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Rick Starr

My Thoughts on MCW, The Hardys, The Muppets, and More

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Don’t you guys hate it when you write a perfectly acceptably blog, and for no reason it doesn’t get published? It almost gives you a form of writers block, because you can’t get past that blog. I’ll explain my situation. I wrote a blog on the new series: Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling. A little people wrestling. It wasn’t one of my best blogs, but I didn’t see anything wrong with it either. Well enough whining lets get on with it.

On MCW Wrestling:
If you missed this season of Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling” and you’re a true wrestling fan, you are missing out on quite a bit! While this reality program was similar to Spike TV series: “Half Pint Brawlers”, this was about one wrestling company struggling to succeed.

While the series is entitled “Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling”, MCW is co-owned by Jonny-G, and his partner Demo, Who just recently won the very first MCW Championship Title. Jonny had known Hogan for over 2 decades and he felt that he needed his help. Hogan (with the help of Brian “Nasty Boy” Knoxx) takes the MCW out of the fraternity houses, books them for their first big house show, and sets them up with sponsors and promoters. All they had to do was put on a good show.

However the MCW has so many internal problems they need to get over, before they have made it. The first problem is Blixx. While even Hogan recognizes him to be the one of the biggest players in MCW, he certainly has a serious bi-polar issue or something. Blixx has a big mouth and loves to start fights. Then there are the two females (Trixxie and Jersey-Jess), who started out as boxing with blowup boxing gloves. Why BECAUSE THEY CAN’T WRESTLE!!! I’m sorry I had to get that out of me. Trixxie is the Diva of the two, so this “real-time tv show” demonstrated just how nasty things can get for female wrestlers, as she was picked to promoted the MCW radio show, simply because she was “better looking”.

Combining the high-intensity and stress of the MCW co-owners, the mixed personalities of MCW roster, and then you add Hulk Hogan, and Brian Knoxx into the mix, this show screams entertainment. I don’t know if the MCW is screaming for success, but the show is definitely entertaining.

On The Miz and R-Truth Being Fired: REALLY?

I didn’t buy the Kevin Nash “firing”, and I surely don’t buy this firing of Miz and Truth. I think a “suspension without pay” for 30 days would have been more believable. This rapid Kayfabe firing in the WWE, is not working, and it’s got to go.

On The Muppets Hosting RAW on Halloween night: Tell me this a trick.
I did not believe it until I saw it myself at It’s been bad enough that we have had guest host coming back on RAW running up the TV time, with boring promos. But now the WWE has dropped their standards even more by having the MUPPETS as guest hosts! I understand that the WWE has a lot of children fans, and the Muppets are obviously to entertain them. But where is the line drawn? Despite what the WWE wants to call it, it’s still WRESTLING, and some things just should not go together. What’s next Dora the Explorer, Barney, or why not the Sesame Street Gang?

On The Hardy’s:One Comes Out of rehab…The Other goes in
I’m honestly glad that Matt Hardy has finally gotten himself help. I Hope once he gets himself clean, him and Jeff can do all they can to keep each other clean. They are going to need more help now more than ever.

As to him retiring, I’m also glad to see him retire. With all due respect to the man, I think his highest point in his career was when he tagged with his brother Jeff. He did hit a few other highpoints after that in singles, however in my opinion he never shined as brightly as he did as when he stood next to him brother. Although we all know Jeff himself has had his dark moments, when Jeff was on his game he performed some of the most spectacular stunts anyone has ever seen.

Sin-Cara vs Sin-Cara: The Blind Leading the Blind
We’ve seen certain wrestler’s face mirror images of themselves in the past, and they did little to help that character’s career. Look at the Undertaker for example, he has countless accolades, and him defeating himself would not be considered the top 5. (I’ll mention my top 5 favorites at the end of this topic) But I feel that the Double Sin-Cara could be a very bad move at this point. If they had made Sin Cara Turn heel for 6-8 months, and they used this to turn him back to a face…maybe it would fly…maybe. Lastly I don’t mean to sound discriminating, but, the dialog between two non-talking people is just dry as hell. I get that their trying to do body language like in the old Bruce Lee movies, but it’s just not working for me.

My Personal top 5 Accolades for The Undertaker:

I am excluding him wining WrestleMania 19-0 only because I will be talking about certain matches that were at WrestleMania. I acknowledge that alone is his biggest accolade.
In no particular order
1.His Rivalry with Jake “The Snake” Roberts
2.When he defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title
3.His feud with Mankind (Mick Foley) from 1994-97
4.Undertaker vs HBK Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25
5.The American Bad-Ass Character

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    When I started out reading the blog I thought, this might just be an incoherent rant. I am very happy to be wrong. Great read , about the muppets, do kids even know who the muppets are anymore?

    anway thanks for the blog its a good one
  2. tchocky360's Avatar
    I don't really mind the muppets. I think to have them is the same as having Hugh Jackman tbh, just a celeb name.
    Unlike Dora, the Muppets are at least known better to the older fans as well.
    I, personally, would enjoy seeing Miz and R -Truth ranting with the 2 grumpy old ones about a conspiracy and getting booed and mocked by them.

    I accept it's not really important to the wrestling part, but a once off I could live with.

    Imagine Miss Piggy with Vickie and King joking how he can't tell which is which....

    Actually I've gone off the idea a little now as well...
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Well your entitled to your opinion, however I think you missed my point. They spend more time with celebrities and promoting PPV's than they actually have matches.

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