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Reflection of WWE's Problem of the last 2 Years

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Ok, I like a lot of you, have found A TON of problems with the WWE nowadays. I've been sitting and thinking about what I could do as a fan, if I had total control for about 2 years. Let me know what you think....

1. Cena turns heel: It needs to happen. He's become Hogan-ish, nobody wants him as face right now because it's gotten stale and oh so predictable. His deal is only believable to kids and the WWE demographic is mostly teens and guys in their 20's like me. I wouldn't have him betray his whole never back down thing, that would ruin it when he turned face again, what I'd do for him is do like heel Austin in 01 and just turn the voltage WAY up and have him beating everybody's ass with weapons, crippling guys and attacking announcers. I think that it would spark an interest in him again and would make it even sweeter when he turned face again.

2. Unify the WWE and World titles: In my opinion, there doesn't need to be 2. And the World title is more of a WCW thing and should be retired. Do like in 02 and have one champion and it opens up for a lot of new matches and challengers. Plus I'd do away with that GOD AWFUL WWE title belt. It was fine for the rapper Cena thing but that was 6 years ago. Time for some eagles and a big world in the center again.

3. Change the Tag and Divas Title Belts: Let's face it, they look like shit.

4. Reactivate the Cruiserweight Division: It was exciting and it gave the smaller guys like Even Bourne something to do.

5. Bolster and Enhance the Tag and Women's Division: Sign Hero and Castonogli, resign Bejamin and Haas and try to get Beer Money for a start. And go find some CREDIBLE women wrestlers.

6. Send some talents to FCW for a refresher course: Kelly Kelly, Morrison, Sin Cara, The Bellas, Eve, and Del Rio off the top of my head. These are the main ones that need to either improve their ring skills, or get some promo classes from Dusty Rhodes.

7. Rock-Cena Match at Wrestlemania is CANCELED: Nobody will buy it. Currently Cena can't lose a match and Wrestlmania is in the heart of Rock country. My theory is have Cena and Punk at Mania for PUNK'S WWE title and Rock vs........................UNDERTAKER!! Undertaker will probably have only ONE MORE MATCH and to have a big match feel for his last match and someone that could follow HHH and HBK would be the Rock. And it would give it that element of uncertainty because it is the Rock's hometown and Taker is getting old. Plus it would give Attitude Era fans like me one last grasp at old favorable memories.

8. Reduce the Number of PPV's and Ditch the Gimmick ones: 1 every other month. The Rumble, then start the build to Mania and then figure the rest out but the big 4 stay. The Rumble, Mania, Summerslam, and Survivor Series.

9. Smackdown LIVE on Fridays: All the talent can do live TV and I don't like to dubbed in heat or pops that happen from taped Smackdown.

10. Brand Extension OVER: It has run it's course. It would give more mix match matches and would give a lot of guys more TV time.

11. Keep Guys like Miz and Truth in the Mid-Card Longer: They've just gone back to tagging and the Miz shouldn't have been champion that early. I think they were desperate for a heel champion and he was their only option.

12. McMahon is OFF TV for GOOD: It's time

13. Test the Waters with HHH as a Heel Boss: He could pull off a new Corporation gimmick and put Cena as the sell out centerpiece and Nash as the enforcer as a start and see how fans take it.

14. Change Jack Swagger's Character: He has Angle-ish skills but he's just too goofy. I think that if you make him a tad more intimidating then he could be champion in the long run.

So far that's all I got for now, if I think of more I'll make a part 2. For now, let me know what you think.

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    Though as a wrestling fan I'd like to see a lot of things you propose, it really is an IWC dream. You take way to many risks that could backfire badly and make the company go out of business.

    Rock vs Undertaker is no replacement for Rock vs Cena. Rock vs Cena is made to be personal, it's a battle between the big WWE wrestling / pop culture crossover icons of the last fifteen years, whilst Undertaker is a wrestling icon. Rock vs Cena is built okay, they seem to rival eachother, whilst Rock vs Undertaker has no build at all, and a short time and cramped agenda's (Undertaker isn't back yet, and Rock isn't a fulltimer).
    They can't go back on this match, not after the build and attention it garnered. That would make them look really stupid, really unprofessional. That said: I think Rock vs Cena is a bigger draw.

