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Futures of WWE

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Hey guys, this is my first blog on EWN and I apologize for any spelling mistakes

I'm going to be writing about the futures of WWE so I hope you enjoy!!!

Daniel Bryan
This guy currently holds the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase and WWE should NOT mess this up. He needs working on his mic skills which he probably is practicing at the moment, FANTASTIC in ring ability and he wrestles his ass of. I wouldn't mind a heel turn for Bryan

Cody Rhodes
The best heel on Smackdown at the moment and he could be a solid contender for the World Heavyweight Champion and he also has brilliant mic skills, charisma, in ring ability and gimmick

Alex Riley
This superstar has the looks, charisma, great mic skills and decent in ring ability and he is a fresh entertaining young superstar on the rise that people want to see, he has the potential to be the next main eventer of WWE and he's already caught the popularity

Dolph Ziggler
I think Ziggler is good and has the potential to become a main eventer but he needs a little more character to him, something that stands out. Ziggler has a very bright future but its gonna be impossible for him to move to that next level unless he stands out, good wrestling skills and mic skills aren't enough, you need to stand out and Ziggler absolutely 100% does not

John Morrison
This guy has got superb in ring abillity, charisma, technical skilled and a brilliant high flyer but lacks the mic skills, its something he needs to work on

Justin Gabriel
He's got good looks and has great in ring ability. He needs a new gimmick, I absolutely love his South African accent despite the fact that he needs working on the mic skills

Wade Barrett
What can I say, brilliant mic skills, good in-ring ability, fantastic charisma, he makes a excellent heel and he makes a good leader. He has lots of potential and he is the future of the company

Jack Swagger
Brilliant run with the ECW Champion and a CRAP run with the World Heavyweight Champion. After that WWE dropped the ball on him, his mic skills are improving despite the fact he has a lisp, he's a great in-ring performer and he has potential, I'm really happy that he's getting a push and hopefully he wins the US Champion

And my blog is done, I hope you enjoyed it, add me if you wanna keep in touch but now I'm off, Bye.

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  1. Shaz11's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment guys, @Sahu, I agree with you on Drew McIntyre but knowing how WWE are he won't make the main event picture

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