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The many faces of John Cena

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Hey guys Knox here, hope everything is going ok with everyone. I'm blogging about Cena today. We all know about how Cena was just awarded the WWE Title for the 10th time and it caused an uproar.

Personally, I'm a huge Cena fan. I value the guy's work ethic. When he was a heel in 2003, he was my favorite ever, I mean he rised to quick and probably deserved the WWE Title back in 2003 with his feuds with then WWE champs Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

Anyway, I'm going to go through the many faces of Cena.

Face 1: Ruthless Aggression Rookie (2002)

This is when he first came in. This is the one time he looked like a typical/normal wrestler. Great build, wrestling tights and a fresh angry hero rookie gimmick. I hated this gimmick lol.

Face 2: Heel Freestyling Cena (2003)

This is his best freakin work. The guy was getting such a huge reaction good and bad I mean the crowd erupted for this guy and it was awesome. I can't begin to count the memorable segments he did with this gimmick. The freestlyles against The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Rikishi, Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon and others. He was the man and this by far was my favorite Cena. I'll take you all down memory lane, check out this heat Cena receives after a very nice freestyle against Kurt.

Face 3: Doctor of Thuganomics (2004-2005)

This was when he finally turned face and the crowd was super behind him. He went on to capture his first singles championship by winning the United States Championship from The Big Show at Wrestlemania 20. This is where he was pretty much on his way to becoming the top dog. Check out all the grown man Cena chants in this one.

Face 4: Chain-Gang Cena/Hustle Loyalty Respect (2005-2006)

He finally had a name for us fans of his, we were apart of his chain gang. This was the best gimmick he had. He let go of the rapping gimmick but still kept that street demeanor with him. This is when he finally captured the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 21 from my boy JBL. This gimmick drew but then the politics started kicking in which ended this gimmick very quick. The WWE didn't want a guy portrayed as a babyface thug representing their company as WWE champ.

Face 5: The Marine (2006-2008)

This my friends is where everything began to go down hill and when many of his loyal fans turned on him. The fact that he was on a path of being a movie star being to bother us all. We loved John Cena because he wasn't all Hollywood and he was a real dude in the ring that people could relate to.

So he accepted the Marine movie role. I didn't think the movie was bad, I just thought it was very typical and predictable. All of Cena's movies pretty much have the same plot. I mean in both 12 Rounds and the Marine, he is trying to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. But the fact that the Rock called Cena out was beyong seeing as he played in horrible films such as the Tooth Fairy, The Scorpion King, Be Cool and Walking Tall.

So the WWE made the Marine the new gimmick for Cena. This is where he lost his balls. He had to do the right thing and come to everyone's rescue. He began to deliver Hogan like promos. It was horrible. He was becoming a whole different Cena than we all fell in love with.

Face 6: Super-Cena (2008 - )

This is currently where we are at. The superhero that gets his ass kicked for 15 minutes and turns around in 3 minutes to capture the victory. This is the Cena that draws for the kids. We are stuck in this gimmick until creative makes a move but it seems as if they want to role with this Cena forever. IT WILL NEVER END lol.

Now we are reduced to this.

Thanks guys for checking this out. This was basically me running through the different Cena's. My favorite hands down would have to be the 2003 heel Cena. Leave me feedback as well as your favorite Cena. And PLEASE CHECK OUTMY SONG ON YOUTUBE BELOW. THANKS GUYS AND BE SAFE.

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  1. PurpleHaze's Avatar
    I really like Ruthless Aggression Cena, in my opinion he put on good matches back then because he wanted to prove to everyone he belonged in that ring.
    His Heel run in 2003 was great, he had a very big following on Smackdown, sometimes i find it hard to believe there was arenas of men chanting "Cena!" (that wasn't followed by Cena sucks!) he turned Face in less than a year, that's how over he was, in my opinion his heel run was cut too short, it could've lasted WAY longer. His feud with Undertaker & Brock Lesnar was the highlight of Smackdown.
    The Doctor of Thug-a-nomics was really great too, he still kept his edge & still as a face, more like a Tweener role. He was still 100% over, just watch Wrestlemania 20 in Madison Square Garden the whole arena was chanting his name his name.. if it were today he'd be booed out the fucking building.
    Thug Cena early 2005 was still good, i enjoyed his feud with JBL. After mid-05 that's where it started going down hill. He beat JBL, Angle, Jericho & stopped Christian getting his big push. The crowd turned on him & have been booing him ever since. When he was drafted to RAW he changed completely & it sucked!
    Super Cena... HATE IT. HAAAAAAATE IT! lol corny promos, lame gimmick, bad merchandise. Just a shell of the character Cena use to be! Is he still a marine? or is he Superman? half and half. Constant winning is annoying, his move-set is repetitive. He can wrestle, but as Super Cena he chooses not to.

    I hope sometime soon he turns Heel, in the next year or so.. with the rise of CM Punk i am hoping MAYBE Punk will be the new face.. i want to see some change in the product and with Cena.
    Get him back to his cool heel persona.. He would get immense heat from the crowd. It'd be awesome.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I liked him till his I Quit match with JBL..once his segment with JBL is finished..he started his segment with Xtian n Y2J...this is where I hated a traditional E & C Fan, I still hate him for stopping Xtian's deserved BIG PUSH!!

    I ahted him in his rivalry with Y2J; man; My hatred increased with his segment with Kurt...

    Come ON, Kurt losing to Cena that too cleanly was un-digestable..esp. if u see the match, Cena's counters to Kurt were all so stupid...also, the in-ring behaviour n attitude of Cena is no match to kurt...his Xpressions were pathetic in comparison to Kurt..

    My Hatred towards him had sky rocketed..when he won TLC match against EDGE!!

    Come ON guys..EDGE some one who grew on ladder matches losing to someone like CENA who was perhaps in his first ladder match 9correct me if I'm wrong)...

    Bottomline: His rivalry with JBL was gud..but, he do not have the class to wrestle with likes of Y2J, Kurt, E & C and RVD...

    U guys may find me a typical Cena Hater...let me tell all of u...he was pushed much before he deserved it...n I was his fans till his rivalry with Y2J/Xtian/Kurt....
  3. Undertaker Mark's Avatar
    I have always liked cena to a certain degree. Super cena gets old sometimes but he can put on a good show and him and Punk have great chemistry in the ring
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