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My Hell in a Cell Card

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First time blogger but I have tons of posts on the forums, I decided to do this today after coming up with plenty of(if I may say so) great ideas, now it involves most of the titles and some backup fueds as well, while utilizing most of WWE's biggest current stars.

WWE Title:
Either Cena or Del Rio should win this, because C.M. Punk is apparently going to have a match with Kevin Nash down the line and having Nash in the title picture just feels wrong. Now if Cena wins then put over his superman persona, and run with it, in other words don't book Cena any differently than usual. If Del Rio wins put over his desperation and have him go to crazy lengths to win the title back, have him beat down both Cena and Punk after the match etc. Del Rio can handle whatever you put in front of him.

This is easy for me, first have Mark Henry win, dominantly in a decent length match, put over Henry's awesome power and ferocity. I would have him injure Orton(kayfabe of course) and keep Orton out until at least Royal Rumble to freshen up the Smackdown title scene. Henry could do some messed up stuff to Orton to sell this and make this angle look pretty legit. While the workhorse Orton gets some much needed rest and Smackdown gets a much needed refresher we can have Christian, Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan, or even Justin Gabriel fued with the heel Mark Henry, even turning Wade Barrett face or Henry face to fued with Cody Rhodes could be interesting.

Divas Title:
Now this may shock some people at first but I want to have Natalya go over Kelly Kelly clean, beating her in a good match(which Natalya can more than pull off with Kelly) and start a rivalry between Beth Pheonix and Natalya with a jealousy storyline starting with Beth being jealous that she couldn't take out "the bimbo Kelly Kelly". Natalya made me love the Divas division when she had the belt and no offense to Kelly, as she has done better than I ever expected holding the belt so have Natalya hold it for a while.

Miz and R-Truth:
They haven't been fired and I hope everyone knows that, WWE wouldn't fire their two most over heels for any reason right now I hope. Have them in a match where they win their jobs back against Triple and sayyyyyy Johnny Ace(he was a very good wrestler back in the day and may be able to still go) and have them kill the conspiracy or something like that.

US Title:
Let's get that title off of Dolph Ziggler, he is a good champion but he isn't doing anything of worth, have him drop it to Jack Swagger. Jack can carry a title very well, don't use that bad WHC title reign as a meter as to how good he can carry a title, use his ECW reign, where he had great matches and promos with Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Finlay, Christian, and Tommy Dreamer. Jack is(for real) the WWE's next shot at the Kurt Angle character, pure technical wrestler, big size, good mic skills, over the top charisma, and the gimmick to make it happen.

Tag Team Titles:
Have Air Boom fued with someone, anyone and let them win, you have The Usos, Reks and Hawkins, Brodus Clay and Mason Ryan could team and any of those matches sound good to me. If Miz and Truth are not going to have a Tag Team fued then someone should.

I left the IC title off the show because it seems like one title always gets left of Pay Per Views and I can't think of a great fued that Cody Rhodes can have right now without downgrading someone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed typing it.

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  1. Joonny's Avatar
    Ziggler (c) vs Swagger in a Submission match would have been great .

    Think Sheamus and Christian maybe would have a match against eachother, to decide the next 1.contender for the WHC. I would like this match better than a random Tag team championship match .
  2. Rilla's Avatar
    Take out the Miz/Truth match, let it sink in they are 'fired'

    Cody/Ted - HIAC, sleeper match. It'll be one of the top matches of the night, if its not, it's simply because the rest of the matches were SUPREME.
  3. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    Ziggler vs Swagger in a Submission match would be great, that is a better idea than a straight match, I was thinking 2 out of 3 falls, but Submission is better than even that.

    Sheamus vs Christian could be added, and it would be great but Air Boom has to be featured to keep the Tag Titles alive in people's minds which is important right now.

    I don't want Miz/Truth to miss a single Raw, which is why I want this "Get their jobs back angle" because I want to see more of them, not less.

    Cody/Ted would be great and give Ted something to do, but a HIAC seems to big for them.

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