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Top 5 Superstars who Deserves a Title Push

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For my Raw brand my top 5 choices are based on my opion.
1. John Morrison- He's in-ring ability is just amaing. Need a little more work on mic skills but other then that he is amaing.
2.CM Punk- Should become WWE Champion soon. Amaing athlete.
3. The Miz- Not BIG fan of this man but he is a good wrestler. He has the mic skills and the in ring ability. Going to cash in Money In The Bank soon i see it!
4. Evan Bourne- Maybe in like 2 to 3 years i see him World Champ.
5. Ted DiBiase- Same as Evan Bourne. He pretty good on mic and has okay in ring ability.
SmackDown Brand.
1. Kofi Kingston- No brainer. He is amaing in the ring. Never get bored of watvhing this man compete. Okay mic skills.
2. Jack Swagger- Don't like him one bit but he is not a bad wrestler and a pretty good heel. Everyone hates him.
3.Alberto Del Rio- same as Ted and Evan.
4.Dolph Ziggler- Same as Del Rio. Like his mic and in ring ability.
5. Edge- Will happen once again since Taker is out. But i like Edge pretty good in ring skill still even though he getting old.

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  1. angel4hire's Avatar
    There is one, though new to WWE, I would like to see receive a push and that is Kaval. Some of his moves bring excitement that has not been around for awhile, plus he's not too bad on the mic.
  2. Xpacfan's Avatar
    I strongly agree with RAW number 1 and strongly disagree with Smackdown! number 5. Morrison has the total package and its a shame that he hasn't been properly pushed to the main event scene sooner. The guy has been around the company since Tough Enough 2.

    Giving someone like Del Rio a push is exactly what's making WWE go down hill right now (*cough* Sheamus*cough*). The guy just debuted a blink of an eye ago...he needs to wait in line and pay his dues. A couple of months isn't enough time to prove yourself to be championship material nor even a great superstar. I've watch plenty of guys start out strong but then get lost some where on the lower end of the card several months later.

    And RAW number 4, I agree with too but your prediction is bleak at the moment. Until the WWE uses him correctly and stops using him as a punching bag every week (win or lose), its not going to happen.
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  3. wwefan007's Avatar
    i agree with all but smackdown 5 im tired of seeing him in the title picture
  4. Thewoodcutter's Avatar
    Mvp sucks plain in simple. Christian needs a huge push. He has always had the mic skills and the wrestling skills to be huge.
  5. chitowncub24's Avatar
    I agree on many of the superstars most of which Kofi Kingston, I think he is an amazing wrestler with unlimited potential. I just dont like Swagger up there, i know many people feel he wasn't developed properly but I just dont feel it with him
  6. THUNDER's Avatar
    I agree with all of the comments.Too bad that CM Punk and Evan are injured for a while.That leaves Raw with 3 pushes.Unfortunately Miz is going to do it sooner or later thanks to the briefcase of his.Ted-I don't think he's ready,but Morisson really deserves a title shot.The guy has been showing everybody what he can do and the only thanks he got was a rivalry with Sheamus(that he'll probably lose).Speaking of Smackdown,Del Rio,Swagger and Ziggler are WAY off course.All 3 of them suck big time.It would be a major mistake to make them champions.I certainly hope that Edge or Kofi can do it.Too bad that Edge is giving up soon.And Kofi...he's like a time bomb with WWE plugging his timer out.They should really give him a main event.
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