    About the ppv's. As a fan, I understand your point and love to see it happen. As a businessowner I would seriously feel nervous. Selling a lot of watered down products to a slightly smaller public can still make more money then a better product to slightly larger public. There will be a break even point, but I'm sure WWE has thought that through and if they saw an opportunity to make more money on a different way, they'd take it. Too much risk, too few certainty of reward.

    That said: enjoyed your blog.
  2. EricChampion's Avatar
    Sorry but as wrestling fans you want to see Cena vs Rock. Undertaker would have to win against Rock in Miami his home town and that will not go over well. The Fans last year were slpit already not wanting this streak to continue and im sure that would be the response of every fan at mania this year if he was facing Rock.

    Taker needs to face Sheamus pure and simple.
  3. Iscariot's Avatar
    short but sweet:
    1: Will not happen til you have another face as popular with the young ones as him. I.e. not in a while.
    2: No, make the brand division matter and keep both, WWE have 2 brand and still less championships than TNA on one brand.
    3: Agree with the diva title, the tag team titles are fine. The Greek helmets are fitting as it signifies the first army in history where cooperation was the key, just like in Tag team wrestling
    4: More titles? I'd rather see more cruiser weights fighting for the US championship.
    5: Agreed
    6:Agreed, but of the ones you mention, just Eve. But Otunga, McGillicutty, Mcintyre, Tyler Reks, Jinder Mahal, Mason Ryan and Kaytlin need more experience and/or a rebranding...
    7: nope, people want and need The Rock vs Cena. Have The Rock pin Cena clear and the IWC would explode in delight. Undertaker will finish his streak 20-0 vs Kane
    8:10-12 is more than enough, make some TV14 and get the ball rolling
    9: Live yes, fridays no... bad day for TV
    10: Isn't that what's happening now? I would like them to keep it and make the shows more different
    11: The Miz is AWESOME and the tag team is hilarious. ADR on the other hand was too soon.
    12: Won't happen, no chance in hell...
    13: He's more entertaining as a tweener in my eyes. Pulled between his ego, his sense of responsibility and his cohorts.
    14: Agreed.
  4. toobeastly33's Avatar
    Hey this was a well written blog, and i agree with a lot of it, but i also have a few disagreements

    1) heel cena- I absolutely agree. It needs to happen. I think enough people are annoyed by what we have now...just dont c it happening

    2) merge titles- ur right all the way on this one. i think it would really go a long way to add credibility to their champ...

    3)change titles- eh i dont like them either, but they need to worry bout fixing these divisions anyway, so its hard to touch on the titles alone.

    4) cruiserweight- yes i think this would help jump start a lot of their mid carders.

    5)-this goes along with number 3

    6) FCW- yes and no on this one. you cant send down a whole roster. i mean take Morrison, hes been a main mid-carder for how long now. I really think a lot of these guys need to just start to work on their own. Where i do think wwe builds and buries to fast....the fact is...people like Morrison know what they need to work on

    7) cancel???- this is where we disagree... absolutely not. Where i do think ur right that cena/rock has been poorly built up, u cant cancel. to many old fans have come back to the screen because of this match. A cancellation would cause a riot. It would be completely irresponsible. and as for Rock/Taker. NO WAY. this is not TNA. This most likely taker's last run. if the streak ends it needs to be a rising star. not a mid carder, but someone that it would really benefit (NOT CENA OR ORTON).

    8) ppv- agreed

    9) live smackdown- does it really make a difference, i honestly dont mind. it helps them fix things is a show that really just needs to be on a tuesday or thursday

    10) brand extension- agreed

    11) Mid Card- mostly agree

    12- vince- disagree. he still brings good heat. I am a huge fan of heel Vince. I dont think it should be every episode.

    13)heel boss- maybe. I think they def need to test it out. i HATE the face boss. HHH has gone down hill on the mic. much better heel

    14)Swagger- he is not the only on they need to do this to...

    With the exception of the cena/rock/ are absolutely right. I loved your blog, and that was just my opinion. look forward to your next one

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