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Hall of Famers That Should Have Been World Champion

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With Mark Henry's recent World Heavyweight Championship victory over Orton, there have been numerous people listing off other superstars who should have been World Champions (Regal, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Bob Holly, etc.) and who should never have held a World Title (names I've heard are Yokozuna, Swagger, and of course David Arquette). These all have valid arguments behind them, but that's not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is to focus on Hall of Famers (or should be Hall of Famers) that never won the World Heavyweight or WWE titles in their career. I'm only mentioning a few names, because lord knows there are plenty of wrestlers who never won that should have. I'm going to focus on a few of the main names in my opinion, so feel free to sound off below on who I left out that should be included. And of course, bring on the criticism as well. Also, if you love to talk wrestling and debate, join the World Wrestling Order on Facebook. We hold debates at every WWE show online, talk wrestling, and have a good time. Contact Quincy Jones (!/profile.php?id=724031869) or myself (!/ZACAAF) if you're interested. I'll mention this a few times throughout this blog. Now, onto the worthy never-were Champions...

What better way to kick off the list than with the man who changes the questions when we thought we had the answers? Hot Rod, the Rowdy one, Roddy Piper himself. This man has been in the business since 1972 and still shows up occasionally just as golden on the mic as before, can make the crowd love him or hate him, and has made more crappy movies than Hulk Hogan (not really a reason he should've been champ, just something I think is a fun fact). For a full run-down of Piper's career, check out this site. But for our purposes, I'll focus on his WCW and WWE accomplishments. He has an extensive championship history, but never won the big one. In WWE, all he ever mustered was the Intercontinental Title and in WCW the United States Championship. He of course had the Infamous Piper's Pit which of course paved the way for The Cutting Edge and the Highlight Reel. Piper had all the makings of a champion-A great look (in his hay-day), great in-ring ability, was extremely over with the fans, and of course was golden on the mic. I could go on and on (much like I could about the others I'm going to mention, but I want to keep it short and sweet) about why he deserves it, but for these reasons and his multitude of accomplishments in the business, Piper should have won the big one.

The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. At one point, the most despised wrestler in all of wrestling. In my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, heels of all time. This guy had millions of dollars, which he always reminded us of, and fooled us into believing he'd give some of it away. To encompass his dastardly deeds and his brilliance on the mic, check this out. He's been in the business since 1975, and like the other members on this list, has won numerous championships across organizations, but never won the big one. He had tremendous feuds with Dusty Rhodes, Undertaker, Bret Hart, and many others. The man created his own title! Not to mention he was the head of one of the greatest stables of all time, and has one of the greatest characters of all time. He had great technical in ring ability, tremendous charisma, was over with the fans as the top heel in the business at one point, and is just a legend in the business. Again, you can look up his personal history for yourselves and watch the links in the videos, this is just an outline. He should've won the WWE title (I realize he was awarded the title when Andre forfeited it, but it was not an official reign and was immediately vacated, so it does not count). And we all know that he has the best evil laugh ever. Everybody has a price.

Owen Hart, may he rest in peace. Owen Hart is truly one of the all time greats. He overcame the shadow of his brother Bret to solidify himself as one of the best in the business. He is also an unofficial champion, as he beat Bret but the match was restarted which Bret won. Now those 3 video clips aren't from that match, but they are from their epic enounter at WrestleMania 10. This clip alone shows how great Owen was in the ring. He was underrated on the mic and never got the push he deserved. He also won other titles outside of WWE, and while in WWE won the King of the Ring, European Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and 4 Tag Team Championships. Its a real shame that WWE never gave him the huge push he deserved, because he was truly something special. He had all the makings of a WWE champion. RIP Owen.

