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Top 5 Wrestlers I Would like in person

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So many Wrestlers today (and from yesterday) make idiots of them self on Twitter and Youtube. You see a wrestler on TV and You think "He must be a great guy" but then you see him not in charecter on a Shoot or radio interview and think "What a Prick". or you will hear many wrestlers talk about what a Asshole he was behind the scenes.... I read books, seen some shoots, read Some Shoots and been online and read and heard stories, and it made me realize that Wrestling is filled With the some of most immature, Digusting, Arrorgant low lives you will ever see.... so Im gonna look at the people who carry them self with Class and always seemed to be a good natured person. Its Great to take a break from the Bitter, Whiney, Selfish, Strange and down right Delusional, Idiots in prowrestling such as Matt Hardy, Shane Helms, Ole Anderson, Iron Sheik, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Paul Roma, Tom Brandi and the many others who disgrace wrestling and them self everytime they open their mouth.

5. Owen Hart
Owen Hart is one of the best remembered wrestlers. He was very well liked backstage. He had a Great sense of humor, He always play Practical Jokes. Owens Practial Jokes would embaress The person they were played on but he wouldnt do anything overly digusting (shit in peoples sandwhiches) or anything to harm or hurt The person, Just Good natured jokes.... He loved his family, he didnt do anything to jepordize his family life. He didnt Judge anyone and didnt seem to have any Enemies.
By the way people speak of Owen, He seems like he came off as a real good guy. Someone that you would actually like if he was your Uncle or if he lived next door to you even if he wasnt a wrestler.

4. Ricky Steamboat
Ricky Steamboat, Just like his on air persona, Seemed like a Hard Working, Well adjusted person with Good Values. He always thought about others, helping young guys get over, Didnt sabatage anyone. Wasnt selfish with his time or his knowledge... Ricky Steamboat is very well liked. Much like Owen people seen him as a little boring cause he didnt party and get drugged up and embaress him self..... Steamboat doesnt overly exaggerate his importance to Wrestling like alot of the 80's stars (HTM). Steamboat has confidence in his ability but isnt cocky.

3. Nick Bockwinkel
Nick Bockwinkel, Very Classy, Elegant, Well Spoken, Talented man.... He comes off as the epitome of Class and elegance.... He dressed and looked the part in and out of the ring. I seen him on many interviews and Legends of Round Table and he comes off so respected and respectable. Bockwinkel is a great guy from what it seems, and he is very respected from his peers. If there was another Nick Bockwinkel backstage in todays wrestling it bring the Locker room morale up and everyone would be better for it.

2. Harley Race
Race is Tough as they come, Excellent performer, Never let personal get in the way of business, Race upheld Wrestling Law when some people wanted to do the selfish thing.... but Also Race is a very intelligent person, Very respectable and has a Great head on his shoulders. Race Explains things so well, He even felt guilt for Inventing the Headbutt off the top cause of the damaged it caused to Dynamite Kids and it being the aleged reason For Benoits Suposed Brain damage....Harly Race comes off as a Intellgent man who has been there and done that and always has good advice and if you dont take it he wont force it on you and hold it against you... Race is a Mans Man, Who happens to Very caring for his fellow wrestlers and has respect for fans.

I never heard a bad thing said about Sting. Sting is considered a very caring person, always wanting to help Young talent get over or willing to give his spot to respected Veteran. He has so much respect for the wrestlers that came before him and is so intent on giving back to Wrestling by helping when ever he can the younger generation.
When the whole Jeff Hardy mess happened, Sting seemed to be angery for the fans and it seemed like he was very geuine. and instead of Sting Blasting Hardy and Bringing him down, he took the high Road and seemed concerned for Hardys well being.... He tried to help Luger time after time, People would only give Luger a chance cause of Sting, Cause everyone loved and respected him so much.
Sting is a great family man, He never tried to hold anyone down, or behaved immaturely.... you never see a guy like Sting doing Shoots and putting down everyone and talking about how great he is. You wont see Sting making a ass of himself on Twitter or Youtube... No Sting is a Class Act and a Great person to everyone he comes in contact with.

Well this is just my oppion, These men seem like Honestly good people behind the scenes and in their home life..... I dont know these men personally so its hard to say but the way they come off wen they are not in charecter and the respect others have for them and the stories i heard from various interviews and shoots, These men seemed liek my top choice.

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  1. $$$ Maker's Avatar
    I hear that Kane is a really good guy too
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by $$$ Maker
    I hear that Kane is a really good guy too
    Kane is actually a really good guy from what I heard too.... I heard he is very intelligent and well spoken also....

    You know I was watching a shoot interview and it was Sid on the shoot, and Sid came off as a really good guy also, he was very respectable and didnt burry anyone, Wasnt overly arrogant... I heard stories about Sid, but seeing the Shoot he just looked alot more mellow and respectable then he was rumored to be by other wrestlers stories. but then again most of the negitive stuff came from Flair and Flair is the biggest ass kissing, arrogant, Bad mounting, liar in prowrestling...... but I dont think Sid is a very intelligent man, that is easy to tell.
    Updated 09-25-2011 at 04:45 PM by THE_CRIPPLER
  3. Theicon's Avatar
    I think you are right about Sting ive never heard a bad thing about him apart from missing a few sopts in matches but who doesnt
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