ you gotta be ready to wrestle anyone on the roster. If the guys in the back don't like you it makes it really hard to give them a belt run.

    as far as any other superstar that have climb the ranks to be the best in the business today.........

    All of them had a few things in common. It's all they ever wanted out of life, they rarely if ever missed a booking, and this one is very imporant THEY DID NOT LIE TO VINCE K. MCMAHON!!!!!
  2. HuGrad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrqib
    I agree with you post 100% only the Miz has reached that level, i still think Morrison needs to brush up his mic Skills..

    Another Contender is Alberto Del Rio, I see heaps of potential in him, With the right push and right storylines, i can see him becoming one of the best heels, just like JBL.
    Morrison is fine with the mic skills. Remember, Miz was never a face. Both Miz and Morrison were hated as heels from way back. I think Morrison improved his in ring skills big time and he's ready for another big push.

    How did Edge win the title 10 times?????
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