"Mr. Perfect" wasn't just a gimmick or moniker for Curt Henning-it was true. The man was perfect. He was perfect in the ring, on the mic, in the commentary booth, and apparently at all sports. Just look at this tribute video, it shows it all. Why Curt Henning was never awarded the WWE title, I will never know. He had it all-Charisma, Talent, Look, and work ethic (at least in his younger days). He had many great feuds, arguably most notably with Bret Hart.
His matches with Hart were always great. These clips are from 1989, before their epic encounters in 1991 and 1993. He was probably the only wrestler who could have a fisherman suplex as his finisher and call it a Perfect-Plex. His stint in WCW could've been better, but his return at the Rumble (click the previous link to watch) was epic. He had a great showing and proved he could still hang with the WWE's best at the time. It's unfortunate he didn't get the chance then (and especially unfortunate how he left the company in 2002) and that he didn't get the chance to be the best in his prime. I know I've said that all of these wrestlers have had it all, but Henning had it all. At a time when tremendous young talent reigned supreme in the WWE, Henning was at the top of his game. He just never made it to the top of the WWE. I honestly believe that if guys like Hogan and Savage weren't around at this time (WWE was loaded when these guys were at their prime, and they put their faith in Hart and Michaels only instead of the men on this list) then a few if not all of these men would have won the WWE title, maybe on multiple occasions. Curt Henning was one of the best ever, and he is missed. RIP.

Yes they did, Batista, because you can't unlike these fine legends I just spoke of.

When guys like Roddy Piper, Ted DiBiase, Owen Hart, and Curt Henning never won the major wrestling titles but guys like Batista did, there is something wrong with that scenario. The roster when Batista won the title wasn't as strong as when the legends were active, granted, but there were guys who deserved a title reign more than Batista. I know there are a ton of guys I did not list, but that is for the sake of time and space. We know not everyone who is deserving of a title reign gets it, but these are guys who definitely should have gotten one no matter what.

You know plenty of other guys who never won the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships but should have (Rick Rude, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jimmy Snuka, etc) so sound off below. Do you agree with the ones I've listed? Disagree? Want to add someone else? Sound off below. And again, if you want to join a group on FaceBook that talks wrestling, has debates after every WWE show, and is just a flat out fun group, join the World Wrestling Order. Contact myself or Quincy Jones (contact info above) and we'll get you in. Remember the legends! Hope for good things to come!

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    I agree with the ones you picked. Curt Hennig was great, but I might know why he didn't get the shot. I watched the Bret Hart dvd Best there is.. recently, and Bret told that Perfect dropped the IC Title to him because of back problems. Perfect was out for nearly 1 1/2 years. Other guys stepped up, the title didn't change hands that much, and that's it. I think it just was tough luck. He kept having back problems since I believe, so that must've damaged his chances.

    What goes for Batista in my opinion goes for Lawler: Lawler is a legend for his longevity, Memphis brawls and commentary, but surrounded by the roster during his prime in the WWE, I don't think Lawler was the best nor the biggest draw. In my opinion the top guy should have the title.
  2. Renevious's Avatar
    This was a great blog. It was extremely well written, and I really enjoyed it. And I thank you for that. But with that being said, here's my take on it. First of all, I'm going to agree with Marx on Perfect's injuries and Lawler just not being at that level. He didn't come to WWE until well after his prime, and it would've been ridiculous to give him the title at that point in his career. He really didn't even wrestle regularly. It seemed like he only got in the ring to put over a face at the time, like Piper's return or his ongoing fueds with Bret Hart. But despite all that, your blog raises another interesting point that I think always hold true. You don't have to be champion to be over, AND being over and talented doesn't necessarily make business sense to be a world champion. Back in the days of the guys you mentioned (all of which I totally agree with, btw) the WWE championship was held in a much different light as it is now. Titles meant everything back then, and each one had its own purpose. The WWE title was not there for the "best" guy out there. It was for the biggest draw in the business at the time, aka Hulk Hogan, which is why every main event was Hogan winning, losing, or defending the title. He was the guy. Now I've always hated him (I've always been a Savage/Warrior guy), but facts are facts. That, my friends, is why there was an Intercontinental title. I've always said that the WWE title was a popularity contest, and the IC belt was for the best worker in the company. Looking back at ppv's from the late 80's and into the 90's, you'll see all the best matches were for the IC belt. Sure, Hogan sold the kiddies on the t-shirts and bandanas, but guys like Hart (both of them), Perfect, Piper, Bulldog, HBK, and Razor Ramon (another guy to never get the big one) were always the ones to steal the show. They knew they weren't in the main event (except for SummerSlam 92), so they went out there and made it happen on their own. And that's why we remember them and honor them today. If wrestlers today would realize that they could be in the mid-card and still be more memorable than the world champion, then we may start to see history repeat itself. I think Cody Rhodes has the right idea trying to bring back the prestige of the IC title, because that's where it belongs. I know by now I've made a comment long enough to be its own blog, so on that note take care and spike your hair. WWWYKI!
    Updated 09-23-2011 at 08:55 AM by Renevious
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    I agree, there is a few others should of been added to the list. I think if Owen didn't die in 99, he would of been pushed to be WWE Champion!
  4. mrbluto's Avatar
    The top of the list should be Jake the Snake Roberts. The problem was Roberts and Piper were loners, their characters did not need titles to get over. I agree with the rest of your list.
  5. JoePublic's Avatar
    Interesting blog.

