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Who do Rock and Cena Team Against at Survivor Series?

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(I took way to long of a break and I apologize to anyone who was actually paying attention.)

Like I said, it been a while since I have blogged and a ton has happened in the world of WWE. Nash got fired, along with Miz and R-Truth (NWO anyone?), CM Punk is out of the title picture, and John Cena won his record 10th WWE Championship. Not only all of that, but the WWE has announced also that The Rock's in ring return will happen at Survivor Series, where he and John Cena will team in a traditional five on five Survivor Series match. So today's blog will be my speculation as to what that match will entail.

I think that by now the WWE had made it obvious that we are going to get some sort of faction from the recent firings. As soon as Miz and Truth hit the ring at Night of Champions, I thought that was when it was going to happen. My thought process immediately went to Bash at the Beach and Hogan Leg Dropping Randy Savage. I really thought we were going to see Kevin Nash come out last Sunday and help Miz and Truth to form a new NWO, or some sort of new faction. It doesn't necessarily have to be called NWO, and I don't know if it should be. I would like it to be, but there are also a lot of people who are sick and tired of it. I would just like it because of the nostalgia of it. Yet, how many of the current younger fans know what the NWO is really all about? Some of the currents fans memories of the NWO may be the failed attempt to bring it back in 2003, which didn’t turn out very well.

So obviously with the recent firings the wheels for this have already began to turn, and it will be interesting to see how quickly they bring this into light, if they do at all. I shouldn’t use if there, because I think it has to be done. I think that they have to form some anti WWE movement and that alone is the reason why Rock and Cena will team together at Survivor Series. They will team together for the sake of the company, to keep control of the WWE from this faction consisting of Nash, Miz and Truth.

So hypothetically speaking we have Nash, Miz, Truth, and two players to be named, taking on Rock, Cena, and three other players to be named. It will be interesting to see who else sides with Nash and company. Laurinaitis is a person I think that sides with them, maybe their inside man, but I don’t know that he wrestles in this match. You can't bring in Hall or X-Pac, due to medical reasons and Hogans tied up in TNA. So it will be interesting to see who they side with these three. One the other side of things, I personally would like to see a team of faces and heels teaming together to take on Nash and the others. It would make a great story that these guys put their differences aside to fight for the company that they love. So it would be nice to see Orton and Christian, or maybe Sheamus and Henry teaming up with Cena and The Rock.

And just one more quick note before I wrap this up. There has been speculation that maybe Cena turns heel at Survivor Series, Ala Hogan as described earlier. I don’t think it happens. I was listening to the PWtorch podcast and they were discussing this possibility. They were under the impression that it would be a good idea to turn Cena heel so that The Rock isn’t getting a mixed reaction in his hometown at Wrestlemania. Due to if Cena were heel, he'd get all the heat, leaving a very pro Rock crowd. Yet I think this is wrong. I think you want a split crowd, who cares if it's in Rock's hometown. This is about the new era vs. the old attitude era, and I want to be able to pick which era Id like to cheer for.

I’ve rambled on long enough folks, I hope you all enjoyed. Be sure to leave feedback guys. You can also follow me on twitter @_TheDustyFinish and read all my blog entries at

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  1. Samuel L. Jackson's Avatar
    Kung Funaki & Taka Michinoku. Thats my pick and I'm stickin' with it....
  2. kingez77's Avatar
    rock would NEVER get a mixed reaction in Miami. Ever. even if he was heel. They'd still cheer him, so there is no need for worry. And please, I mean this sincerely, show me where it is explicitly stated that Rock and Cena are teaming up at survivor series, not just that they'll be in the match and what not i want verbatum "Rock and Cena set to team up at Survivor Series" because everyone is saying that they are teaming up, when everything I've read is just they'll be competing at the event in a 5-on-5 traditional survivor series match.
  3. Raab22's Avatar
    Rock,Cena,Punk and Air Boom vs Del Rio, Miz, Truth, Ziggler and Swagger

    Thats what I think anyhow, also think the faces will be team HHH and the heels are team Laurinaitis, with whoevers team wins, that person takes power of WWE
  4. GIVEMEANAME's Avatar
    miz + truth + nash + del rio + henry vs cena + rock + punk + show[would be awesome]/orton + hhh

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