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SmackDown: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Hey Peeps, Knox here, hope everyone is doing ok. I'm here to talk about the current awful state of Smackdown. Now as many people know, there have been tragic economics events taking place at the expense of Smackdown. From their awful attendance rates and poor ratings as of late.

I basically wanna basically touch on the good times and bad times of Smackdown and ideas on how to make Smackdown better.

The Beginning: 1999

This is when Smackdown first came on air. This show was made to be amazing and some of the greatest moments took place in this year and on this show.

Guys like The Rock, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, The Hardy's, Triple H and The Undertaker were all featured on this show. Ratings were very high because you had no choice but to tune in and see the same stars you see on Raw.

The Bad: The 2002 Draft

When they split the roster I believe this is when the bad begin but it wasn't as bad as we thought and many good things came about.

This gave us the opportunity to see rising stars come into their own like Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Randy Orton.

The Ugly: Today's Smackdown

There are so many things wrong with Smackdown today I can't even begin to explain. I and many others once used to love this show and I mainly prefered Smackdown over Raw any day.

Zero Allocation of Stars: My suggestion: send Cena to Smackdown

This is the biggest problem. WWE's clear cut top draws are John Cena, Cm Punk, Randy Orton, The Miz & Alberto Del Rio.

So out of all the names above I just mentioned, ONLY ONE OF THOSE MEN ARE ON SMACKDOWN (Orton).

Simple and plain the show needs star power. My suggestion would be send Cena's ass to Smackdown along with Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler. Lets get this show the star power it deserves. If Cm Punk is the big draw everyone on the internet, the creative team and the fans think he is, then let him hold down the fort on Raw.

No More Friday Night's

This is when things really got ugly. Why would they stop airing on Thursday nights? Thursday was a great night. I loved Thursday nights because its the day before Friday. You got one more night to chill and go to bed for work or school and then the next day is Friday in which the weekend begins.

This was the perfect formula. Who wants to lay around on a Friday night watching wrestling or anything else for that matter? Also, Friday is the premier day for box office films that debut in movie theaters. As a matter of fact, every movie debuts in theaters on Fridays unless they do the midnight showing.

Look, I can thing of a million things that happen on Fridays that are much more important than wrestling. It was the worst business move ever. Nothing good on television ever premiers on the weekend. I mean cmon', that's the reason almost every award show is on Tuesdays. Its the reason Monday Night Football is on MONDAY's. Lol, I couldn't think of any reason why they would switch the show to Friday's.

Wednesday night Smackdown:

I wanna see Smackdown aired on Wednesday's. Its hump day and a great time to kick back and watch television.

Tuesday would be a bad day because it's the day after Raw so it would be too much to see those shows back to back.

Thursday would be bad because its the same day they air Impact. The WWE at this point do not want to take shots at Impact. Many WWE fans aren't even aware that TNA exists so putting it on Thursday would stir up alot of buzz which would then make people flip back and forth trying to watch both programs. TNA take shots at the WWE to get their name out there but WWE doesn't need to do that.

The perfect day would be Wednesday. It's the day after the taping so spoilers would only have 24 hours to spread as opposed to the four days it spreads while being aired on Friday's.

Make Smackdown Live:

This may be the biggest problem with Smackdown. The fact that we can't enjoy the program becaus we know its taped. The main reason people don't watch Smackdown is because they know nothing too exciting is going to happen because its taped.

We watch Raw because its live so anything can happen and anyone can make a return. Do you honestly thing they would have Stone Cold or the Rock make a surprise return on a taped Smackdown? Hell no. We don't watch Smackdown because we know nothing spectacular will happen.

You give Smackdown that live factor and ratings will instantly increase in the millions easily.

Smackdown needs a "Highlight Reel"/"Piper's Pit" type of show:

I think Smackdown needs this factor added back to add that effect back to the show. I absolutely think segments like this are the best. Shows like MVP's Lounge, Carlito's Cabana, Christian's Peep show, Edge's Cutting Edge or my favorite "The Highlight Reel".

I think the WWE has a nice group of young guys with the charisma and mic skills to pull this off. Zack Ryder, Alex Riley and Alberto Del Rio would be awesome at this.

Imagine Zack Ryder shooting "Z True Long Island Story" live on Smackdown. He's officially the man now with the fans and the writers are now giving him television time on both shows. He can officially end his internet show and move it to Smackdown. He could use the same concept as the shows of the past and interview the stars of the WWE.

Thanks guys for checking out my blog and I hope you all enjoyed it. Please leave feedback as well as your ideas on how to make Smackdown. Basically the problem is that its air on Friday's, has no star power, and its not live. Thanks guys, be safe.


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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice read bro. Definitely Smackdown should be moved from Fridays everyone/almost everyone usually goes out on a Friday. Wednesdays would be perfect for the reasons you mentioned and have it LIVE. Yes it will cost more money but in the long run ratings will improve and so will business. Also for God's sake have more unforgettable/omg moments, for example let The Rock appear on Smackdown unannounced people will get interested and wouldn't want to miss it because you will retrieve that feeling of anything can happen on any given night. CM Punk or The Miz should go to Smackdown to increase star power I think WWE will see sending Cena as too much of a risk. One of the things I disagree with you on is that ADR is not a draw, imo he is a ratings killer.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    Disagree, Randy is not big as you think, ever since he moved to Smackdown, the rating been slowly going down. Don't think he will ever be good enough to carry a show. Having Kane and Big Show not there doesn't help.

    Agree though, Friday is a bad night for Smackdown, plus read the spoilers, lately it hasn't really been very interesting to actually want to watch (exception of Cody bleeding all over the place)!
  3. B-ri's Avatar
    Agree with most of what you said, like I said in my own blog, I feel the downfall of both WWE shows is the lack of ability to create entertaining main-event talent, which Smackdown has missed since Edge, Jericho and Kane/Bigshow are either gone or off TV.

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