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10 ways to fix the WWE

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Ok folks, I have it. This is how to fix the WWE.

1. Unify the WWE and World titles, call it the WWE Championship. Get rid of the stupid spinner belt, and the title is defended on both shows to allow EVERYONE to have a crack at it. It would make for better and more interesting matches and it wouldn't be the same shit day after day.

2. Unify the Womens and Divas title and call it the Womens Championship. Same protocol as the WWE title (defended on both show, etc.)

3. Tag titles stay as is.

4. U.S title absorbed into the I.C title. Also defended on both shows.

5. Bring back King of the Ring tournament but make it a PPV as before. 20 man tourney, 10 RAW, 10 Smackdown guys. Winner gets a title shot at Summerslam.

6. Before he retires, change Undertaker back to the American Bas Ass. I'm sure most would agree he was the most entertaining as a biker.

7. GET RID OF VICKIE FUCKING GUERRERO! Let's face it folks, she's not entertaining. She's only there for the same reason Rey Mysterio was World Champion. Because Eddie died.

8. Quit with so many themed PPV's. I'm all for Hell in a Cell matches and Elimination Chamber matches, but only one at a time and in a rare instance like it used to be.

9. Push new guys. I'm a HUGE Triple H, John Cena, and Undertaker fan, but let's face it, they won't be around forever. And I think that the WWE is gonna drag ass and have no established superstars to take the ball when these guys retire. It's that way now, HBK retired, Triple H and Undertaker are hurt, and Batista left. There's really nobody established except like 9 guys (Cena, Orton, Seamus, Kane, Mysterio, Big Show, Edge, Jericho, and Punk) and that makes me a tad worried about the future. Push McIntyre, Kofi, Miz, Morrison, DiBiase, Rhodes, Gallows, Masters, and MVP. The Nexus is a good start but let's face it, only a few will last more than 2 years. So push some new guys.

10. And finally.....BRING BACK THE HARDCORE TITLE!!!!

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. t0ne513's Avatar
    Most of your points were right on, but your whole post became irrelevant once I read your 6th idea. IMO The Undertaker will go down as one of the best to ever do it but his career will always be tainted by that "American Badass" persona. I guarantee WWE regrets ever doing that.
  2. Patrick's Avatar
    Uhm, if you were to get rid of the US Title and the world title that would leave a HUGE hole where most of the WWE would fall into. WWE is too large to have a singular world title. Because when you do what you just said, Smackdown would lose relevance and would simply became an extension of Raw. You would have to fire an armload of people and that is simply not okay. Imagine if this did happen, and WWE had another stroke of bad luck with the main event. Meaning Three guys get injured, one guy retires and two other get suspended for some reason. WWE wouldn't have guys in the lower section of the roster ready to start filling gaps left by the midcarders who replaced the main event guys. You really need to think about all the angles of what you have planned. I think the situation of WWE is fine as is (other than the PG aspect). A change that drastic would probably deter a lot of veiwers away from the WWE. Vince wont ever take a risk that big.
  3. moppy's Avatar
    Get rid of Vickie Guerrero? Are you high? Vickie has more heat than some of the heels in the company. There is a rule is wrestling and that rule is you do as little as possible to get the most heat. Vickie does that. Keep her.
  4. t0ne513's Avatar
    There's positives and negatives with turning the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship into a singular title. Positives would be that whoever holds the belt at the time would be the TOP DOG of the whole company and not just a brand and would bring more relevance to the championship and person carrying the belt. Another positive IMO would be that you could take advantage of all the star power to generate multiple feuds leading towards interesting runs at titles for a lot of guys. The Negatives would be as Patrick stated, there's simply too many top tier guys to have one main title. I mean think about it with only 1 title how can both Triple H and John Cena both be champ at once? (Had to slide that in). Also a lot of younger guys with bright futures would never get any chance if Cena, Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, Randy Orton, Jericho, Big Show, Kane and everybody else I forgot too name were battling for 1 title. Kane would never be champ right now if there was 1 title.
  5. AaronTyler's Avatar
    All title's don't have to be unified to create prosperity for everybody, because the fact is it won't. What purpose would SD and the wrestlers on there serve then? There would be so many wrestlers on the "Future Endeavored" list, it would be ridiculous. I also disagree with you about Vickie Guerrero, she garnered something most "heel" wrestlers today can't , heat and I mean TONS of it. Vickie doesn't even have to put in effort for boo's, a simple "EXCUSE ME!!" does the trick. Undertaker is better as "The Phenom". He always lost and seemed irrelevant as ABA to me. Plus, he is more marketable as "The Deadman", so that would never happen. Besides all that, I'm on board with most of what your saying.
  6. Withey73's Avatar
    yeah you've got some good points mate, im all for unifying all the titles exept for the I.C and U.S, these titles are the perfect platform for the midcarders to step up to the main event spotlight. i also agree to get rid of the themed PPVs, sooner or later the big matches such as a Hell in a Cell match or a TLC match wouldnt mean anything and will take away all the hype these matches used to have (HHH vs Cactus Jack No Way Out 2000). And YES definately bring back the Hardcore title, back in the day these matches were so much fun to watch, especially with the 24/7 rule, i think it could even work in this crappy PG era!
  7. cj1522's Avatar
    im about 50/50 on what you said... i agree with numbers 2,3,5,8,9. on the others.

    1. i would want one main title too, but the WWE is too big for just one. Just like one guy said, its harder to push new guys to the TOP when there is only one title and soo many guys around, it jus wouldnt work.

    4.DEF DONT make the US Title and the IC Title one.... horrible idea.

    6 & 7. Get rid of Vicki and Turn Taker back to a bad ass??? Uhhhh, those are both worst ideas than #4, 10000000x's more worse ideas.

    10. NO hardcore Title because they are in the dumb PG era now, the matches would suck 100%

    *****One idea id like to add, would be to have not have a brand split...have any one on any show, and people would watch more to see there favorites, not knowing where they would show up, in the past.....and if they did that, i wouldnt mind adding another midcard title, i dunno what the name would be, i like the TV Title idea, but TNA took it already... i think that would of worked perfect....
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