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Unofficial Review of Smackdown vs RAW 2011

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The game is out for a few days out and I'm sure countless people are going crazy playing it after school or after work, etc. Some (probably most) are loving it to pieces while others are probably disappointed. Count me in on the latter.

I got the PS3 version. The control system is changed, where as now the circle button is to pin, to pick the man up is moving up the right analog stick, and L2 is to drag. Ok, not too difficult to get used after a day or so of playing it.

This is (to me) the biggest let down. You can no longer do title matches of your choosing on exhibition mode!!! Someone explain to me why!? I have chosen every champion in the game, select them, and when I hit the square button for 'Advanced' all it asks for is the alternate attire or to add a manager. Nowhere to choose to put the title on the line. If you want to play a championship match, you must play the WWE Universe mode (remember 'Career mode' in the very first Smackdown game for the first Playstation?), get to the PPV and play the championship match the game gives you! If you try to change the participants, you certainly can but it immediately becomes a regular non-title match. I have to admit, I was PISSED about this... If want to make a title match of Sheamus vs Santino and put the WWE Title on the line, I want to f'n do it! In this game, I can't.

The other big let down to me was the Tag Team Champions entrance to the arena: They will NOT come out together! Doesn't matter if you have them set up as a team (game forces you to do that anyway), and if you set their entrance to come out together. As long as they're not tag team champions, every team will come out as you set them up to come out. The moment they become Tag Champions in the game, they will no longer do it. They will come out separate... and in the case of (for example) The Hart Dynasty, it looks retarded!!! Both come out separately with the same music, the same video and you hear the announcer say "representing The Hart Dynasty"... someone really dropped the ball on this one! But as disappointing as this was, it was not surprising as WWE can't care less about Tag Team wrestling anymore anyway.

Road to WrestleMania is definitely different. You walk around backstage, going to different rooms, building attributes by going to the Training Room. I finished Undertaker's last night and it was amusing. I started John Cena's but I went to bed instead. This mode so far is not too bad but didn't rock my world.

Everything else I've tried (Ladder Match, Tables Match, etc) has been an ok somewhat of an improvement in the gameplay I will admit. Graphics are good but the hair on the wrestlers with long hair does look worse than last games.

Overall the game is okay, I guess... don't know that it's worth $60, and this old fan is certainly not happy about the exhibition title matches being gone and tag team champions not coming out together, being that I've always been a huge tag team wrestling fan.

So for a 2-day review I'd have to say that it was a bit of a letdown. Next year I'm renting it first before I spend $60 on it only to be let down again.

What do you guys think? I'll welcome open criticism but I'll ask to be human adults about it... childish name calling and berating will get deleted.

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  1. REAL MVP 2010's Avatar
    I still want the Bret Hart edition from canada!!!!! everyone keeps bullshitting me on it.
  2. CobraNightviper's Avatar
    Yeah I heard bret was avalible on the U.S version of the game but only if you bought it at best buy(a exclusive)so I wonder how long it will take for it to be avalible for everyone to buy?
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