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WWE dropped the ball on Jack Swagger

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ok guys let me be brief in explaining the difference between sheamus's push and swagger's push.

Sheamus took the title from the FACE OF THE COMPANY, John Cena. So ofcourse Cena is going to try to win it back since he always is the champ which caused a good feud between the too so ofcourse the crowd is gonna give sheamus alot of heat. Which makes Sheamus look better and be able to feud with names such as triple h.

Now Swagger won the belt from a fellow heel Chris Jericho. First of all, he took the belt from a guy that they didnt even let him try to win it back. I mean swagger wins the belt and out of nowhere they put him in a match at extreme rules with randy orton just cuz randy's a babyface. It wasnt even a feud they jus didnt want to have two heels go at it(swagger n jericho). so ofcourse the crowd is going to seem weird because its like it happened too fast, like one day he's money in the bank and the next he's defending a belt against a raw superstar. And then they put him in a program with the big show which was stupid.

In summary if Jack Swagger would've won the belt the way sheamus did against the face of the company cena, people wouldve taken him much more serious. Swagger has elite mic skills, a technical specimen in the ring and is the best "wrestler" currently in the wwe as far as holds go, now he's running around with a bird. Good Job WWE (Worlds Worst Entertainment)

Top Stars WHo Needs a Push: Kofi Kingston, JTG, MVP, Ted Dibiase, John Morrison, DOLPH ZIGGLER (amazing), Christian, Shad(Please Bring this guy back), Ezekial Jackson and Zack Ryder(fix this guy quick), and Cm Punk(jus fix the guy's character he deserves more)

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Updated 11-08-2010 at 10:54 AM by Frank

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  1. THUNDER's Avatar
    Kofi,MVP,Jackson,Morisson and Christian in my opinion are the guys that need a push.The others are a little lame,especially CM Punk.He had a good run and he blew it after beating Jeff last year.Sure it was just a WWE script but it got out of hand.If they aren't planning on pushing these guys,the least they can do is bring back some of the old superstars.
  2. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    I think Jack Swagger has developed a lot with his mic skills but he's still pretty young. I do think that they will develop him into a Kurt Angle type character slowly. Who else thinks the Swagger Soaring Eagle is hilarious. Man, Chavo makes it that character a scene stealer!
  3. Justdawg08's Avatar
    They didn't drop the ball on him, he's just on the back burner for the moment while they use guys like Kane, Big Show, and Edge to draw in the ratings for Smackdown. I'd bet my ass Swagger will be back in the mix by or shortly after Wrestlemania
  4. knox's Avatar
    thanks guys and yea i hope they didnt drop the ball cuz he's the reason i watch smackdown but i mean does anyone agree that if he wouldve took the belt from cena instead of jericho that he wouldve been like a pure star like sheamus is now
  5. knox's Avatar
    like they basically killed swagger like leaving him off summerslam was very surprising and the reason i thought they dropped the ball is because he's lately been absent from tv and thats not acceptable
  6. knox's Avatar
    and guys wen u get a chance please check out this song of mine on youtube, I've been shopping it to the wwe production team for Shad's return theme or a ppv theme and the responded saying they'll keep it on file.
  7. Johnnygomez's Avatar
    Swagger is the Kurt Angle of 2010 .. And just like Kurt back in the day they are going to give him some lame comedy stufff to do .... Who remembers the 3 I's ???? Classic Angle
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