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Breathing life into the WWE

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Hi Guys and Gals, second blog here and a few things on my mind that may breath new life into WWE,

Now im not about to bash the product and talk about PG Era and Attitude Era and the such, forget eras, have a product, a produc thats a mish mash of all eras,

Now I dont have sky sports so I dont watch Raw or Smackdown only Superstars, so some may think I dont have a right to my opnion or right to think where improvements can be made, Im going off of the views of the IWC and what seems to be voiceless crowds and the buzz around the industry today.

I see alot of young, fresh, new talent not being used properly and to the full effect that they can have, a way of bring up this talent to main event or upper midcard status is to have them rub sholders with the veterens, or make them into a stable/tag team or give them mouth pieces much like Vickie is with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, so tell me what you think of my ideas.

1:- Use KANE properly

Man I remember this guy coming in back in the day and he was a monster, removing his mask and giving him a voice killed that killer charecter, I can see some resurgance in his charecter coming back with the mask, but he will lose to Orton like he lost to Cena, he is a monster, treat him like a monster, get him to end TAKERS streak, it fits in with the TAKERS history and legacy, and it passes to torch to someone who has maybe a few years left in him who can then pass the torch on again.

So Wrestlemania get Kane to come in rip the cage apart and destroy Taker, HHH and HBK, next night on Raw, get Kane in to talk about why he done it and why he was overlooked when HHH/HBK/UNDERTAKER were mentioned about the end of an era, get him to destroy both Raw and Smackdown superstars setting up one man to end this and that man being TAKER, a year long fued till the next Wrestlemania, with Kane gunning for TAKER and that streak, 12 months of solid slow long storyline build up, bring back Vinnie Mac or even use HHH to use various superstars on each pay per view as hand picked stars to earn a title shot if they can stop the Big Red Machine, use Punk, Cena, Barret, Sheamus, Big Show all who get close but no cigar.

Id have Kane destroy underused stars who he believes may feel disgruntled at the WWE with opportunities they are getting, when he destroys them he then recruits them to his stable, the likes of Gabriel, Reks, DiBiase all of who can use the rub of a storyline like this being used to fight the case for Kane.

This storyline involves many things, a solid years worth of PPV action, a valid contender to the streak, the building of new superstars, the world title being included.

2:- Make the Tag Tam division matter

Great superstars have been born from tag team wrestling, Bret Hart, HBK, Booker T, Edge, JBL and Jeff Hardy

All these superstars earned their stripes in tag team wrestling and went on to be World title holders, now where is this division, where will the next big superstar come from, where will thos extra merchindise sales come from, Primo and Epico is that it. Air Boom had something going for em, but lost out due to WWE Wellness Policies number one fan, Evan Bourne )

So why let the talent of Kofi Kingston go to waste, I can see what WWE are doing having him team with R Truth. So this is how I would make the division look.

R Truth and Kofi with/Mark Henry and Booker T (The New N.O.D)
The Funkasauras Brodaus Clay and The Punjabi Playboy The Great Khali (Comedy Tag Team)
Hawkins and Reks (Power and Glory Remake)
Gabriel and Slater (The new FACE team of the WWE)
The Usos
Primo and Epico
Drew Mcintyre and Ezekial Jackson (The only way these two are gunna get a win is to pair up, use the fact that they are losing and are such an unlikley alliance, like Joe and Magnus in TNA)

3:- Names and Gimmicks

How would the WWE then WWF achieve the hights they reached with the following

Steve Austin
Jean Paul Levesque
Paul Wight
Dwayne Johnson
Ron Simmons
Mick Foley
Glenn Jacobs
Sean Waltman

This guys were given names and gimmicks to get over, WWE are making themselves an alternative to UFC or so they seem by just using generic ring names, give your stars a gimmick, give them a moniker to use, it worked in ECW and WCW aswell stick to a winning formula, you arent UFC we dont need to know your superstars real names..................its boring!!


WWE has talent that have no mic skills we all know that, they did back in the 80s early 90s, they had great mic workers like Savage/Hogan/Roberts but the talent that didnt had mouthpieces, Slick/Hennan/Jimmy Hart/Sherri

Again this formula worked, give mouth pieces to your talent that need it, stars back in the 80's and 90's had sensational mic workers, Heenan to this day will go in my books as one of the best mic workers in the business his stuff with the Hennan Family and Flair and Perfect was pure gold, WWE need to hire entertainers, people who wont work in the ring but will bring likeability and marketability to alot of there great in ring workers, use your pros on tv with your NXT stars, it gives them rub from estabilished stars.

Well thats my two pence/dollers worth depends where your reading and I hope you've enjoyed it, I like the WWE product I have done for over 20 years, but todays product is lacking something but intergrating tried and tested formulas from yesteryear cant hurt, WWE give it ago

Peace out people

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    Stone Cold's real name was Steve Williams, but nice blog anyway
  2. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    I really agree on the fact that we really need some great managers that really gets the talent over, some really interesting people just like years ago, I do think that vickie is doing a great job and Rosa really fits well with Epico and Primo. I know that both william regal and booker t are commentators but I'd love to see them in a manager role especially william regal. Yeah we really need some interesting gimmicks again now a days it just feels like superstar number 1 and superstar number 2. I don't agree on kane ending the streak I don't agree on anyone ending it!
  3. kidcontra's Avatar
    We badly need great managers again, I mean just look at the heat Vickie draws. That kind of heat could help some of the lower talent out greatly.
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I really enjyed this blog. I'd probs place Jackson in your new NOD stable if I was you.
    I'm BIG on managers; so bringing them back is a brilliant idea in my opinion. I'd like to see Regal get a main event push before he retires, simular to what they've done with Mark Henry.
    I also don't agree with Kane ending the streak or anyone for that matter. I'd quite like to se WWE tie up all the loose ends on old storylines too, like "who was stalking Booker-T in 2002?", "Who destoryed the titontron and crushed Vince?", "When will Undertaker get his revenge on Wade Barrett for Burie Alive?"

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