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WWE & TNA: Pushing the New Talent

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One of the most talked about topcis among wrestling today is pushing the young and new talent of this generation. As most of you know, the WWE and TNA are the two wrestling companies who have been criticized heavily for not pushing enough of their new talent or pushing them in the wrong direction.

In my opinion, the people who say that they're not doind a good enough job aren't getting the big picture on the concept of pushing. Before I elaborate, I will show you the most important aspects that any headliner in the sports entertainment industry should have.

1. Charisma
Face it. If you have the personality of doorstep, you're not going anywhere. You can be the most talented athlete in the world, but in the sports entertainment industry, it doesn't mean a damn thing without charisma. Charisma makes you stand out from the crowd. Charisma ensures that the people watching will remember you.

2. Mic skills
Having mic skills is the primary tool used to let people know whether they're face or heel, whether you should love or hate them, whether now is a good time to grab a beer from a fridge or not. Mic skills define a person's personality and whether or not the fans should stand behind them or not. Mic skills are the primary way to let the wrestler establish relationships with the audience and let's them know where they stand. Without mic skills, well, instead, I'll give you a simple analogy. Nothing witty, nothing clever. Very simple. A grain of sand on the beach or a whale in the ocean? Which will get noticed first? Which let grab the attention of nearby people first? Needless to say which object represents which wrestler?

3. Wrestling ability
And of course, wrestling ability. Kicks and punches will get boring even to the kids. And by wrestling ability, I'm not talking about the ability to wrestle. Everyone has it. I'm talking about the extent of that skill. I hate to sound like a mark, but corkscrew legdrops, senton bombs and german suplexs tend to get more attention than kicking someone in the head, stomping them in random appendages or a knee to the head. The ring is one of the places where wrestlers need to shine the most and if you're great, everyone will notice you. They may not LIKE you, but they will NOTICE you, and that's what counts.

Aagain, before I elaborate on my previous statement that I said these are important things that wrestlers need to have in the sports entertainment industry. Keep this in mind.

Now then, when I say most people don't get the point on pushing, I'm talking about in these areas.

A. The superstar with excellence in all three aspects isn't pushed to main event status already
B. Not enough new superstars are getting pushed
C. A superstar with great wrestling ability but with piss poor mic skills and lackluster charisma isn't pushed

In Area A, people really need to sit down and think. Don't you know what happens to people who are pushed too early in their careers? I'll give you a perfect example. Jack Swagger. Excellent wrestling skills, average yet improving mic skills and great charisma. 1x ECW Champion. 1x World Heavyweight Champion. 2010 MITB winner. Where is he now? Jobbing to various superstars along side his partner in crime, a friggin' eagle! You'd think that someone like him with those credentials would be pushed to main event status and STAY, keyword, STAY in main event status until the end of his career. But no. He didn't have time to develop his skills enough and get over with crowd enough and now he's nothing but a low mid carder. By the way, when I mean, stay in mid card status, I mean that once people do something monumental to give them that push, they usually stay there.

For example, until he left, when he won the WHC and even a few months before then, Jeff Hardy stayed a main eventer. When Shawn Michaels won the WWE Championship for the first time, he stayed in main event status. When Stone Cold started feuding with Vince McMahon, he stayed in main event status.

But to get there, all three of them had to at least get their wrestling ability, charisma and mic skills in check over the course of at least a few years to get to that point. If you want to have you're favorite superstar get to the point of fame, you should be happy they aren't "early bloomers" yet. You should want a nice, gradual push where once the crowd knows who he or she is, by the time they get to the point of headliner, everyone will know who he or she is.

Area B kinda ties into Area A. Do you want established superstars dominating the show with other promising faces waiting in line for their turn to shine or Swagger ala eagles? You make the call.

Area C is mostly complained by marks who still don't realize that this is a sports entertainment industry. Charisma and mic skills are a must if you're gonna survive. In some cases, they're the only thing you need! Look at the Miz for example. He's getting pushed to the moon and everyone knows him yet his wrestling skills need a lot to be desired. Look at John Cena. He's the posterboy of the WWE and the most over person in the company since the Attitude Era and he f'n sucks! Just wrestling won't cut it I'm afraid. Just coming in a match, wrestling, then leaving with a word and without a trace will not, I repeat NOT, make you a main eventer nor SHOULD it. Sure you're good, but what does it mean when you can't even communicate with the viewers, the people you are trying to convince they should give a hoot about? The viewers should have the luxary to know you're intentions and what you're like on televison, where it counts, instead of Twitter.

So overall, when it comes to pushes, you really need to know what you're asking for unless you want more of this

instead of

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  1. mrqib's Avatar
    Great post, I hope more people on this site stop taking sides (WWE Vs TNA) and talk more about what is best for the business, you can be a great wrestler , but without charisma and mic skills, you can't be a great superstar.
    For me the greatest superstar has to be the Rock, he had it all ... and if The Miz continues improving himself like the way he is now... He could reach that level. I just hope they don't put him in some stupid storylines
  2. wallyman's Avatar
    i think tna is pushin alot of young talent despite what everyone else might say..jeeseneal gen me..robbie e..jay lethal...and mcmg but they been there for a while...but i think tna is doing a better job at pushin the talent...wwe is pushin their talent but it seems that they always have to put em up vs big stars to burry them example daniel bryan i didnt understanda few aweeks ago why feed him to an agry sheamus...were was zack ryder santino?.,,,while wwe pushes young talent they dont really push it...i think tna does a better job since they let them do singles and cut promos..i have not heard a justin gabriel heath slater husky harris or michael mcguillity promo from raw.....just saying...they only showcase cena and wade...
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