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Anthony Nilson

MVP BALLIN (heel stable)

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There haven’t been a strong African American Heel Faction since the Nation of Domination that included the likes of Ahmed Johnson, Ron Simmons, D’Lo Brown, Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry and of course, The Rock (also Clarence Mason, Crush, Owen Hart, PG-13, Savio Vega, etc.). This stable had a well documented fued with DX and elevated the career of The Rock and others within the group. Eventhough the NOD was a rip off of the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party, the faction did contribute greatly in the WWF’s mid 90’s.

Fast Forward to 2010, the PG Era----enter BALLIN’, a Smackdown! heel faction that consists of Darren Young, MVP, Naomi, and Percy Watson. All are from Miami and have that “swag” about them that could dominate Friday Nights!

Here are the facts:

MVP- is in need of a push and his character is watered down. He has an awesome new theme song (Ballin’). He was better as a heel and he was the NXT PRO of fellow Florida native, Percy Watson. He’s a seasoned veteran and was brought in as a ‘Baller’ by Teddy Long. He has his own show, the VIP Lounge, great mic skills and is a decent wrestler. He would be an excellent leader of the faction and could help the other members get over. Even bring back that bubble lookin’ thing that he came out to earlier in his career!

Naomi- an awesome athlete that’s a standout on NXT Season 3. She has charisma, character and the WWE needs a fresh face in the Diva division that can actually wrestle. She’s the next Miss Jackie and she could have a gimmick that could appeal to the skinny jean-jerkin’-swag generation. Let her win the NXT Season 3 as a fan favorite/face and as soon as she wins, turn heel and ‘diss’ the audience, her NXT PRO and the entire NXT Show!

Darren Young- Other than being a John Cena look alike, a jobber on WWE Superstars and a former member of Nexus, there’s nothing currently available for DY. Well, reunite him with his tag team partner from FCW (Percy Watson) and join Team Ballin’! Darren, if given the opportunity and right program, could actually go in the ring. Turn him heel, cut his hair and do not give him the microphone! He’s from Florida as well and has what it takes to be one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions!

Percy Watson-A fan favorite from NXT Season 2 with lots of potential. He has mic skills (could be better but enough to hold his own), the physique and charisma. Take away the goofy glasses, turn him heel and reunite him with his FCW tag team partner Darren Young. Give him the mic on occasions only to get a comedic cheap pop from the crowd “You know what I’m sayin’”.

Add Teddy Long to equation NOT as a member but as the guy that show favoritism and give them title shot opportunities…

This faction could be amazing and could develop the next generation of WWE superstars while making MVP a dominant heel.

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  1. Hesterica's Avatar
    That's a good idea. Not really sure how Darren and Percy will pan out but am sure MVP will be great. Also, nice note on Teddy being high on this team as a storyline. I like it. Only problem is, WWE tends to drop the ball on their factions lately (aka Legacy and SES). If this does happen, let's hope they do it right.
  2. Justdawg08's Avatar
    I endorse this idea.
  3. CMhuw24's Avatar
    this is actually a great idea except all the members are currently faces so youu'd need a big event so they can all turn heel and make an impact
  4. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    Awesome idea! MVP's song is hot. Heard he's coming out with an album soon. Should turn him heel around that time. MVP is one of the most charasmatic people on SD. Naomi would be a great part of this "Ballin" faction.
    Updated 11-02-2010 at 10:30 AM by wrestlinggrl77
  5. VKM's Avatar
    I love this idea. You need to be on the WWE creative team. I'm serious!
  6. Jarvooo's Avatar
    I did similar on Smackdown vs Raw 11, well done the first show but i got MVP, Mark Henry, Ezekiel Jackson and Shad in a stable
  7. qwerty704's Avatar
    This idea is BALLIN' lol how in the blue hell did u come up with this one?
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