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Why are "They" so Effective?

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Why are they so effective?

Entrance themes are so effective in so many ways. It's just music that plays while someone enters the ring. At least, on paper that's what it is. Themes get people out of their seats. A whole stadium can go from silent to 11 when some songs hit. Either with boos or cheers.

So what makes them effective?

Really, only certain people have "perfect" themes. In my mind, if the beginning insn't catchy, it sucks. The beginning is the attention grabber. The one that says "He's Here." In addition, the background has to be good too, with clean beats and excellent instrumentals. The singing, if any at all, can't be annoying. No one wants to hear Jillians voice on an entrance theme, so that never happened. . . O wait, it did, and killed millions.
Therefore, my main point was that I have compiled a list of the best entrance themes in the WWE. (No TNA, most of them don't have singing, it seems).

*Please keep in mind, this is opinionated. I based my lists off of beginnings, crowd reaction, and overall likeness.

10.) Kelly Kelly (Who doesn't like that "Holla Holla"????)
9.) The Hart Dynasty (No matter how much people deny it, I think everyone still thinks Bret's coming out; so the pop is HUGE)
8.) Drew McIntyre (It's so obnoxious, it's Awesome)
7.) Cody Rhodes (No one likes him, so having a loud Whoa at the start makes it that much sweeter)
6.) R-Truth (It's new, but I like it. Great base, good lyrics. Not gonna lie, I get excited when I hear it)
4.) Edge (Probably could be number one, but some songs fit the judging better)
3.) Nexus (One of the most hated factions of all time, and their song is like a big flag that waves in your face just to get a rise out of you. Epic)
2.) Randy Orton (I think everyone cheers, takes pictures, and sings along when he walks down the ramp)
1.) John Cena (Are you surprised? The bass is magnificent. The noise blows the roof off. It happens every night and Lawler/Cole are still amazed each time)

I know I can't please everybody. I picked 10 of the best in my mind, so criticize how ever you want. Tell me whose I missed, I know I missed a lot of possibilities, so. . . Meet the honorable mentions

CM Punk, Sheamus, Santino (Yea), Christian, Triple H, Kane, Undertaker.

Cue the arguements.

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Updated 11-09-2010 at 02:28 PM by Frank

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. nrb6304's Avatar
    how in the WORLD did Undertaker not make #1? Kelly Kelly over UT? NO SIR!!! NO SIR!!!! NO SIR!!! This is a wrestling felony lmao.

    Cena though is a good choice.
    How did Zack Ryder not get in on this? (OOOOOOOOOOOOOH RADIO OOOOOOOOOOOH)
    Dolph Ziggler's is pretty damn good IMO.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    That list is good cause of the present state of the wwe but if u are considering the past, austin's theme no doubt has to be on the list (maybe the rock's too) but austin definetly. Once u heard the class shatter everybody was on there feet. One more thing Ted DiBiase new theme,"I come for money" should be there. I'm jus sayin.....
  3. Gansher's Avatar
    The Nexus theme turns me into a mark everytime I hear it. The song is fucking awesome as hell but I don't know about Kelly's. I mean, Taker should be there. Everytime his gong hits, everything changes in the arena.
  4. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Ortons theme has become really stale to me...
  5. Justdawg08's Avatar
    that and Jeff hardy's theme fits his heel turn perfectly, listen to the lyrics.
  6. mrqib's Avatar
    How can you forget Chris Jericho...
  7. Allison's Avatar
    When Raven used "Come Out and Play" in the old ECW, it was the best entrance in wrestling.... Sandman had a pretty good entrance too.

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