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N.O.C, Raw the following night, WWE DVD's, and Wrestlemania 28

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Hey Guys just want to talk about a few different things involving WWE Live Events, Dvd’s, Wrestlemania, ROH Coming to CW network.

First ill start with a Review of several WWE dvd’s I have watched over the last few days.

The John Cena Experience: This is an excellent dvd to watch if you want to peek into the travel and hard work it takes to be at the level Cena is at. Its not a biography DVD such as interviews with family, friends and other superstars talking about what he was like as a kid and where he went to elementary school. I have always loved to look into the life of these guys on the road so I’ve been begging for a DVD like this for a long time.

There are several spots I fast forward through though they consist of him filming an episode of “Psych” his filming of “Legendary” and his Recording of the new John Cena song for “Legendary”

The Highlights: Tribute to the Troops, Wrestlemania Week, and John Cena on Fiesta Bowl. Wrestlemania week was incredible and my favorite part was when he had to sign 3000 pictures of himself to sell at the souvenir areas at Wrestlemania and it was amazing.

The True Story of Wrestlemania: As a major WWE fan or “Mark” I loved this DVD. The story was amazing of how it came to be and how much went into the show. Even noting that Vince put so much money into the event that if it hadn’t have succeeded we would not have WWE around today. Great backstage video, old video of the first Axxess, and it talks about each Wrestlemania in order. Just amazing stuff that went into this Wrestlemania Project every year and the stories from Mean Gene, Howard Finkle, Gerald Briscoe, Million Dollar Man, Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Triple H and the list goes on. Must have for a WWE fan.

Randy Orton Evolution Of a Predator: This one was good not great. He talks about everything from him going “A wall” from the Marines and his terrible attitude and the hate for him in the locker room when he was younger while even going into his major drug abuse. This is a Bio going all the way back to when he was born. The also follow him on the road leading up to Wrestlemania 27. So like I said good but not great.

John Cena My Life: Eh this is pretty boring not really a great dvd. Talks about stories when he was a little kid and his love for the business. Interviews from his dad, friends, and family like I said pretty boring.

Best of Monday Night Nitro: Pretty nice to look back and see some of the moments that really pushed WCW im sure we all remember most of them. If you watch the DVD for quality matches find another DVD. The matches are very sloppy and make you wonder if it wasn’t for “Now” they probably wouldn’t have made a big impact. Actually I’d say TNA is a much better quality product if you compare the 2 companies. Still nice to see the stuff that made most of us wrestling fans during the Wars though.

Now lets talk about the latest PPV Night of Champions:

Al lot of people are hating the ppv not sure why However I do know that 70% of those that complained didn’t order the PPV in the first place so how can you read results and hate on the product that you didn’t pay for or watch in the first place? To those people your opinion doesn’t matter until you actually watch it. It was a quality show other then the Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly match.

Most complained about Cena being champion which normally I would agree, but come on guys we all knew this was going to happen. The match was good between he and Del Rio but I am fully aware the outcome is what struck a nerve. I have learned not to complain so much because when he retires we may be saying “damn as much as I hated the guy I sure do miss him every week”.

Randy Orton and Henry was surprisingly well done. I always expect the worst in a Mark Henry match mostly because we have been forced to watch giant unathletic superstars that usually cant put on a good match. However he seems to be very solid for such a large guy and can have a good match with anyone that has the ability to have a good match. I was amazed at the response from the fans that supported the New Heavyweight Champion mostly because just several months ago the same fans were outraged that he was getting a push? For those people I’d say keep your comments to yourself until after the results. Good Match good rivalry.

Not even going to talk about the Phoenix vs. Kelly match. We all know what the outcome should’ve been and no disrespect to Kelly Kelly but it was a slap in the face to everyone that is awaiting the Divas Division to improve. WWE is single handedly handicapping their selves by keeping these gorgeous models with no wrestling ability the faces of the Division.

The Tag Team Division is slowly improving although it seems the ability to come up with good tag team names are no where to be seen haha. Air Boom deserves the Titles. Although I was really wanting Miz and Truth to win. Again great match. Along with the referee beat down which I found amusing as hell and once again proving Truth and Miz are 2 of the most entertaining superstars in the business today.

Punk/Trips: excellent match I am extremely happy that Triple H can still put on amazing matches. The story between Triple H and Punk also involving the “New Corporation” as I would call it has been great. The “run ins” were great although once again many people complained (imagine that). The outcome was good and I find it very fascinating that no matter how many times Punk loses he still loses no steam. Anyone with a brain realizes this is exactly how Stone Cold was. He was screwed on a regular basis and we still loved him because being screwed was exactly what all of his rivalries were built around. WWE has done a great job with this story line and in the words of CM Punk on ESPN “I wish everyone would shut their mouths and enjoy the ride”.

Lets go now to Raw

Good show except once again Kelly Kelly wins again.

The Beginning was pretty fun Trips and Punk are fun to watch and now throwing Laurenitis, Nash, Truth and Miz all in the same story is extremely fun.

The squash match with Morrison and Del Rio was amazing. I am not a fan of Morrison and therefore I love to watch the guy lose. I feel as I have always said he is a Midcard and deserves to stay there. He doesn’t have any Main Event quality shows no ability to become innovative and never will become a “Ring General”.

The Main Event was not at all what I wanted mainly because of the Friendly showing between Punk and Cena. You can push Punk without turning him into a fan friendly tool I promise. However this will surly somehow be like The Rock when he would show a baby face side and then the next week he is turning heel.

Triple H firing Miz and Truth happened in such a funny way. Because it was so blunt and quick then Triple H just walks off haha. I liked that they are doing all they can do to make this look real with the “Release article” on This will all come together at Hell In a Cell im sure.

ROH: I am ecstatic for ROH to come to TV. I haven’t ever followed the product and I look for something new and fun. I do know they have a ton of talent on that roster. So this could be the Competition we are looking for because lets face it TNA isn’t going anywhere fast.

Wrestlemania: Im heading to Miami this year to once again be apart of Wrestlemania week. My first thought is never have it in Miami again the place is terrible. My second thought is who will be VIP Superstars at Axxess. Punk wasn’t last year and it shocked the hell out of me and Im glad I jumped into the very short line to get my WWE Championship Signed. Will The Rock be signing? Will Shawn Michaels be signing? And will WWE miss the chance to make Cena VS Rock, and Austin VS Punk all in the same show. Some part of me believes next year Maina will be in Austin Texas and Austin vs. Punk will be the headliner. Your Thoughts?

Have a great day guys!

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