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WWE vs TNA: Never Ending War

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Let's face it; this "war" between WWE and TNA fans is never gonna end until one company is out of business. I watch both shows and honestly, the best show of the week for me is normally either Smackdown or Impact. 2 weeks ago, Smackdown was awesome. This week Impact was better! So I'm just going to outline exactly what I like and hate about both companies then I'll give my opinions on what can be done to improve on their products. I'll also comment on the current internet mentality on "true wrestling fans" which has resulted from this "war".

Let's start with TNA:

Pros of TNA Wrestling:

-Amazing Tag Team and Women divisions
-Offers an alternative to the other company by utilizing more violence
-Has a very good roster offering different styles
-Much more fan oriented(from what I heard anyway. I don't live in the US)
-Cheaper prices and less PPVs throughout the year

Cons of TNA Wrestling

-Can do so much more with the current roster
-A victim of Egomania himself
-No midcard whatsoever
-B & H keener to use former WWE talent other than originals
-Leans more to having veterans in the main event
-XDivision has gone to its worst state ever when it could easily be a main event division.
-I don't like the documentary style backstage promos

That's what I love and hate about TNA Wrestling. Now let's digest WWE in the same way.

Pros of WWE:

-Like TNA, has a great mix of stars on its roster.
-Midcard is easily the best division, making them a treat to watch.
-Has a very good storyline going with Nexus which is staying fresh.
-I love the Youth Movement.
-Can put on amazing matches without the use of blood since turning PG
-4 shows a week, keeping you watching

Cons of WWE:

-The Women's and Tag Team Divisions are horrible
-Their top 2 stars(Orton and Cena) are boring as hell
-Opportunities to push certain stars are not taken.
-Most of their unused veterans are underrated(Regal being the prime example)
-More than 1 PPV a month can get expensive
-Prices are high(front row at Mania is now $1000)
-PPV builds are normally atrocious

As one can notice, both companies have more cons than pros. TNA want to improve? Than get rid of Hogan and EV 2.0 Their biggest mistake was releasing Daniels and destroying the uniqueness of the XDivision. As for WWE, its they way they're organised that's the problem. PG is not a problem whatsoever for me. I prefer seeing a good one on one match rather than a street fight with a gallon of blood flowing everywhere. ECW is long gone now! WWE need to lessen the amount of PPVs and improve quality rather than quantity. If one notices, both companies have had bad PPVs for some time now with each one being saved by a good match. BFG was saved by MCMG vs Gen ME and Bragging Rights was saved by Bryan vs Ziggler.

Now last thing on my mind is this sudden mentality where certain people think they can determine who is a true wrestling fan. I'm talking about those people who have taken it upon themselves to say that WWE fans are not wrestling fans. So wait? TNA fans are wrestling fans and WWE fans are not right? Great mentality. I ask you this question then. Would you rather watch Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles in a traditional match with no blood just like Taker vs HBK was or would you prefer to see it as a Street Fight. Your choice will determine what you like. Ultimately both guys are wrestlers and a match between these two would probably take the wrestling world by storm. Like it or not you're going to watch it, be it a normal match or a street fight. A Street Fight spices it up and could potentially provide blood but does it really need enhancing? Point here is this: You watch wrestling and enjoy watching it than you are obviously a wrestling fan. I'm not going to watch old ECW and WCW tapes and have an orgasm to it like most people would. Why? Cause I'm happy with the current product of both companies.
Then you tell me: "But WWE sucks, TNA rules forever" I say good for you, go watch TNA and leave WWE in your rear view mirror. I'll watch both shows. I'll watch WWE and still be a true wrestling fan while I watch TNA make the same mistakes WCW and ECW made and see it fall into obscurity. When the DVD "The Fall of TNA" comes out, you'll come back to this article and say "God damn it, he was right!" You can go to as well and read Mark Madden's articles. You'll see what I mean.

You can now proceed with flaming me. Thank you

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  1. Wars's Avatar
    Great post!!!

  2. mrqib's Avatar
    Gotta agree with you,
    I'm sick of the ECW style that TNA is trying so hard to do.
    The X division was so original and i enjoyed it, it needs to be brought back.
    They need to get rid of all the has beens
  3. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    agreed, tna also needs the six sided ring back
  4. Hesterica's Avatar
    That's a great post. I too watch both products. Unfortunately though I don't get regular TNA broadcasts. But I do follow the PPVs regularly.

    They have pros and cons. Pick what you like and stop the hate on the other. Or, watch both and realize not one is completely better than the other.
  5. Justdawg08's Avatar
    What fails about this post is that ever since Hogan and Ev2.0 came into TNA... people talk about them MORE!

    I wonder if this blog would even exist if it wasn't for all the changes TNA has made in the past year.
  6. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Justdawg08
    What fails about this post is that ever since Hogan and Ev2.0 came into TNA... people talk about them MORE!
    That doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing. Not all discussions are good. Look at Tiger Woods.

    As for this article, I agree 100%. Though I haven't watched TNA since "They" were revealed and reading this article about the poor treatment of TNA's Roster.
  7. Wars's Avatar
    I love how people bitch and moan for YEARS about how much this miss hardcore wrestling... then TNA does it and it's a bad thing. Anything TNA does is a bad thing according to the rule of the internet marks. If WWE stopped being pg and had hardcore matches yuo would all be drooling over it, I mean look at all the times they'd bring Hogan back... that whole entire arena would explode; now that he's in TNA... all you do is bitch about everything they do.

    TNA is doing things that are in fact revolutionary to wrestling. Reaction is an amazing show and they're obviously aiming into a more reality type of show rather than WWE's infinite cartoon machine.
    TNA's messy booking is the only problem, but I believe the reason for that is that they only have one brand for their entire roster. I give them a shit load of credit for pulling off the Immortal storyline without fuckin up.
    WWE's quality of matches does not even come close to TNA's. E has great athletes who have their talents constantly minimized to act like they only have 5 moves...
    The greatest match WWE has had in a while was Taker vs HBK because they both had creative freedom for their match, and as good as it was it was already hyped up by gimmick and character. I'd love to see Sheamus and Orton pull of a match like that.
    IF any of you were passionate wrestlers where would you go?? WWE or TNA? well I'm sure you'll make it in E if you're willing to to fake tan constantly, use less than half of your talents, not being competitive, and hopefully you're semi good looking cuz that would get you in the mid card!
    Go to TNA and you'll be treated a lot better.... but you'll have to deal with your career taking a little longer to rise, and taking a good chair shot once in a while... and maybe.. just maybe have the Nature Boy teach you all his tricks and fight the greatest wrestler in the world..
    Why not support the underdog?? You guys bitch about TNA so much yet you have rather support a company that is being run by fuckin politicians.... give me a break.
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