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There's Still an Anonymous Raw GM? Not For Long.

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Two blogs in two days?? I'm on FIRE!!!!!!!! Also, I'm finally getting excited about the WWE product again (sanz Cena winning at NOC). But, good things could be on the horizon. Anyway, on to the topic at hand.

I've noticed that over the past few months, the Anonymous Raw GM podium would be there on and off, but since Triple H took over as COO its been there on a consistent basis. We haven't heard from the Anonymous GM in quite some time. But the podium has been there consistently recently. And I think that's because he (or she, but I'm thining he) will be introduced as an on screen character in the near future. In my mind, there are 3 choices that make sense for who the Anonymous GM is, and 1 that would just be plain awesome but isn't likely. And I hope it ends soon and moves on to something bigger and better. So who could the GM possibly be?

Ted DiBiase, Sr. The Million Dollar Man. He's still got excellent mic skills as shown when he was the guest GM. He's at Raw every week anyway, and his son Ted DiBiase, Jr. has tremendous talent and potential, he's just underutilized. Ted DiBiase could be revealed as the Anonymous GM, push and protect his son sort of like Vince did with Stephanie. Plus he could have great interactions with HHH, Johnny Ace, Punk, etc. He is a legend, he's still money on the mic, and he gives an opportunity for something new and can push a younger talent.

Mick Foley! He is supposedly returning to WWE sometime in the not too distant future, and we all know how good Foley is. It could present him with an opportunity for one last hoorah with the WWE and put on one last great match. He was great when he was the Commissioner, and he and HHH could really have some fun segments, plus, like DiBiase, he is still gold on the mic and could have some great interactions with the younger talent and vets. Foley is a viable option for Anonymous Raw GM.


How fitting would it be if Vince McMahon himself was the Anonymous GM? For all the GMs, Commissioners, etc that he has fired over the years, he secured himself an authority spot regardless of being fired as COO (on screen of course). It would make perfect sense for McMahon to secure this spot for himself. He didn't trust anyone else to do it, and if something happened with his COO position he had a backup plan. Plus, it allows for the storyline I hope for to play out. I still Believe HHH is behind everything: Nash, Miz, Truth, etc. He's eliminated himself as a candidate so he can dupe us all--again. Remember, Triple H fooled us all into believing it was Rock, not Rikishi, who ran over Stone Cold. He laid out Shawn Michaels in the parking lot. He got everyone to believe DX would reform, did all the DX stuff, then Pedigreed Michaels. He's been wanting to be a heel for a while now anyway. This allows for that. At Hell in A Cell, my bold prediction (and wishful thinking) is that the "fired" people return--Nash, Miz, Truth, and possibly even Vince (if he doesn't return at HIAC, he would return at Raw a la a GM announcement-something like the time has come. HHH has went too far, and its time for the GM to show himself, tonight!" or something like that). Nash, Truth, and Miz interfere in the triple threat main event, attack punk and cena. HHH comes out, berates them for a bit, then attacks punk with Nash. Miz and Truth attack Cena, and Del Rio wins the belt and joins the DWO (degenerate world order). This brings back Vince, who has Johnny Ace on his side since HHH duped him and framed him too, and rallies Cena, Punk, and AirBoom to feud with the dWo. On Raw, however, Awesome Truth beats AirBoom for the tag titles, so the dWo has the COO, WWE champ, Tag team Champs, and an enforcer in Nash. IMO, I also think if this happened HHH would recruit either Swagger or Ziggler. Vince would need a big man of his own, who I would love to be Undertaker but that isn't likely. A more realistic option would be Big Show. On SmackDown, after Henry and Orton feud, Kane could return and feud with Henry. Orton could feud with Rhodes. And Christian could feud with Sheamus. Now, if all this happened, I would say the brand split ends, the locker room splits 50/50, storylines carry over from show to show, and everyone has a feud a la the attitude era (where even midcarders had something to do). It's a long shot, but anything can STILL happen in WWE, right? Right?

I've done a lot of wishful thinking already, but The Rock as Anonymous GM would be just plain awesome. He's gonna be back for PPVs anyway, could show up for a few Raws, if nothing else via satellite, and could do what he wanted with his and Cena's match. Him and Triple H have always been good at bickering, and that would be quite entertaining. But, this is probably the least likely to happen out of anything I've said.

So what do you think? Will they announce who the Anonymous Raw GM is soon? Is there someone I missed that would make sense? Or someone I didnt say that would just be awesome? What storylines would you like to see with Miz/Truth/Nash/Punk/Cena/HHH? Sound off below!

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  1. Sage's Avatar
    i'd put money on foley but it would be cool if it was deBiase
  2. goldie's Avatar
    I think that the HHH/Miz/Truth and Nash as heels senario that was presented, is indeed what the WWE should go towards. If they were "in it" together all along, that would tie everything together. Vince could then return as a face and we would be in for an interesting and hopefully long lasting story line for once. There is many ways they could go from there, including Stephanie being caught in between the 2 fueding groups.
    As far as the GM. I would love for them to tease that along for a while until Chris Jericho is ready to return, perhaps Wrestlemania. I think that would be an awesome way for Jericho to return.
  3. kingez77's Avatar
    @Goldie-couldn't agree more. beautifully stated.

    And to the other posters, thanks for telling me the Rock/Cena/Survivor Series business lol.
  4. shoes4jews's Avatar
    It will not be Vince. That is a 100% gaurentee. Vince's character would have been using his authority as Raw GM as soon as he was relieved of his COO duty. There is no way that he would sit back and watch. Vince as Raw GM would've interrupted HHH as often as possible. Every reader knows that would be true.

    I think that the Raw GM character will just fade away and never be resolved. I mean they had T. Long make match on Raw with Cena/Shamus vs. Henry/Christian (I think) since the SuperShows started. He should not have authority on Raw and that could have been a simple Raw GM call for the same thing. They have no need for GMs with such "upper management" involvement.

    P.S. They need to ditch T. Long anyway.
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