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TNA Making moves in the right direction

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Well this is my first blog, and the first time in a long long long time Ive wrote anything online that didnt involve twitter or facebook so here goes...............

I've been into wrestling now for like 25 years, Ive seen wrestlers come and go, some outstaying there welcome and Ill touch upon that later on.

I was a WWF Mark back in the 80's early 90's then late 90's became a massive mark for WCW (RIP) but decided to leave my hobby of watching pro wrestling or sports entertainment or whatever its called now, but been tuned in now for about 6 months and my how things have changed.

Ive just started watching TNA for the past 6 months, now dont blast me but I like it.

Ive been trawling forums and watching old youtube videos of TNA, damn this fed has come a long way from what to be like a poor mans WCW or an Indy fed.

The IWC want new faces and the homegrown TNA stars to take the limelight, well you got

1. Bobby Roode main eventing Bound For Glory (And my tip to take the belt because we know Russo is a mark for the IWC)

2. Crimson and Gunner remind me of an early Goldberg and HHH, if you can guess who is meant to be who then you can see what I mean

3. AJ VS Christopher Daniels at Bound For Glory (Again Russo pleasing the IWC in giving the "real" wrestling marks what they want, maybe two of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the industry today)

4. Sting VS Hulk Hogan (For all the nostalgics out there who have tuned back in to see the stars of yesteryear)

I can go on forever but my bandwith wont take it )

Have patience in Bischoff, Hogan and Russo, TNA/Impact Wrestling is in a transition and they are trying to please all us fans (Unlike WWE who seem to be pleasing this PG era and the kiddies out there)

TNA is the only federation out there trying to appeal to real wrestling fans, nostalgic fans, fans who like the attitude era, fans of crusierweight/x division style wrestling. Their making stars for tomorrow, heck look what they've done to Bully Ray, this guy has busted a gut for the industry, now they have given him the ball and he is running with it, Bobby Roode just has "it" there giving him the ball, Matt Morgan, Crimson, Gunnar stars for tomorrow.

Look at Sting is the goto guy much like the Taker in WWE, Flair is only in it for the money due to personal circumstances which is sad because he is my favorite of all time, but he has paid his dues and helped make stars for over so many years that we as fans need to let Naitch stay in it for as long as he can, is he hurting his legacy yes, but the dude gotta pay bills, TNA, Dixie Carter, Bischoff are letting Flair have this chance, why because we all owe it to him.

I think we will see Hogan take a back seat after Bound For Glory and what a better place then Phillidelphia, Im in the UK and know Philly have the most intense and emotional fans ever, so where a better place for Hogan to make a change but there, be it a face turn or a farewell or a screw job, if its gonna work its gonna work in Philly.

The only thing needing work on is the TAG division, but same can be said about the "E". They have recognised this and addressed it, and ditch the stables, stables are so 90's..............................

So as I sign off Im looking forward to seeing things develop at TNA/Impact where legends are going to be made and legends come to bow out!!!!!!!!

Well done CARTER/BISCHOFF/HOGAN/RUSSO you guys are moving in the right direction

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  1. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    I do agree with you a great deal on this blog man, very good job indeed. What I disagree with you on this one is I think Hogan getting back in the ring is a BAD decision overall. The guy's body just can't take it. He's had what, like 8 surgeries on his back this year alone? If Hogan sticks around I hope it is just as a mouthpiece. And contrary to popular belief I'm actually starting to come around on Bischoff because HE is the one behind getting the X-Division back on the right track. Other than that I agree with your blog 100%. Welcome to the EWN and happy posting!!
  2. JUS10's Avatar
    Great blog man really. Nothing much to say i agree with you 100%
    Bobby roode next Impact wrestling world champion
  3. Marx's Avatar
    I agree with you mostly, it's good to see Bobby Roode getting a shot and AJ going again. X-division is doing well.

    But I am not that impressed by Crimson and Gunner though, if they are the new Goldberg and HHH then wrestling is in dire straits. Also: TNA needs to cut their roster. They don't have/take enough time to show their characters, so cut. Where were Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Devon, Pope, etc? Personally I can do without them all, but don't build something with them and then let it slide into nothingness..

    Brian Kendrick lost the title to Aries, via a semi-cheated win. Aries next week defends against Sorensen, no Kendrick to be seen. And what happened to Shelley?

    TNA still tries to do too much: they want a tag division, x-division, broad main event picture, women's division and non-title related feuds (RVD vs Lynn, Joe vs rest, etc)

    Hmm.. Didn't plan on going on a rant and the reason it annoys me this much is because I really like the product and wrestlers. TNA seems to be going the right way, I agree, but there still are a lot of loose ends.
  4. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    I agree with most of what you said too. I don't think Hogan should be in the ring anymore and the same goes for Flair, but they have a very talented roster and I've been greatly entertained with them. Their Knockout's division makes me the happiest because as a woman and fan of women's wrestling I love that I have an alternative to the boring Diva's division and their so called champion. They do have a long way to go, but they're getting there.

    PS: Anyone who blasts you for giving your opinion on what you like is an unbiased WWE mark and should be ignored :P
  5. kiltbill's Avatar
    1. Bobby Roode main eventing Bound For Glory
    100% agree that that is great. The problem is, given TNA's insistance that the only good ending is one with a twist, a great match will end with whomever is champ being made to look weak.

    2. [B]Crimson and Gunner [/B
    Neither have had the time to really sell themselves as prominent forces. Hell, Gunner got his arse handed to him by Sting in a warehouse. A good one on one feud with one of their more experienced names would help. An RVD v Crimson, and Gunner v Abyss, etc, might help. At the moment, they are a definate 'work in prgoress'.
    3. AJ VS Christopher Daniels at Bound For Glory
    Fine, as long as they don't continue to flip flop between 'best friend forever' and 'bitter enemies' for the rst of the year.
    4. Sting VS Hulk Hogan.
    No. No. For the love of god, no. This is why Gunner, Morgan, etc are not in the main event? So WCW marks can get get as stiff as those two's ring work?

    All in all, there are signs of improvement; in the same way that the commatosed car wresck victom is showing brain activity. There is still aloot of work to be done to get them back in the driving seat.

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