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What people forget about wrestling....

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You know, I keep sitting here thinking about how many times TNA has said "they're shaking the foundation" or "breaking into the next level" and then nothing happens...

I am NOT ANTI-WWE, and I'm NOT ANTI-TNA. If you even somewhat read these boards you know that I am just a wrestling fan who doesn't favorite either.


I think that sometimes the fans, and TNA executives forget a VITAL part about TNA Wrestling.

When your a small independent wrestling federation, you are mainly responsible for just a few things, bringing in talent, bringing in fans, a ring, a "house", good cards, and making sure everybody comes back. Sure there may be a little promotion, hell everybody has Facebook and knows how to use at least paint to make a poster. Easy stuff. Indy feds are epitome of a WRESTLING PROMOTION.

BUT ladies and gentlemen, what we sometimes as fans, and what TNA executives FORGET is this: TNA is NOT a WRESTLING PROMOTION. TNA Wrestling (and WWE) is MORE then that. TNA Wrestling is a TV SHOW that's main factor is wrestling.

TNA Wrestling says they're gonna shake things up and "cross the line" and what do they do? They bring in Kurt Angle. They bring in Hulk Hogan. They bring in Sting.

But when LOST shakes things up what do they do? They kill off people. They have major twist in turns (SIDE NOTE: NRB6304 is NOT a Lost fan)

TNA Wrestling needs to focus more on the WRITING aspect of their show. BEHIND THE SCENES. On TV, yes it needs to be more wrestling and less talk and etc.

TNA Wrestling is a TOP NOTCH wrestling company, the #2 in the nation, they're not gonna hire a guy who cannot get the job done in the ring. (let the arguments begins) Let the WRESTLERS....WRESTLE

I know QUITE A LOT of wrestlers, and about maybe 5% of them are actually CREATIVE, the others are mainly athletic men who yes know the buisness (like maybe 5% better then anybody who has no wrestling experience) but are not what you would call CREATIVE.

They don't need to be backstage thinking of storylines and etc. If they have an idea SURE pass it along to the creative team, and if they feel strongly about it make it happen, but for the most part let them tell their story in the ring.

Tom Cruise doesn't go to the director and tell them "Hey I think that the aliens should do this or that" in the middle of a shoot. Tom Cruise studies his character and when he sees something wrong he says "Hey I wouldn't do that, I think I should do this..."

TNA (IMO) needs to sack Russo, Eric Bischoff, and any other PAST wrestling "writer" they need to go find themselves a couple of TV writers who HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE BUSINESS, but haven't lived in the business their entire life.

People can say that wrestling TV is different then regular TV. No it's not. It's TV, #1 rule in TV? Entertain. #1 rule in Wrestling TV? Entertain using the action in the ring.

Eric Bischoff thinks he KNOWS, wrestling. Vince Russo thinks he KNOWS wrestling, but guess what guys, if you KNOW WRESTLING, go run an indy fed, because you sure as f**k don't know TELEVISION.

And that's what TNA forgets, they are a TELEVISION SHOW about wrestling.
The Event is a TELEVISION SHOW about aliens
Rescue Me is a TELEVISION SHOW about firefighters
TNA Impact is a TELEVISION SHOW about wrestlers.

TNA (again IMO) needs to go hire people that KNOW television. Because no matter HOW MANY big stars (Batista, John Cena, Y2J) jump ship until TNA Wrestling realizes that they are a TELEVISION SHOW about wrestling, I personally don't see them breaking through the glass.

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  1. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    The funny part about this article is I forgot about the whole TV aspect. And compared to other TV shows, their shaking up is simply adding a new cast member to the same formula. Kind of like adding a younger cousin to a family show where the cute one is growing up.
  2. Hesterica's Avatar
    That's a great argument about TNA. It's a learning process though. Hopefully they learn before they fall.
  3. jaxxvsyou's Avatar
    i pretty much agree with all of your statements, i believe very strongly that russo and bichoff has had their time..FACT creativity doesnt come out of nowhere it comes out of a persons interest both of those creative minds along with the ones in WWE have spoiled. One main reason that Wrestling is having problems is because its stale. who wants stale? we want fresh..but its all been done those in it..dont hire tv writers Wrestling promotions should start picking out their intelligent fans from different background to join their creative team and let these guys whos been in it a while HELP GUIDE those new ideas..or else we will KEEP having reruns with different words and wrestlers
  4. The Doorman's Avatar
    sometimes i think im more creative than those guys

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