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Mr. Kennedy: One of A Kind

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Mr. Kennedy has been in the ring for almost 10 years. For four years at the beginning of his wrestling career, he was worked as an independent jobber for Sunday Night Heat, Velocity and Jakked. And after wrestling for over six years, WWE finally signed him to a developmental contract.

After signing this contract, Mr. Kennedy has reached the fans whether he was a heel or a face. His charisma is something special. Mr. Kennedy hardly has to do anything to let out his charisma because this character he's portraying is something like himself. After only being in the WWE for three years, WWE saw his talent and decided to make him the leading role their WWE movie Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia.

However, you would think that he has already won at least 1 or 2 WWE world titles. After winning the money in the bank at Wrestlemaina 23, I thought that he would be on the road to stardom. But instead, Kennedy loses the briefcase to a man who has already had the money in the bank and has already won the WWE championship twice!

Maybe, Mr. Kennedy was at the wrong time and wrong place. Now that WWE are pushing younger superstars, maybe if Mr. Kennedy would have signed a contract for WWE around 2009-2010, he might of had a good chance.

All I can say is WWE has lost a great performer. A performer who hasn't been seen since The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Maybe Mr. Kennedy was too much Attitude Era for the WWE PG system. Well, wherever Kennedy goes (TNA or WWE), he will always be the top performer. And that is a fact.

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  1. Thewoodcutter's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by el gabo
    He was a bit clumsy though. He's upped his game.
    You have a good point there but Randy Orton has stopped pushes in the past just because they don't lean the right way when taking the Diamond cutter ohh wait I mean the rko.
  2. AndyWonder's Avatar
    He is a better fit in the TNA atmosphere anyway. He has that look that is more suitabloe in a TNA ring.
  3. MackMays05's Avatar
    He's smaller now than he was in his wwe days so he's limited in what he can do cause he will botch.Good cardio,mic skills are great but in ring,nothing special.That scumbag Meth Hardy should be brought up on charges of attempted murder with that lazy careless chairshot(you got chairshots banned you punk),no excuses for that,he hadn't had a match,he was in the back chillin all night.Must have been high on cropium at the time....And guys like Pac n Hall where demonized for drug abuse,what a sham,At least those guys could wrestle and do a safe chairshot!It'll be worse when Fat Hardy shows up to save us from "The Anti-Christ of Crackpipes".....
  4. mrqib's Avatar
    Mr. Kennedy is a great talent, he would have been a star regardless of the company he works in. He is too good of a superstar to be ignored by the WWE and it's just a matter of time when he signs with them again
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