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WWE's Mishandling of the Women's Division

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I really want to know why a Divas division in WWE still exists when they make it a mockery.

(As a disclaimer I haven't been a true watcher of wrestling for a good ten years but have stayed up to date on it enough that I feel I know what I am talking about.)

I continually read the WWE results on this site and am always curious when I read the women's match results and see that the match run time is around 2 minutes. Now I understand that quick matches or squash matches have to happen sometimes for TV run time but it always seems the women's segments are scheduled to be short. This leaves very little time to build feuds or have a memorable impact with the audience and the quick finishes make fans lose respect for the women's division when compared with any of the men's matches.

The WWE seems torn between committing more effort to the division and ignoring it altogether which remains unchanged in the company's history. Back in the days of the Attitude era when the Women's Championship was again reactivated (after previously being deactivated twice), the division was not deep. Women who could actually wrestle such as Ivory and Jacqueline were in matches with women like Sable, Terri Runnels, and Miss Kitty who had little training in actual wrestling technique to fill out the women's roster. The best female wrestler of the time, Chyna, was usually put in matches against men and the WWE compensated for the lack of wrestling ability by making women's matches swimsuit contests, evening gown matches, mud wrestling matches, and bra and panties matches which were all in line with the Attitude era.

Then when Lita was introduced with her high flying style it changed the expectation of what women's wrestling should be like. As the fans embraced Lita and the other female wrestlers with ability who followed her such as Trish Stratus and Molly Holly the gimmick stipulations lessened but still existed for some of the valets like Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. Women's matches while still not getting the same attention as men's matches were given decent TV time and would even occasionally main event a show,
something you would never see in the current state of women's wrestling. The WWE was balancing hires between women that were attractive who could also wrestle and those who were eye candy.

Checking in on Raw over the years I remember being impressed with how far the women's division had come with wrestlers like Trish Stratus getting better and newer talent such as Mickie James, Melina, Victoria, and Beth Phoenix really being able to work and entertain. They even had two women's titles one for each of the brands so they clearly thought that the women's division was worth building up for a while.

I don't know how long this 2 minute match thing has been going on but it's pathetic for the WWE that the Divas twitter feuds are more interesting than the feuds they are writing for Raw and Smackdown. A lot of fans were interested to see the impact of Kharma (who was great as Awesome Kong in TNA) on the division but that was cut short for now. Is it apathy from creative or lack of ideas? All I know is that the current string of matches is embarrassing and offensive to wrestling and I know from watching TNA on occasion that women's wrestling can be greatly entertaining. TNA does okay and they a lot of times have two women's matches on a single show.

Maybe the WWE still pays the women well for not doing much but if not WWE female wrestlers should be looking elsewhere for employment because they are being under utilized. The WWE needs to decide to either have a women's division or not bother putting women wrestlers on TV at all. Otherwise that 2 minutes you spend on women's wrestling can be put somewhere more useful to the product.

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  1. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    I agree with everything you've said. The WWE still has a few talented female wrestlers like Gail, Beth, Natalya and AJ, but instead they focus on the pretty ones they know need improvement like the Bella twins and Kelly Kelly. If you ask me the only reason Kelly is as over as they say is because she's been shoved down our throats for a long time and in the absence of actual talented divas the fans had to pick between the only 4 divas they got to see on a regular basis (KK and Eve or the Bellas) and with the Bellas being heels they picked the obvious choice by default.

    Kelly is deffinitely pretty, but Trish Stratus she is not and doesn't seem like she ever will be and I for one find it sickening that the division is represented by the girl who is just improving as she goes along rather than by a legitimate wrestler. The Attitude Era was the best time for the women and not because of the profanity and raunchyness, but due to what you mentioned about WWE having a different place for the eye candy divas and the wrestling divas.
  2. dub's Avatar
    Isn't Kelly Kelly on like a 50 match winning streak or something???? Just rediculous
  3. toobeastly33's Avatar
    great blog, but i feel like you are perching to the choir. WWE has not know how to handle the women's division for quite a while now. TNA just has "it". I mean i went to Lockdown 2007, with the cage match of Gail Kim beat Jackie, and honestly it was much better than a lot of the mid card matches. and thats just one example. WWE just really needs to buckle down or, bail out of the women's division.
  4. toobeastly33's Avatar
    and as for the 2 min matches....please WWE just stop. you are wasting our time. either build a story, or just have them as backstage interviews...
  5. Iscariot's Avatar
    Amen to that, I posted a blog post a while back regarding how WWE should handle their divas, which you can read here: The Daunting Task of the Diva Division.

    When all is said and done, it seems to be improving, giving Beth and Natalya more to do. Kharma should return next year, and it seems they are scouting for possible new recruits that have the mix of looks and abilities they want.

    If they get their new network up and running i would not be surprised if the make a "superstars" like show focusing on the Divas. As it is now, they never have the time to embellish on the diva-feuds, which means they never get decent build up to their matches. Using social media to rectify that short coming in the mean time is a smart move.
  6. baby-boi's Avatar
    I agree...however, I do want to clear a couple of things up....

    1)The attitude era had a somewhat deep roster... There was Ivory/Jacqueline/Tori/Luna. Also the WWe sometimes brought in non-contracted female wrestlers(Molly Holly and Malia Hosaka among others)

    2)Terri nor Kat were really active in the Women's divison. Terri only wrestled 2matches in the Attitude Era. And the only person the Kat wrestled was Tori and Ivory.Ivory/Jackie/Luna/Tori wrestled each other more than they wrestled Sable/Terri/Kat

    3)Chyna was NOT the best female wrestler back then. Ivory/Jackie/Tori/Luna were 10x the better wrestler than she was.Chyna was stronger than they were, but far from a better wrestler.
  7. Undertaker Mark's Avatar
    I mostly just watch the women when they're on raw because it's live and there's a chance of an unedited boob slip. (I know I'm a perv)
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