    Piper is one of those people, like Jake Roberts, who could've carried the title just fine in the ring and even better on the mic but never needed them to be over - you could put DiBiase in that category to. In a lot of ways that is more impressive than 10 title reigns.

    Curt Hennig was a World Champion in the AWA as was Lawler.

    In the ring there are very few better than Owen Hart was but I think that people look back with rose tinted glasses, I don't think he was on the brink of being a World Champion when he died, look at the gimmick he had at the time. He may well have transcended that position and gone all the way but I doubt it - having said all of that he deserved to be a World Champion.

    One of the things that link all of your picks is that they were great heels, and apart from Owen (who came to prominence later) they were all heels during the Hogan era, that limited their chances alone.

    Look at who Hogan dropped the title to - Andre (in a screw job finish) and Warrior (when he was leaving) 'Taker (in a screwy finish) and Yokozuna (in a screwy finish).

    All great picks.

    Titles and titles changes mean much less these days, thats why it is hard to believe some of these guys weren't World Champions when people like Mark Henry, The Great Khali and Jack Swagger have been.
  6. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    Curt Hennig, Jerry Lawler and Rick Rude were all World Champions. Why do people want to act like the WWE has been the only wrestling company is the world through-out history? RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!! IT WONT HURT!!!!!
  7. HuGrad's Avatar
    a Few pointers: Roddy Piper also won the World Tag Team Championship with Rick Flair in WWE ( lost to Rated RKO) . Jerry Lawler was a world champion before coming to WWE. Mark Henry is a 2 time world titlist (the ECW title is defunct so they disregard it now) and Christian is a 6 time world Champion (2 world Heavyweight, 2 ECW and 2 NWA titles).

    I really thought Yokozuna should have been elected in the HOF for his accomplishments. He was a hated villian but a respected competitor. I share the same sentiment with Ricky Steamboat, Ted Ted Dibiase, Ron Simmons (WWE), Lance Cade, Davey Boy Smith, Bundymania (wrestelmania 2), Test (ECW), and the Mountie. Sounds a little crazy, but I felt those guys could have held the title and add meaning to the title. Lance Cade appeared to me as a glorified 3 time tag champion that was just right place right time, but he had something in him. I really felt he did.

    This is one of these blogs where even with lawyers writing and notaries fact finding, no one really is right or wrong. what we as fans see, the guys inside the locker probably see but the company turns a blind eye is really heartbreaking knowing that people back then busted their tail for the title yet the new generation gets many second chances at the title. If u ask me, a hall of fame election is more valuable than a world title, but not by much. For heavens sake WWE, please bring back the ice cream bars and get Mark Henry some t shirts on!!!!
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