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Who dropped the ball?

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I just got done reading a blog about WWE and TNA and the changes they should make. The guy who wrote the blog pointed out that TNA needed to stop signing old guys and focus on newer and brighter talent, but then about three or four sentence's after said TNA needed to sign The World's Greatest Tag Team (WGTT) Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamen.

After reading that and posting a comment, it made me think about all the talent that WE KNOW that TNA or WWE dropped the ball on.

Shelton Benjamen- Yes WWE dropped the ball on him after 2005, yeah maybe he was ok in 2006 but 04-05 that boy SHINED! And I remember telling my dad "He'll be World Champ soon." But nothing ever came of it. Why? After WWE messed up, he gave up. Whose to blame?

Carlito- In 2004 John Cena was the up and coming hottest thing in the world, and towards the end of fall and early winter Cena was US Champion and everybody thought he was untouchable. Around the same time we saw these ridiculous skits about a Caribbean guy that was coming to Smackdown. On his very first night on Smackdown Carlito beat the soon to be Golden Child. Then after being traded to RAW won the IC title on his first night and then went on to become not only a contender but a SERIOUS contender to John Cena's WWE title. I remember seeing him out smart Chris Master's in the Elimination Chamber to eliminate him and I remember Cena beating him by a ROLL UP BARLEY winning. But after that his push slowly faded. And there for so did his attitude. Carlito begged for his release for 4 years and finally got it. But after WWE gave up on him why did he give up on himself?

Lance Hoyt aka Vance Archer- Anybody remember Hoytamania in 2005? His kick ass match with Abyss at TNA No Surrender that year? Hoyt was HUGE! Hell again I'll admit that I told my dad "He'll be World Champ soon" I mean the guy is like what 6'8? And he did a springboard coast to coast dropkick into Abyss' face! And he could moonsault like crazy! But just as quick as Hoytamania died. And we were subjected to that horrible Rock and Rave thing. Then bounced to WWE where he is.....nothing. Knowing that TWO companys now have given up on him what does Lance/Vance do? He sticks with it day by day week by week and works his ass off to get a better deal then what he's got.

Lance Hoyt is an awesome example of a guy who won't quit. But if your looking for a guy who had the ball dropped on him and rose to superstardom look no further then the following man:


John Hennigan I bet without Google you would have NO clue who this guy is but what if I called him by this one

John Morrison.

Now before anybody comments and says anything, Shawn Michael's has never been on WWE TV with his real name Michael Shawn Hickenbottom. The Undertaker has never gone by Marc Calloway in WWE.


John Morrison HAS gone by Hennigan in 2002 when he made his WWE debut on WWE Tough Enough III. INFACT I bet you don't remember that Morrison WON Tough Enough III. And didn't even come up to the main roster until 2003 where he had a stint in a Bar Room Brawl match.

In 2004 John Hennigan became Eric Bischoff's assistant and went by some of the most ridiculous names in the world! Johnny Blaze. Johnny Spade. And then finally settling in on Johnny Nitro and began using WCW's Nitro Theme song. After losing a match to Eugene he went back to OVW.

Now tell me if that DOESN'T sound the ball being dropped then what does? But almost a year later what happen to Johnny Nitro, he jumped ship to WWE Smackdown and became part of an awesome Tag Team in MNM and then went on to become an ECW champion, IC, champion, Unified WWE Tag Team champion.

Did WWE drop the ball? HELL YEAH! But look at where Morrison is now, almost pinning the WWE champion on RAW.

The final example of a company dropping the ball is Frankie Kazarian. Did you know this guy has been in almost five TNA World Title matches? And even main evented a pay per view for the TNA title? TNA CONSTANTLY dropps the ball on Kaz, that horrible Serotine group, being let go to WWE, Suicide. But through persistence and talent Kaz is going to be in one of the main events of TNA's biggest pay per view.

Did TNA drop the ball on Kaz? More then once. But Kaz proves that wrestlers can pick it up and run with it. And I will quote IN BOLD KAZ WILL HOLD THE TNA WORLD TITLE!

So in conclusion, yeah company's drop the ball, but only the talent will really screw themselves. Kaz, Vance, and Morrison are all examples that just cause the company drops the ball talent doesn't have to!

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  1. Murphdogg4's Avatar
    I strongly agree with you on Lance Hoyt, I have no idea why neither fed see's dollar signs like I do on that guy.
  2. hardcore_nev's Avatar
    To be fair, I think nowadays companies like WWE and TNA just splash the cash on anyone they can just so the other company cant get their hands on them. Like I think WWE are sill paying Matt Hardy so that TNA cant get him and theirfore have the Hardy Boyz back together.
  3. $$$ Maker's Avatar
    I Think WWE and TNA should take Their Superstars more seriously, so the Superstars can truly show what they got!
  4. mikenigma's Avatar
    Great blog. 100% on the money.

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